How To Be A Supervillain: And Love Life Doing It by Leland GillHow To Be A Supervillain: And Love Life Doing It by Leland Gill

How To Be A Supervillain: And Love Life Doing It

byLeland GillIllustratorBoris Jairala

Paperback | July 1, 2015

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"Master Vex" is an accomplished Supervillain looking to help other Villains with their careers.

Featuring exciting illustrations by Nell Radlick, How to be a Supervillain and Love Life Doing It guides readers through the basics tenants of villainy.

Part One focuses on the professional aspects of villainy at various stages of life: starting out, building a name for yourself, battling heroes and managing an operation once you've had success.

Part Two deals with the personal side of villainous life: handling stress, finding romance, maintaining a family life and impacting the local community.

Ultimately, Master Vex will prove that the life of a Villain boils down to making a positive impact in a way that fits an individual's style and talent. There are many inner and outer perils that come with the territory, but Master Vex assures readers that the calling of villainy is well worth the struggle.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Leland Gill has always had an overactive imagination and a love for creating worlds and stories. Also sporting a fascination with the sciences, he attended Columbia University and graduated with a BA in Biology, intending to go on to medical school. Changes in religious beliefs, family issues and personal...
Title:How To Be A Supervillain: And Love Life Doing ItFormat:PaperbackDimensions:98 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:July 1, PublishingLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

Foreword:Welcome! Before we get underway here, I need to thank you for making time in your life to glance at my book. If you took money out of your own pocket to purchase it then I need to doubly thank you for your financial support. Even if you rented this book from a library or borrowed it from a friend, you still chose this over all the other options available; that's something that I truly appreciate. Now that I have your attention, I'll be extra careful not to waste your time or take your patience for granted.I know that not every reader picks up this book with same motives. Some could be curious about the world of villainy. They don't want to become Villains themselves but still want to learn as much as they can about the field. I encourage these folks to read on and dispel their ignorance in the process. Regrettably, there is certain to be a minority of readers who only got this book for the sole purpose of ridiculing or judging Villains and Villains-to-be. The only recommendation I can give these people is to put this book down and spend their time doing something constructive like starting a mob or tattooing swastikas onto their foreheads. At least then their money will be going to something they can appreciate. But for those of you who may be a Villain looking for help in your life, I invite you to not only continue but to take notes, discuss with friends and use the information here to come up with a real plan for improvement. At an initial glance, it is easy to assume that my writing here is simply a guide book: a short manual listing the steps of villainy in a neat little list. This is a half-truth. Indeed, the first part of the book is dedicated to the practicals of being a Villain with important information for everyone to heed. There are other books from other Villains that offer many different viewpoints and you should definitely take the time to check them out. While my work is less detailed than some of the others, I feel that I hit many of the essentials that most leave out. but more about that in future chapters.Helping others making the right choices with their villainous careers is a passion of mine but I had a much bigger goal that I want to briefly explain here in the Foreword. In order to understand the true purpose of this book, it is crucial that we understand the popular public conception of villainy. The current Merriam-Webster definition for a Villain is as follows: 1. a character in a story, movie, etc., who does bad things 2. a person who does bad things 3. someone or something that is blamed for a particular problem or difficultyWhen you open up the dictionary and look up the word "villain", this is what you see. When your spouse or your child or your boss or your friend opens up the dictionary and looks up "villain", this is what they see. These archaic, poisonous descriptions are ones that have haunted the field of villainy for decades and slanted the minds of the masses against us. Let's look at each of them individually, shall we? The first one describes a Villain in the context of a work of fiction or a piece of media. I don't have to tell you about the wild, psychotic characters seen running around on television dramas, cartoons, comics, books and the like. Although I will discuss the inaccurate and hurtful portrayal of Villains at many points in the future, I want to make it clear to everyone that we Villains recognize the common stereotypes and we do NOT appreciate or ascribe to them. As innocuous as a Saturday morning show may appear, most ignore the subconscious damage it does to the reputation of real-life Villains. Villains, who are great people and have a wonderful message for the world, are grouped in with these false images, completely robbed of their voices. Now the second one is a little more direct in its attack. According to this entry, Villains are defined solely by deeds that are evil. But the definition of evil is relative and an action is only considered "bad" in the context of societal norms. For instance, a pair of scissors is considered a useful art tool for humans but would be treated as a sadistic weapon of mass destruction in a world of Paper People. A more practical example to look at would be the public reaction to someone setting fire to an entire shipment of tomatoes. In today's setting, this person would be labeled a deranged outcast destroying perfectly good food. But if these tomatoes were grown with poisonous GMOs and pesticides then this individual could be held up as an activist willing to fight the dark side of the agricultural industry. The second definition is completely hinged on perspective and the lens used to look at Villains is a dark one. The third on the list straight-up states the truth about the relationship between villainy and the rest of the world. It is no secret that Villains operating today are the receiving end of deriding comments and unfair blame-games. News outlets, interest groups and parental councils all make links between Villains and the "poor moral state" of society. Villainy (along with any other culture that differs from the norm) is fingered unfairly for drop-out percentages, rising crime rates, increased drug use, dips in the economy and any other social ill that makes the headlines. These links are tenuous at best with only the most superficial research done to back up the claims of conservative hearts. As unsound as these opinions are, they dominate the political and philosophical landscape, leaving Villains twisting in the winds of hatred and exclusion.My goal, simply put, is to change these three definitions and provide a plan to wipe away false images so we can show the world what true villainy is all about. After many years thinking about this idea of mine, I figured out how to enact this change in two basic steps. You begin by building a stable, memorable and effective career as a Villain. At the same time, you balance your own life with work, showing people through your personal example that you are ready to change the world for the better. A vision like this goes beyond the costume and the glitz and the fame and the epic brawls. It's about building character and credibility in a world that assumes you're no-good scum. As insane and daunting as it seems to go against such ingrained beliefs, this little manual was written to show you that things can improve step by step with the right guidance. I, along with the many fine men and women I got advice from, offer some of that proper guidance in this book. I hope you enjoy and get some value out of your read.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discovering Your Motivation Chapter 2: Getting Started the Right Way Chapter 3: How to Escalate Responsibly Chapter 4: Heroes: How They Help and Hurt Chapter 5: What to do Once You've 'Made It' Chapter 6: Dealing with Stress Effectively Chapter 7: The Pursuit of Romance Chapter 8: Building a Supportive Family Chapter 9: Becoming a Member of the Community