Hipster Animals: A Field Guide by Dyna MoeHipster Animals: A Field Guide by Dyna Moe

Hipster Animals: A Field Guide

byDyna Moe

Paperback | September 22, 2015

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 A field guide to scenesters, trend-hoppers, and other cutting-edge species you’ve like, probably never heard of. They’re pretty obscure.
 An illustrated pocket guide to the hip characters populating “cool neighborhoods” across America, Hipster Animals helps readers identify these urban wildlife in their natural habitats. Including details on the creatures’ identifying characteristics, diets, mating behavior, and calls, this parody reference guide provides a snarky glimpse into the foreign—yet all too familiar—world of the trendsetters among us.
An illustrator and comedy writer, DYNA MOE lives in the semi-hip neighborhood of the East Village, conveniently located between the Lower East Side (hippest neighborhood, late 90s) and Williamsburg, Brooklyn (hippest neighborhood, 2000s). Part of the first generation of performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade, she has written, direc...
Title:Hipster Animals: A Field GuideFormat:PaperbackDimensions:112 pages, 8.5 × 6.52 × 0.46 inPublished:September 22, 2015Publisher:Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/RodaleLanguage:English

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Author’s Note Depending on when in the cycle of coolness you bought/stole/downloaded this book, you might find it to be a razor-sharp codification of people you know, hopelessly out of touch, a charming time capsule of your youth, or on the verge of experiencing a comeback. Welcome. The species included within are not meant to represent the full spectrum of youth cultures (no dudebros, no mainline geekery, no music-genre-specific cults) but rather a narrow sliver of beasts of the postcollege upwardly mobile special-snowflakes animal kingdom and those who want to be them.  The author does not wish to convey judgment or imply that one species (mentioned or unmentioned) is better than another but rather to say that we all are equally repulsive. Everyone is the worst.

Table of Contents

Authors Note  1
Food & Drink
Farm-to-Table Waiter  3
Kraft Brüe Know-It-All  4
Dandy Mixologist  5
City Boy BBQ Pitmaster  6
Pho Authenticity Police  7
Know Your Food Trucks  8
Experimental Coffee
Gastronomist  10
Tomorrow’s Coffee Trends  11
Vegan Gelato Scooper  12
New Wave Pizzaiolo  13
Community Vegetable
Advocate  14
Trivia Smörgåsbord  15
On the Scene
Ugh This Guy Again  17
Recreationally Homeless  18
Brazen Kidult  19
Self-Elected Arbiter of Taste  20
Twenty-First-Century Gentry  21
Proximity Irritant  22
Feman-ish Flamewarrior  23
Rogue Biketavist  24
Trustafarian Dickwad  25
Globe-Trotting Seeker-of-Self  26
Portmanteau-N-Appétit  27
Fashion & Style
Fashion Plate Photo Diarist  29
Sneaker Freak  30
Nail Art Tutorial Queen  31
Filth Fashion Model  32
Street-Level Trend-Spotter 33
Most Popular Haircuts  34
Pseudo Retro Barber  35
Party Crasher Photog  36
One Step Behind  37
Festifest!  38
I Love A Parade  39
Tech & Online
Apple Update Early Adopter  41
Web Series Line Producer  42
Social Media Branding Network
Analyst or Whatever  43
Mobile App Brogrammer  44
Social Network “Friend”  45
Still-Cool Daddy Blogger  46
Instagram Narcissist  47
Clickbait Angler  48
Internet Celebrity  49
140 Caricature  50
Why We Tweet  51
Lead Ukulele in Gangsta
Rap Cover Band  53
Band (Condensed)  54
’80s Nite Karaoke Star  55
Festival Queue-Cutter  56
The Opening Act’s Opening Act  57
Neofolk Busker  58
Oh No! I Forgot My Tattoos!  59
O Pioneers! A Gentrification Cycle  60
friends & Lovers
Weed Delivery Guy  63
Way-Too-Sex-Positive Crusader  64
Spazzy Puckish Crush Girl  65
Regrettable One-Night Stand  66
Internet Blind Date  67
Moocher on Your Couch  68
Your Coffee Shop Crush  69 
Entertainment & recreation
Outdoor Screening Heckler  71
Empowered Burly-Cutie  72
Stand-Up Storyteller  73
Comedy Scene Dork  74
Film Festival Rejectee  75
Hungover Yogi  76
Beer League Bocce Champ  77
Thrift Store Quarterback  78
Roller Derby Rage Torrent  79
Harsh Realm: The Mass Extinction  80
make & hoard
Kombucha Brewmaster  83
Total Immersion Crafter  84
Rooftop Apiarist  85
Faster/Stronger Toolmaster  86
Vintage Ephemera Curator  87
Outmoded Game Hoarder  88
Obsolete Media Fetishist  89
Found Audio Excavator  90
Designer Toy Aficionado  91
Architectural Salvage Upcycler  92
Sustainable Landscape Architect  93
The finers Arts
Immersive Theater Theatre Auteur  95
Public Literary Show-Off  96
Public Transit Art Prankster  97
Advertising Collagist Graffiteur  98
Pop Culture Picasso  99
Independent Book Reshelver  100
The Hot Literary Prospect  101
Blog-to-Book Editor  102
Dream Journalista  103
Outfit-of-the-Day en Papier  104

Editorial Reviews

“Dyna Moe was one of my earliest comedy influences and teachers, and every time I see her work I am equally blown away and jealous that it is not of me, which is something I know I need to work on. I love this book because it shows hipsters for exactly what they truly are: disgusting animals.” — Adam Pally, actor, Happy Endings and The Mindy Project “When I look at Dyna’s art, I feel deeply unsettled, which makes me feel right at home. It’s like Jumanji meets Girls.” — Lennon Parham, co-creator and star of Playing House "I've always known Dyna Moe to be a rabble rouser and a genius. No one else I know has the ability to take adorable animals and turn them into a subversive and hilarious commentary on modern youth culture." — Chris Gethard, comedian, writer, and cult leader  “Finally, a book with pictures that I don’t have to feel embarrassed to be caught reading.” — Paul Scheer, actor, The League and Fresh Off the Boat