Hidden Currents by Christine FeehanHidden Currents by Christine Feehan

Hidden Currents

byChristine Feehan

Mass Market Paperback | June 30, 2009

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In her Drake Sisters novels, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan delivers “everything her fans have come to expect” (Publishers Weekly). Now, she exceeds expectations as the fate of all seven sisters depends on the destiny of one...

From afar, Sheriff Jackson Deveau has always loved Elle Drake, the youngest telepath of seven sisters. After a long time away she’s finally returning home to the small coastal village of Sea Haven. But someone has been following Elle, someone who doesn’t want her to make it back. And when Elle fails to arrive, her disappearance strikes fear in the hearts of everyone who loves her. Now it’s left to Jackson to uncover the mystery of Elle’s vanishing, and rescue her from an unseen danger. But Sea Haven is no longer safe for anyone, and it’ll take the powers of all the Drake sisters and their men to survive the coming storm.
Christine Feehan is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Carpathian series, the GhostWalker series, the Leopard series, the Shadow Riders series, and the Sea Haven novels, including the Drake Sisters series and the Sisters of the Heart series.
Title:Hidden CurrentsFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:480 pages, 6.75 × 4.25 × 1.25 inPublished:June 30, 2009Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wow we got a winner #plumrewards. This series just keeps getting richer and more compelling with each new novel
Date published: 2016-12-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Touching Story About A Dark Topic The 7th book in the Drake Sister series is the story of the youngest Drake sister Elle. After being rejected by her soul mate Jackson, Elle take off to become a secret agent trying to bring down a sex trafficking ring. While on a mission she is kidnapped and tortured by a madman. The only reason she holds on is because of Jackson who through a mental link stays with her until rescue can come. Eventually Elle is rescued and returns home to recover from the scars left behind by the one person who understands what she went through. I wasn’t sure about this book when I picked it up. I was a fan of Feehan’s Dark series (vampires) and figured I give this series a chance. Well it paid off. I loved this book. The hero isn’t the ideal text book hero. He’s rough, crude and damaged. Despite all of this he is still able to help Elle. My only complaint is that I stupidly read this book (the last book) first. I fully intend to read the rest of this series and recommend it to anyone who enjoys their romance with a touch of the paranormal.
Date published: 2010-03-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Another Winner!! Christine Feehan has hit another home run with this novel! The theme is somewhat darker than her other Drake Sister novels, however it keeps you riveted! It was very hard to put down.
Date published: 2009-08-14
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A good wrap up to the Drake sisters series I thought Feehan did a good job of wrapping up the series with Elle & Jackson's story. I did find that this book had much more intense violence than the others did, with the descriptions of Elle's torture by Gratsos being very graphic compared to the challenges that the other Drake sisters had to face on their way to true love. The sex between Elle and Jackson was also much more graphic than that Feehan gives us in the previous books, although given what both the characters had lived through I don't think it's that far out of reality that they would be more intense about celebrating their survival and their love for one another. I thought that the story gave good details about the other sisters and some of the other characters in Sea Haven, many of whom were featured in other books. I also liked the way Elle and Jackson's wedding gave us more than the usual wedding on more than one level [I won't say more for those who haven't read the book yet]. All in all, I am very happy with how the series ended, although I am sorry to see the Drake sisters come to an end. I've enjoyed all the sisters stories.
Date published: 2009-08-01
Rated 3 out of 5 by from not bad Well, as the conclusion of the Drake Sisters series, the book wasn't bad but I was just expecting something more of a bang. I agree that my favourite book would be Ilya and Joley's story followed by Hannah and Jonas'. The characters were great and the storyline okay - just lacking that extra spark. I hope we get to see a novel on Ilya's brother. Still, I do enjoy a novel by CF.
