High Performance Scientific Computing Using Distributed Infrastructures: Results and Scientific Applications Derived from the Italian PON ReCaS Projec by Giuseppe Andronico

High Performance Scientific Computing Using Distributed Infrastructures: Results and Scientific…

byGiuseppe Andronico, Roberto Bellotti, Guglielmo De Nardo;Giuliano Laccetti;Giorgio Maggi;Leonardo Merola;Guido Russo;Lucia Silvestris;Sabina Tangaro;Enrico Tassi

Kobo ebook | November 28, 2016

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This book aims to provide a deep look into Italian actions taken in some fields of science and high performance computing (HPC), and the Italian effort to bridge the HPC gap with respect to Europe. The Italian PON ReCaS Project is written for graduate readers and professionals in the field of high performance computing. It presents and discusses innovative and important technological solutions, and describes interesting results in various fields of application.

ReCaS stands for "Rete di Calcolo per SuperB e altre applicazioni" and is a computing network infrastructure in Southern Italy devoted to scientific and non-scientific applications within the vision of a common European infrastructure for computing, storage and network. The ReCaS project is part of the 2007–2013 European Union strategy, and was funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and Education (MIUR) for the development and enhancement of a distributed computing infrastructure of the Grid/Cloud type over the four EU 'Convergence' regions in Southern Italy: Campania, Puglia and Sicily and Calabria.

The network will be open and accessible to all researchers, public and private, and will be characterized by unprecedented computing power and storage capacity. Posted in the European Grid Infrastructure EGI, ReCaS is also an opportunity to the countries of the Mediterranean area and extends the potential of the current network.


  • The ReCaS Project (L Merola)

    The CASAP Project (R Bellotti)

  • Infrastructure:

    • The ReCaS Project: The Bari Infrastructure (M Antonacci, R Bellotti, F Cafagna, M de Palma, D Diacono, G Donvito, A Italiano, R Gervasoni, G Maggi, G Miniello, A Monaco, S Nicotri, S Nuzzo, P Notarangelo, B Santeramo, G Selvaggi, L Silvestris, V Spinoso, S Tangaro, E Tinelli and R Valentini)
    • The ReCaS Project Catania Infrastructure (G Andronico, S Monforte, G Sava, F Cristaudo, G Platania, C Rocca, P Belluomo, G Passaro and R Barbera)
    • The ReCaS Project Cosenza Infrastructure (N Guarracino, V Lavorini, A Tarasio and E Tassi)
    • The ReCaS Project Naples Infrastructure (G Russo, G B Barone, G Carlino and G Laccetti)
    • Monitoring the ReCaS Project Infrastructure (S Pardi, D Del Prete, S Naddeo and G Scotti)
    • Monitoring the ReCaS Project Resources (G Andronico, V Boccia, D Del Prete, E Giorgi, G Maggi, S Naddeo, S Pardi, V Spinoso, B Spisso and A Tarasio)
    • IaaS Cloud Infrastructure@Bari: Implementation, Services and Use-Cases in the ReCaS DataCenter (M Antonacci, G Donvito, F Giannuzzi, A Italiano, S Nicotri, E Tinelli, R Valentini, F Ventola and G Maggi)
    • A Cloud Environment for Catania ReCaS Site (G Andronico, S Monforte, G Platania and M Fargetta)
    • User Recruitment and Support: A Viral Marketing Approach Based on the Word-of-Mouth Influence (G B Barone, V Boccia, D Bottalico, R Campagna and L Carracciuolo)
  • Applications:

    • Applications on the ReCaS Project Infrastructure (V Boccia, M Lapegna, A Monaco, S Monforte, S Pardi and A Tarasio)
    • Science Applications in Bari ReCaS Farm (A Monaco and P Notarangelo)
    • Users Applications in the PRISMA-Napoli Cloud (M Alfano, D Del Prete, D Michelino, S Pardi and R Vela)
  • Physical Science:

    • Computing Activities in High Energy Physics: Atlas Tier2 at INFN-Napoli (G Carlino, P Castellano, R Cevenini, A Doria, R Esposito, L Merola, S Pardi and G Russo)
    • The Belle II Simulation Campaign at ReCaS (V Boccia, G De Nardo, D Del Prete, P Guida, S Pardi and G Russo)
    • The ReCaS Infrastructure for the Neutrino Astronomy with KM3NeT (C Bozza and P Migliozzi)
    • The ReCaS Infrastructure to Simulate Field Theory on Fuzzy Disk (F Lizzi and B Spisso)
    • A Dashboard for ALICE Activity in Bari Tier-2 (D Elia, A Franco and G Vino)
  • Life Science:

