Holding on to Happiness

August 15, 2020|
Holding on to Happiness by Josh Oertel
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WHat can serve to sum up the importance of happiness. Furthermore; what is it essentially that prevents a person from receiving happiness? All in all happiness is ultimately derived from six sources. All sources lead to ways to hold on to this blissful bodily sensation known as happiness. Through recognizing the source of happiness, one can find the true substance acknowledged and utilized to produce the initialing form. Yes, happiness ultimately, essentially comes from the Freedoms such as those bestowed by the country (no more than other than the nation of the USA.). THE associated freedom s become a reality upon opening up , and recognizing limits issued coexisting with a structural bureaucracy. All in all communication helps mold, guide a person to the attaining of these freedoms and limits which spontaneously or momentarily cause this prized upon sensational liberality known as happiness. BAck to the basics, all the person needs is to seek out and pursue the sources in order to basically experience it. THe sources that encourage or culminate happiness are mountains (providing all human effort and motivation to climb co-exist). THe second source is religion (which if followed correctly will, indeed, act as an aphrodisiac when experiencing life events.). The third, being relationships accomplished and serving as a purpose. IT’s only through thinking out –of the box and extroverting opening up to people do we touch upon the vitality, vigor, and “sweet taste “ relationships can be associated with. May it be a shared love that ecstatically boosts self-esteem amongst those whom experience it. The forth source, is that of the ecstasy of possessing pets (ultimately, they provide for comfort and kindness which inevitably elevates people s moods carrying out everyday activities. Indeed takes its form from these loving relationships with an utter reflection of how a person is doing). FIfth, is the source of acknowledging and learning what handling of money initiates in the daily progress of people. Yes, its true as a tactile stimulation , or knowledge in how its created, or even by exchanging it through means of spending . IT’s by this medium do we clearly possess a higher happiness with the culture into which we are brought into this world with. FInally, the sixth source, which mainly is blocked out by established rules and regulations. Maybe it's by this allusiveness do we rely on the first true substance to create happiness Let me reiterate, all the sources that provide for happiness also have the repercussions ,or cons. Let’s approach it from another angle to get the full associated story behind the toxic byproducts of happiness. Basically, they consist of depression. THIS deoelevated (certainly opposite of the valid picture of happiness) mood becomes apparent and ostentatious, and superficially exposed with accompanying fear (which is a naturally occurring process in the amygdala) , and doubt whereby representing a stigma of a sense. Doubt can be associated with pessimistic portrayal of uncertainty. A place where optimism lingers and fails to reveal itself.

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