Date published: 2009-07-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from She Saved The Best For Last Christine Feehan did not disappoint with her last Drake Sisters novel. As usual the main characters are sexy, witty, dangerous and smart. I like how the book wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, it was sad what happened to Elle, well actually both of them; but it seemed to bring them closer together. Loved the wedding, and I also loved how we sort of got to read a little bit on the previous Drake Sisters and their men through out the book. I like how she wrapped up the story on Reverend RJ, we all knew he was a scum bag, but now its official, and I think he got what was coming to him. Interesting to see if she writes a novel on Ilya’s brother or brothers, don’t see a whole series being made, being as Ilya is the youngest of seven, who knows, I’m sure Christine Feehan has something in mind. Was what I considered the best of all seven novels, and that’s saying something considering they’re all amazing. Sad to see the Sisters series come to an end, but we all knew it was coming with this one. I will defiantly reread the series over and over again.
Date published: 2009-07-12
Rated 3 out of 5 by from A Bit Disappointing I have to saying I was expecting alot more for the final book in this series of seven sisters. My favourite book in this series is still Ilya and Joley. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see a series involving Ilya's brothers. This book was mostly about the abuse and torture Elle was subjected to at the hands of Gratsos and Jackson leading the rescue to find her and helping her through it all. They both have demons and nightmares to put in the past and work through. The story line took me by surprise, and I wished Christine Feehan would have written more about Elle's talent as she is to be such a strong telepath. Didn't see any of that except for when she was rescued. Parts of the book I really enjoyed, such as all the sisters coming together to heal Elle on the beach and finding out that Jackson can play the piano, but it just wasn't enough. I wanted more, so it was a bit disappointing.
Date published: 2009-07-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Could have been better-- yet still satisfying!!!! This is the seventh book in Drake Sisters series. Seven sisters share extraordinary powers passed down through generations. With the older six sisters settled with their loved ones, its time for the youngest to unite with her soul mate. Elle Drake has always known she carries the Drake legacy and has to give birth to the next generation of Drake women. In her heart she knows it will be with handsome deputy of Sea Heaven Jackson Deveau. But Jackson has a dark past that he has always tried to protect Elle from- thinking of it as rejection Elle takes on a dangerous assignment to bring down a human trafficking ring. But she is kidnapped, harassed and abused. With the help of her sisters and their men Jackson rescues her and tries to mend her broken soul. I have immensely enjoyed the Drake sisters series, especially since the last two books were so good. So,I had high hopes for this book but it was a bit disappointing. I believe what completely threw me off was the abuse that Elle was subjected to, it is what I have always come NOT to expect from Feehan books. Another disappointment for me was how little Elle got to use her powers; she has always been mentioned as the mysterious sister who possessed all the powers distributed among the rest of the sisters, so I expected to find more about Elle as a person. However, most of the book is about Jackson helping Elle recover from her tragic abuse, the two bonding, and accepting each other. The story could have been a lot better but as always Miss Feehan’s unique prose filled with so much passion and emotion was what kept me reading. I liked how she drew all the characters together from the previous books, concluding all stories and ended the series beautifully. All in all I would say if you are a fan of the series, keep an open mind and give it a try.
Date published: 2009-07-06
Rated 1 out of 5 by from hidden currents This is one of the worst book I've ever read in years, waste of time, effort and money. What was Ms. Feehan thinking writing this book that is so subpar from anything she's written and I believe is a very disappointing and downrigh insulting addition to the Drake sister series
Date published: 2009-06-27

