High Profit Day Trading

High Profit Day Trading

Kobo ebook | May 22, 2015

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In the business of making money with money you either get it or you don’t.

If you are a beginner and have zero experience and are looking for your first basic information as to how to get started and what to study first and foremost this book is for you.

The information in this book would take you years to figure out before you could make any real money in the live market. It is worth its weight in gold and you are basically getting it all in one place at one time here in this book.

There are no magic systems, indicators or green or red hopium pills in trading that are going to help you to be more profitable. If that is what you are seeking you will be very disappointed. Price action and supply and demand are what rule in the live market.

This book gives a brand new investor and trader with zero experience a head start with the very basic information they need to get started driving their new money train down the tracks of gold right to the front door of their bank.

The live market can be a brutal place for a brand new trader who has stepped into it with their hard earned money who is unprepared. There are people in the live market who will walk over the smoking wreckage of your blown out account to get paid like it is just another day at the office.

Just ask yourself this question. Do you want to be the one in the market who pays or do you want to be the one who GETS paid? Learn the right information, get the right education and training from the first day and work with a rule based plan and you will get paid handsomely from the market. This book can put you on the fast track to doing that.

To be a successful money maker in the market you need to have an edge. This book tells you about a way of trading to have the biggest edge possible in the market to beat out your competition to the consistent profits everyone is looking for.

The people in the market who make money every day are the people who took the time to get the proper education for the type of job they will be doing which is making money with money. You don’t just get into a formula one car and drive it. You must learn all of the aspects of the car and what makes it work. It is the same in trading. Hopefully once you have read this entire book you can begin driving your money train down to your bank every day. To drive your own money train takes a lot of training and education.

This short book will give you a basic start on getting your money train driver’s license. There is a bonus section at the end of this book where there are some great tips to help you get started trading on demo. There are also some frequently asked questions with honest answers for new traders.

Wishing you a profitable day!

Title:High Profit Day TradingFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 22, 2015Publisher:Joseph RichardsLanguage:English

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