Howl For Me: Kidnapped By The Pack by Charlotte Green

Howl For Me: Kidnapped By The Pack

byCharlotte Green

Kobo ebook | September 25, 2012

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Finley Valentine, chief researcher for Lycanthrus Pharmaceuticals, is in deep trouble. Her plane has crashed deep in werewolf territory, right before the full moon...and she's been captured by a pack of lust-crazed werewolves. There's only one way she'll get out alive - she'll have to satisfy the savage, unnatural desires of the entire pack, and service them all.

Not only that, but the pack's Alpha has made it quite clear that he's claiming her as his, forever. Will Finley ever escape the lustful pack of shapeshifters and their handsome Alpha?



“What is your name? I’m Finley. Finley Valentine,” she said, trying to pull her arm from his grip. His hand closed more tightly on her upper arm. He backed her against a wall, and she was forced to tip her head back to look at him; he was easily a foot taller than her, and she was 5’6”.

“I am Dalkanyu, leader of the pack. And you are trespassing on our land.” He smiled cruelly at her, like a wild animal toying with its prey before it devoured it, and then reached down, and brushed a tangle of hair from her face with a surprisingly gentle touch. He was breathing hard, and Finley could see the bulge lifting his loincloth.  The other four werewolves gathered behind him, and they were in the same state of excitement and arousal, breathing harshly, their erections clearly outlined through the tanned leather of their loincloths, eyes fixed hungrily on her.

“I didn’t mean to!  My plane crashed!” she pleaded, but it was useless.

She was on pack land.  She was on her own.  Nobody would be dispatched to rescue her.

“Then your pilot should have been more careful,” Dalkanyu snarled. “You know the law. This land belongs to us – as does everything on it. Now, that includes you.”

Her heart pounded with fear at the knowledge of what was about to happen to her – but mingling with it was a strange and inexplicable excitement.  They’d overwhelm her, they’d use her body, they’d ravage her…there was nothing that she could do to stop them.  Why did that thought arouse her so much?

Oh, she’d been with a werewolf before – what human girl hadn’t?  They’d even dated for a couple of months. He worked with her at Lycanthrus Pharmaceuticals, one of her fellow scientists.  He was a “civilized” werewolf, the kind who took daily medication to suppress the effects of his condition, and who even went so far as to suppress the monthly“change” altogether.   He’d been raised that way, on medication since he was a small child; he’d never Turned.  Being with him had been no different than being with a human male.

Now she was about to find out what it was like to truly be taken by the wolf.

But would she survive the experience? Wolfpacks were notoriously rough and brutal with their couplings, especially right before the full moon.

As if reading her mind, Dalkanyu  reached forward, grabbed the front of her shirt, and ripped it open with one swift motion. Buttons flew off, clattering on the wooden floor and rolling into the cracks; the other wolves crowded even closer, so close that they were pressing up around her and she could feel their hot breath on her.
He made an impatient gesture at them and they fell back a step, with low growls of frustration.

Title:Howl For Me: Kidnapped By The PackFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:September 25, 2012Publisher:Charlotte GreenLanguage:English

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