Read from the Book

HIDDEN CURRENTS: CHAPTER ONE "Having fun, Sheena?" Stavros Gratsos rubbed his palms up and down Elle Drake's bare arms to warm her as he stood behind her at the railing of his large yacht.All around them the sound of laughter and snatches of conversation drifted past her out to the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.Sheena MacKenzie, Elle's undercover name—and her alter ego. Sheena could sit at any dinner table and rule, her polish and sophistication and air of mystery guaranteeing she'd get attention. Devoid of make-up, with her hair in a ponytail, Elle Drake could slide into the shadows and disappear. They made a nearly unbeatable combination and Sheena had done exactly what Elle needed her to do— she'd lured Stavros and kept him interested long enough for Elle to poke around in his glamorous life and see what she could turn up—which so far was—… nothing.Elle couldn't read Stavros's thoughts and emotions the way she did others when they touched her, and that amazed her. Her psychic ability to read thoughts was disturbing most of the time, but there were a very few who seemed to have natural barriers and she had to purposely ‘invade' if she wanted to see what they were thinking. Elle rarely ever intruded, even when she was using her undercover persona, Sheena MacKenzie, but she would have made an exception in Stavros's case. She had been investigating him for months and had found nothing to either clear him—or to point toward his guilt.She glanced over her shoulder at Stavros. "It's been wonderful. Amazing. But I think everything you do is like this and you know it." Stavros always put on the best parties and his yacht was bigger than most people's homes. He served the best food, had the best music, and surrounded himself with intelligent people, fun people.In all the months she'd been watching him, she had yet to discover even a hint of criminal activity. Stavros had been kind and generous, giving millions to charities, supporting art and working out deals with his employees in a hands-on discussion that avoided laying off an entire group of workers. She had come to respect the man in spite of earlier suspicions and she was ready to go back to Dane Phelps, her boss, and write a very strongly worded report that the rumors concerning Stavros were wrong—except that his aura indicated danger and a strong penchant for violence. Of course some of the men her sisters had chosen as their mates had that same vivid color swirling around them."I held this party in your honor, Sheena," Stavros admitted. "My elusive butterfly." He tugged on her arm to turn her around so that her back was against the rail and she was caged in by his body. "I want you to come to my island with me, to see my private home."Her heart jumped. According to rumor, Stavros never took any woman to his island. He had homes all over the world, but the island was his private retreat. Most under-cover operatives would have relished the opportunity to enter Stravos's private sanctum, but her boss had been adamant that she not go, even if the opportunity presented itself. There was no way to communicate from that island.Stavros took her hand and carried her knuckles to his mouth. "Come with me, Sheena."She tried not to wince. Sheena. She was such a fraud. This was the man she should fall in love with, not the worm—he—who—could-never-be-named—who had broken her heart. Here was Stavros, handsome, intelligent, wealthy, a man who solved problems and seemed to care for many of the same causes she did. Why couldn't he be the man she fell madly in love with?"I can't," she said gently. "Really, Stavros. I want to, but I can't."His eyes darkened, became stormy. Stavros liked his way and was definitely used to getting it. "You mean you won't.""I mean I can't. You want things from me I can't give you. I told you from the beginning we could be friends—not lovers.""You're not married.""You know I'm not." But she should have been. She should have been settled in her family home with the man destiny had provided for her, but he had rejected her. Her stomach churned at the thought. She'd put an ocean between them and still he tried to reach her, his voice a faint buzz in her head, trying to persuade her to return—to what? A man who didn't want children or a legacy of magic. He refused to understand that was who she was—what she was. In rejecting her legacy, he rejected her. And she needed a man who would help her. Who would understand how difficult it was for her to face her future. She needed someone to lean on, not someone she had to coax or take care of."Come home with me," he repeated.Elle shook her head. "I can't, Stavros. You know what would happen if I did and we can't go there."His white teeth flashed at her. "So at least you've thought about it."Elle tipped her head back and looked up at him. "You know how charming you are. What woman wouldn't be tempted by you?" And she was. It would be so easy. He was so sweet to her, always attentive, wanting to give her the world. She reached up and touched his face regretfully. "You're a good man, Stavros."She was ashamed she'd suspected him of the heinous things she had—human trafficking among the worst. Yes, he'd started out smuggling guns in his freighters, years earlier when he had nothing. But he seemed to have more than made up for all of his mistakes and as far as she could ascertain, he was truly legitimate. At least she could clear his name with Interpol and the other agencies around the world where his name kept cropping up. That would make her feel better about spending these last months working to befriend him and earn his trust."I'm hearing a 'but' in there, Sheena," Stavros said.Elle spread her arms wide, taking in the yacht and the shimmering sea. "All this. This is your world and I can step into it occasionally, but I could never live in it comfortably. I've looked at your track record, Stavros, and you don't believe in permanency, and no, I'm not holding out for marriage with you. I just know myself. I get attached to people and breaking up is terribly painful.""Who says we have to break up?" Stavros said. "Come home with me." His voice was soft, persuasive, and for a moment she wanted to give in, wanted to take what he was offering. He made her feel like a beautiful, desirable woman, when no one else had—but in the end, she wasn't glamorous, sophisticated Sheena, she was really Elle Drake and