High Temperature Alloys: Their Exploitable Potential by J.b. MarriottHigh Temperature Alloys: Their Exploitable Potential by J.b. Marriott

High Temperature Alloys: Their Exploitable Potential

EditorJ.b. Marriott, M. Merz, J. Nihoul

Paperback | October 19, 2011

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Advances in industrial technologies and improved performance of constructional materials are interdependent and have become of increasing concern in recent years. This Conference aimed to - provoke discussion of the limits towards which high temperature alloys properties can, ultimately, be developed, identify the resulting R&D requirements and design developments. Following a key-note paper concerning the relation of current capabilities to requirements for gas turbines the conference was structured into 3 sessions which examined: * the theoretical?ldpracticallimits for HT Alloys, * the potential for development in alloys and processing, * engineering considerations. Finally, feeling perhaps the approaching "wind of change"??1s Conference on remaining alloy potential was wound up with a paper entit1ed "The potential?ld problems ofEngineering Ceramics". The different sessions each included a number of invited papers followed by a series of posters and were concluded by a presentation of a "synthesis" by a sess10n rapporteur and general discussion. This structure is retained in the proceedings, including the discussion points in those cases where?le authors have provided written answers to questions raised.
Title:High Temperature Alloys: Their Exploitable PotentialFormat:PaperbackPublished:October 19, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

List of Contents.- Preface.- Opening Session.- Chairman: M. Van de Voorde, C.E.C., Joint Research Centre, Petten Establishment, Petten, NL..- Welcome and Opening of the Conference:.- Opening Thoughts - the Future of High Temperature Materials.- E.D. Hondros, Director of the Joint Research Centre, Petten Establishment, Petten, NL..- Keynote paper:.- The Capability of Current Materials in Relation to Future gas Turbine Needs.- G. Meetham, Rolls Royce Ltd., Derby, UK..- Session 1: Theoretical and Practical Limits of HT Alloys. Sub-session 1.1.: Chairman: S. Amelinckx, SCK-CEN, Mol, B..- Mechanical Properties of Nickel Base Alloys in Relation with their Microstructure (Abstract).- Modelling Creep and Fracture in Engineering Alloys.- High Temperature Creep Mechanisms in Single Crystals of Some High Performance Nickel-Base Superalloys.- Dislocation Microstructure in PM Astroloy and Ma6000 after HTLCF.- Ferritic Fe-Ni-Al Alloys for High Temperature Applications.- Metallographic Indication of Methane in Steel Cavities.- Rapporteur's synthesis.- Sub-session 1.2.: Chairman: G. Sainfort, CEA, Grenoble, F..- The Corrosion Behaviour of Alloys in High Temperature Gaseous Environments.- The Limits to the Protective Effect of Oxide Scales on High Temperature Materials Which are Subjected to Strain.- Relaxation of the Mechanical Stresses Developed Through Oxide Scales During Oxidation of Metals.- The Effects of Cerium and Cerium Oxide on the High Temperature Oxidation of Iron-Chromium Alloys at Iooo°C in 100 Torr O2.- The Carburisation Behaviour of Steels for Petrochemical Plant.- An Evaluation of Fe-Cr-Al Alloys in Simulated Coal Gasifier Environments from 850-1050°C.- Environmental Resistance oF Incoloy alloy Ma956.- Identification of Oxide and Sulphide Corrosion Products Using Raman Microscopy.- The Sulphidation Behaviour of Vanadium, Niobium and Molybdenum.- The Influence of Alloy Composition Upon The Corrosion Behaviour of 25Cr-35Ni-Fe Alloys Exposed to Mixed Gaseous Oxidising/Sulphidising/Carburising Atmospheres.- High Temperature Sulphidation of Aluminised Alloys: Protective Properties of Alumina Layers.- The Laser Raman Microprobe - A New Technique for the Identification of Corrosion Scale Constituents.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Session 2: Potential for Development in Alloys and Processing. Sub-session 2.1.: Chairman: J. Levy, Ecole des Mines, Paris, F..- Steel and Nickel Base Alloys.- Production and Properties of Large Nimonic Alloy 901 Discs for Land-Based gas Turbines.- Development of 12Cr-1Mo-1W-V-Nb Steel for Elevated Temperature Applications.- Service Experiences of 12Cr-1Mo-W-V-Nb Steel and 9Cr-2Mo Steel in a Power Boiler.- An Austenitic Heat Resisting Steel Tube Developed for Advanced Fossil-fired Steam Plants.- Hot Working of Duplex Stainless Steels and Nickel-Iron Superalloys.- Development of a Duplex Structure 12Cr-1.5Mo-1W Steel for Elevated Temperature Applications.- The Influence of Powder Processing Variables on the Structure and Properties of Hiped Low Carbon Astroloy.- Sensitivity of Mechanical Properties of Nickel Base Alloys to Cooling rates.- Effects of Cobalt on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of the Fe-Ni-Co Base Superalloy Refractoloy 26.- Properties and Applications of Hot Formed O.D.S. Alloys.- Influence of Regeneration Treatments on Creep Rupture Lifes of Turbine Blades.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Sub-session 2.2.: Chairman: J.F. Conde, Admiralty Marine Technology, Poole, UK..- Coatings - their Potential and Limits (Abstract).- Diffusion Phenomena Between Coating and Base Material in Ni-Base Superalloy.- The High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of the Single Crystal Ni-Base alloy M002 Mod. with and without Protective Coatings.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Session 3: Engineering Considerations. Sub-session 3.1.: Chairman: J. Schijve, Technical University, Delft, NL..- Thermo-Mechanical Loading Constraints (Abstract).- Fatigue and Microstructure.- Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Inconel Alloy 617.- Influence of Heat Treatment on Fatigue of Inconel 718 Alloy at 650°C.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Sub-session 3.2.: Chairman: J.R. Donati, Electricite de France, Moret, F..- Factors Governing Design Rules for HT Components.- Analysis of Exhaustion and Damage on Creep-Exposed Components.- Corrosion and Creep of Nickel-Base Alloys in Steam Reforming GAS.- The Creep Ductility and Fracture of Carburised Alloy 800H at HIGH Temperatures.- Qualification of Stationary Creep of the Carbide Precipitating Alloy 800H.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Session 4: Future Outlook. Chairman: H. Nickel, K.F.A., Jiilich, FRG..- The Potential and Problems of Engineering Ceramics (Abstract).- Contribution to the Quantification of the Development Potential of High Temperature Alloys.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- Final Discussion.- Rapporteur's Synthesis.- List of Participants.