How It All Works & How We Fit In: Where We Came from * What We're Doing Here * Where We're Going

January 13, 2018|
How It All Works & How We Fit In: Where We Came from * What We're Doing Here * Where We're Going
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Don Kerr
Jane Roberts SETH books taught us that we create our reality through our beliefs. Richard Bachs books showed us that space and time are illusions which we create and which then reflect back to us, usually surprising us along the way!

Written by a practicing architect who enjoys seeing how things go together, this book explores many areas of wonderment:

Where did we come from? What are we doing here? Where does it all lead? Is this reincarnation stuff for real? And what, for Heavens sake, does time is an illusion mean to our time-obsessed generations? Can anyone help us understand any of this?

And then there are ghosts, the light at the end of the tunnel, near-death experiences, possession, ouija boards, astral travel. A lot of stuff to consider, or be repelled by.

Asked by a confused young woman in the New Age section of a bookstore in Montral if the author had any idea where a beginner should start reading to avoid the garbage, he suggested several titles in which he had confidence, but realized that there really was nothing on any shelves at that time like HOW IT ALL WORKS which could pull all the strings together into a lifeline. What was needed was something that could give one an overview of the related thinking of the streamspsychic theorems, unexplained observations and experiences, odd practices, the speculations of theoretical physicswhich would avoid nonsensical invention.

And it would have to be daring, because we live in a society and culture where we have been brought up to believe a large number of things on faith which simply dont hold up to thoughtful examination. And that can be daunting. There was a time when owning this book would have had you imprisoned. It was clever of you to incarnate in a historic period when you can enjoy this speculation without looking over your shoulder!

This book will try to answer your questions, will look at what we know so far, what the implications are of that knowledge, and how we can adjust our lives so that they better fit our dreams. And we can.

Simple illustrations show ways to visualize several of the concepts.

Written with a lively sense of humor, the text will challenge your programming, but will gently guide you to a place where you will know that lifes challenges have purpose and meaning, and nothing is hidden from you in a neutral Universe that somehow cares. You just have to take off your blinders.

Life is adventuresome, and it is us who make it appear any way we wish. Choose well.

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