she carried her baggage with her everywhere she went."I can't tell you how much I want to go with you, Stavros," she said sincerely, "but I really can't."Swift impatience crossed his handsome face and he blinked, his dark eyes growing a little frosty. "The boats are beginning to take some of our guests back to shore. I need to speak with a few of them. Stay here and wait for me."Elle nodded. Where was the harm in that? After tonight, Sheena MacKenzie was going to disappear and Stavros would never see her again. Maybe he already knew she was saying goodbye. She couldn't blame him for being upset. She'd tried to stay within boundaries, not lead him on, yet gain his trust enough to get into his inner circles. She'd attended his charities and his parties, and never once had she heard the whisper of illegal activity. If he was the criminal her boss suspected, he was amazingly adept at hiding it and she no longer believed it was possible.So why couldn't she fall in love with him? What was wrong with her? Certainly the worm—he-who-could-not-be-named—ever—again was not worth holding out hope for. Was she stupid enough to do that? Hope that he would come after her? That would never happen. He didn't want her. He didn't want her legacy—or her name—or her house—and he certainly didn't want the seven daughters that would come with along with her.No, she had stopped hoping Jackson Deveau would ever come to love or even want her.Now she just had to stop hurting.She watched Stavros as he talked to his guests, smiling and seemingly happy. As if sensing her looking at him, he turned his head and sent her a warm smile. Her heart did a funny little flip, not the way it did when the worm smiled at her, but because she knew Stavros was half in love with her and it was so unfair. The smile she sent Stavros back was sadder than she knew.Could she live like this? This glamorous, whirlwind life? She was born with a legacy few others—if anyone—ever had or would know. As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Elle's psychic gifts ran deep in her genes and would be passed on to her seven daughters. And her seventh daughter would carry that same bittersweet legacy. Would Elle fulfill her destiny? Or would the Drake's legacy of magic die quietly with her?Elle used to envision a life of laughter and happiness with her soulmate. That was before she'd met him. He was a morose, silent, brooding, very dominant male. She knew he could bring stillness and peace to her, or with one smoldering look, turn her veins to liquid fire. But he refused to accept who she was—refused to love her as she was. And if he didn't, she feared no other man ever would—or could. Not the real Elle Drake, at least.She turned around, and leaned out over the rail, watching the boats coming in to take Stavros's guests back to shore. Night had long since given way to dawn and she was tired, suppressing a yawn as she tried to figure out what she'd do next with her life. Sea Haven, a small village nestled on the northern California coast, had always been home—a refuge. Her family house was there, a large estate overlooking the turbulent ocean.The sea was so different here, like glass, a beautiful lure promising a sun-filled life of luxury, but she knew better than to think such a life was meant for her. Deep inside, she was a home girl, a woman born to be a wife and mother. She loved adventure and spice, but eventually, her need to pass on her Drake legacy would grow so strong she wouldn't be able to ignore it. Did she have the right to deny the world someone like her sister Libby, who could heal with a touch of her hands? Or Joley, with her voice? Kate, who's books gave so many people solace and an escape? Each of her sisters had incredible gifts passed down generation after generation. If she didn't fulfill her destiny the line would end with her.Movement caught her eye and she shifted her gaze to see the captain approach Stavros and whisper something in his ear. She was adept at reading lips, but she couldn't see his mouth clearly. Stavros frowned and shook his head, glanced at his watch and then over at Elle. She kept her face still, and turned her gaze back to the sea. Stavros's bodyguard, Sid, said something as well. He was facing her and she caught his words distinctly."It will be dangerous to have her on the island, sir. Think about this. Take her off the boat now and we'll give the driver orders to take her to your villa. They can hold her there until the meeting is over."Elle's stomach tightened. The bodyguard was talking about her. Stavros shook his head and said something she couldn't catch, but the bodyguard and captain both looked toward her again and neither looked happy.That built in alarm, the one that had saved her numerous times on countless assignments shrieked at her, and she didn't hesitate. She moved quickly through the thinning crowd toward the side of the yacht where the boats were coming in to pick up the guests and return them to shore. Though her purse and overnight bag were still in the cabin down below, Elle was careful never to carry anything in her purse or her belongings that could betray her. She would leave the yacht and if Dane wanted her to return, she could use the retrieval of her things as an excuse to contact Stavros again.She made herself small, trying to blend in with the other guests. As Elle she could disappear easily into the shadows, but Sheena stood out. Her heart sped up and a sense of urgency rode her as she wound her way to the departing boats. It wouldn't do to look back and check to see if she was being hunted, she already knew she was. She had one chance, to step into the departing boat as it was taking off. She had to time it perfectly.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Christine Feehan and her Drake Sisters series“I love everything she does.”—J. R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author“The queen of paranormal romance.”—USA Today“The Drake series is a complex blend of fantasy and suspense.”—Booklist“Everything her fans have come to expect: action, gunplay, danger, bad guys, good guys, gorgeous women and magic.”—Publishers Weekly“Christine Feehan has brought paranormal romance to a new high.”—A Romance Review“Christine Feehan boldly goes where no writer has ever gone...Erotic, exotic, suspenseful.”—Fallen Angel Reviews“The Feehan name is truly synonymous with superb storytelling!”—RT Book Reviews