How to Write … … Right! Version two

August 31, 2017|
How to Write … … Right! Version two
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How to Write – Right! The name says it all.
My dream is to make your writing dream come true.
Some teach writing. Others teach about publishing. This book teaches both. I
am a writer. I am also a publisher and a writing coach. I have been all of these
things for a long time. I love writing and write as often as possible.
As this phase of my life is more about giving, so I give you my experience, and
dare I say, my wisdom of all things to do with how to make a book (not only
books but writing skill) and having it published. So
Some of the topics that I will be talking about:
• I want to write a book. How do I start?
• How do I advance from a novice to a great writer?
• Do I need to learn grammar before I can write?
• Should I self publish my book?
• Why most manuscripts do not work?
• Creativity, can I develop it?
• How do authors and writers develop ideas?
• How do you say what you mean to say?
And there will be more, such as ePubs, editing, and creativity, all designed to
support you as a writer who wants to be published
If you follow these pages you will become a better writer, and also learn how to
get your book published.
As a writing coach I (first) set out to write How to Write – Right! with the
attitude that this is to be the most practical book on writing to emerge in years.
I have tried to give you as wide a view as possible of writing skill, technology in
writing, working with creativity, publishing, self-publishing, marketing your book
and many more topics. The book is also aimed at people who have a need to
communicate by the written word, in the form of emails, reports and letters –
which is everyone.
In order to provide this overview, I have sacrificed depth of material. This book
can guide you to being a very good writer, but it will not make you a great
writer. For this, you will need to broaden your knowledge by reading books that
specialise in subjects like; the writing of novels, characterisation and many more.
I have written the book from a writer’s point of view, as I am a writer. I also
weigh in with my knowledge as a publisher. This means I will teach you writing
skills and about publishing and self-publishing. To this I add the learning
that I have had through helping (literally hundreds) of new writers/authors
( I will also show you how to avoid the common
mistakes that most ‘would be’ writers make when they submit a manuscript to a
I also focus on the most important component that most books on writing
ignore – you – that your writing is an extension of who you are.
Some may describe their life with the aid of a pen, others see their life as
a result of what their pen has told them!
This is not a book of words that you read once and put down, it is more of a
course, and so I encourage you to work through the various exercises, sample
writings and journaling. All are designed to assist you to emerge at the other
end of this book as a competent writer.
I once read that if you read sixty-seven books on a given subject, you would
have the equivalent knowledge of a PhD on that subject. I believe that if you read this one book on writing, you will have most of the tools required to write
in almost any format (but, I still want you to read as many books on writing
as possible). Surely if you want to write a great novel, then it makes sense to
read the latest top selling novels. If you are a motivational writer, then read
the last twenty or so motivational sellers. Thereby, you will absorb writing skill
on characterisation, dialogue, etc, especially if you read for ideas. Look at the
brevity of their ideas as well as the way they describe things – do the ideas
Lastly, I can’t teach about writing, without teaching about life and our
connection to it. As it is life and connection to it that becomes our writing.
I hope that my methods inspire you to become a more fulfilled you.

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