    • Computational Approaches to the Study of Melanogenesis (O Crescenzi)
    • Polymer Models of the Chromosomes in the Nucleus of Cells (A M Chiariello, S Bianco, A Piccolo, C Annunziatella, M Barbieri, A Pombo and M Nicodemi)
    • Analysis, Tuning and Implementation of a Hippocampal CA1 Microcircuit (S Cuomo, P De Michele and A Galletti)
    • Medical Physics Applications in Bari ReCaS Farm (N Amoroso, M Antonacci, R Bellotti, G Donvito, R Errico, G Maggi, A Monaco, P Notarangelo, S Tangaro and A Tateo)
  • Engineering:

    • Computation of TR-Dependent Aftershock Fragility Curves for an Existing Non-Ductile R C Building (M Gaetani d'Aragona, M Polese, A Prota and G Manfredi)
    • Soft Matter in Flow and High Performance Computing (G D'Avino, M M Villone, G De Monaco, M De Corato, M Trofa, F Greco and P L Maffettone)
    • High Performance Computing (HPC) and Aerospace Research Activities at the University of Naples Federico II (A De Marco, F Nicolosi, D P Coiro, R Tognaccini, G Calise, P Della Vecchia, S Corcione, D Ciliberti and B Mele)
    • Contribution of the High Performance Computing (HPC) in Naval Architecture Researches (A De Marco, F De Luca, S Mancini, S Miranda, C Pensa, R Scognamiglio and G Staiano)
    • Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics of Oligomeric Chains (G Ianniruberto, A Brasiello, G Park and G Marrucci)
    • Applicability of CFD Methods for Roll Damping Determination of Intact and Damaged Ship (E Begovic, S Mancini, A H Day and A Incecik)
  • Earth Science:

    • 3D Spectral Element Model for Numerical Simulation of the Seismic Ground Motion in the Aterno Valley (Italy) (L Evangelista, S del Gaudio, A d'Onofrio, G Festa, A Santo, I Iervolino and F Silvestri)
    • The HPC ReCaS Infrastructure towards the Simulation of Subsurface Hydrological Processes (R Campagna, G Laccetti and G Severino)
  • Computer and Computational Science:

    • Scalability Analysis of Variational Data Assimilation Algorithms on Hybrid Architectures (R Arcucci, L D' Amore, L Carracciuolo and A Murli)
    • Creating and Managing a Federated Cloud to Support Science Experiments (G Andronico, M Fargetta, S Monforte, M Paone and M Villari)
    • An Integrated Monitoring System, with Ganglia and Nagios, for the Cosenza ReCaS Site (N Guarracino, V Lavorini, A Tarasio and E Tassi)
    • Deploying a Stable Release of the SFINGE System Using the ReCaS Facility (M Castellano, N Corriero, M A Tangaro, T Del Vino and G Zaccheo)
    • Multi-Tiered Storage Based Cloud Environment in ReCaS DataCenter(S Monforte, G Platania and G Andronico)/li>
    • GaaS 2.0: The New Release Based on OpenStack with Features Implemented with OCCI (G B Barone, V Boccia, D Bottalico, L Carracciuolo, G Laccetti, A Solla, B Spisso and A Tebano)
    • Evaluation of HTCondor[A1], a Community Driven Local Resource Management System for the ReCaS DataCenter System (G Donvito and A Italiano)
    • The Catania Science Gateway Framework in the ReCaS Environment (R Barbera, R Bruno, M Fargetta and G La Rocca)
    • VAF: A Virtual Analysis Facility Exploiting PRISMA OpenStack Infrastructure at Bari (F Colamaria, D Colella, G Donvito, D Elia, A Franco, G Maggi, G Miniello and G Vino)

Readership: Graduates and Professionals in the field of high performance computing.
Key Features:

  • This book offer a quick-look, even if accurate and of great impact, on some advancements in the field of data centers for High Performance Computing, as well as on new results in computational sciences
Title:High Performance Scientific Computing Using Distributed Infrastructures: Results and Scientific…Format:Kobo ebookPublished:November 28, 2016Publisher:World Scientific Publishing CompanyLanguage:English

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