How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

Kobo ebook | February 23, 2015

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Earning money
#1 - Find a job by spending no money.
#2 - Find a job by spending money.
#3 – Make money by investing
Saving and spending money
Your Balance Sheet
Schedule and goals
Schedule and goals
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Debt is a word that everyone is afraid of. Nobody likes this word, not even banks. Banks like it when others are in debt to them. Anyway, if you are in debt, it is not the end of the world. It only means that you are in a bad financial position and that is something that you need to change. If we take a look at the debt statistics, over 70% of the students in USA are in debt with average sum of $30.000 per student. Now this is a huge percent and very high sum of money. Part of the students will struggle for a very, very long time to get out of debt and have a life with financial freedom. But some of them will do it much quicker, much easier. Why? Why some students get out of debt faster than others? Why some people are more afraid of debt than others? These are some of the questions that you can expect to find answers to in the next couple of pages.

Every single person is different and unique. Every person has different skills, advantages and weaknesses that they develop over time. A lot of people spent years researching, trying to find a formula on how to become financially free that will work on everyone, but they couldn’t find it. Because, I am going to mention it again, everyone is different and unique. This was the main reason why they failed. They thought that only because something worked out for someone, it will work for someone else as-well. Or, only because something did not work out for someone, it will not work out for someone else. Do not expect to find the secret formula on how to get out of debt in this book, because it is not here. It is not out of the book, it does not exist. The only formula that works for you is inside you. This part of the book will help you find out how you can get the best out of yourself and how to create this formula that will help you get out of debt.

Getting out of debt will make you much, much stronger. Yes, you will be disappointed while you are in debt and maybe mad at yourself and others, but you will also manage to build a stronger character. Being in debt, and then getting out of it will make you much, much stronger. Your patience will increase, your discipline will improve, you will build endurance and most important of all, you will have more courage. Why? Well, you can say “I had debt, but I won and now I am financially free.” This is something that all-time debt-free people cannot say.

There is another part of this topic that is worth mentioning. Almost all of the successful and rich entrepreneurs had debt. Not before they started their business, but while they had it. Most of them started in garages, with some or no money. They borrowed money from friends and family, but they believed in themselves. They had the courage and they knew their advantages and disadvantages, their strengths and their weaknesses. And again, they had patience. They did not become rich overnight, but they knew that they are on the right track and they kept going. This is the main reason why some students get out of debt faster than others, because they know themselves. They are aware of their skills, their weaknesses, their strengths, expertise, and they know their value. These people use the information they have to earn money and afford a better life.

Bill Gates said “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.” At the beginning of your life, you know nothing about the world nor about yourself. As you grow, you increase your value as person. And that’s all that changes right? You become more educated, you absorb knowledge, you become more experienced in certain area and that’s it. What you do from the moment you are born, till you die is what builds you as a person

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