Human Machine Sexual Interface by Mallory Sterling

Human Machine Sexual Interface

byMallory Sterling

Kobo ebook | August 23, 2012

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Elliot Bingham has been a stellar citizen of Jiang Industries his entire life. His talents and dedication to the corporation enabled him to rise through the corporate ranks with ease, leaving little time for relationships or starting a family.

When his latest promotion comes with a new perk, he cannot wait to get home to try it out. Rushing home after a day at the office, he finds it waiting, a cutting edge prototype android model HF-132.v7.

The robotic doll is a blank slate, ready to conform and change to suit Elliot’s every want and desire. All of Elliot’s deepest urges emerge as she fulfills his need for an eager and passionate lover, a cruel and strict mistress, and a sweet and loving housewife. Without judgement she allows him to explore and expand his own sexuality in ways he had never dared before.

The perfect night of kinky lovemaking is better than Elliot could have hoped for, until his blissful sleep is interrupted by his high rise luxury condo’s security alarm.

When armed intruders invade his building, he knows he is the target. In desperation, Elliot unlocks the droid’s advanced options, praying that the robot can do something to save him.

WARNING: This 9000 word short story contains highly detailed descriptions of explicit sexual acts, including: oral, anal, facials, femdom, pegging, erotic asphyxiation and BDSM.

Sex, Chrome, and Magic mix in an adult themed cyberpunk dystopian future where machine meshes with flesh, magic competes with technology, and the next stages of human evolution walk among us.



“I will call you Isis, for now.”

Her body seemed to relax, the machine-like rigidness gone as the complex mechanics went into motion. She now seemed more than a machine, startlingly lifelike as she looked him in the eyes. The mechanical orbs and lenses of her green eyes sparkled with depth and brilliance. “If you would like to modify any of these settings, simply say configuration options,” she said with a voice like sensual music as she tilted her head and moved her face toward his.

Her lips were soft and warm, and her tongue wet and phenomenally articulated as it gently probed into his mouth. The texture and saliva were perfect, she even tasted real. No…better than real, Elliot thought as he savored the pleasant hint of sweetness. He would certainly have to visit the engineering team that designed her sometime.

“Mmmm, you are an incredible, beautiful toy.”

“I hope to make you happy, Elliot Bingham. How would you like me to address you as default?” She purred into his ear. Incredible, they even simulated breathing.

“Elliot will be fine,” he replied as he ran his hands over the contours of her body.

“Would you like to override default nicknames subroutines?”

“No. Let's see what your programmers thought best before I tweak your settings too much. Now, let's see what you can do, Isis. Follow me.”

“Yes, Elliot.”
He guided her through his condo to an adjacent room, the lights brightening automatically as he approached the threshold of his bedroom.

His bed was made from the finest materials, with a smart mattress that would adjust for his comfort, covered by expensive sheets made of an exquisite weave of natural and synthetic blends.

He moved to sit on the edge of the bed and beckoned her forward. She walked toward him with a slow, ballerina-like grace and leaned down to bring her lips to his. He ran his hands over her frame from her shoulders to her hips. Grabbing the android’s hips, he pulled her onto the bed with him. “Ohhh Elliot,” she cooed, as she began to work the buttons of his tailored shirt.

Her variable learning subroutines quickly adapted to find the exact way he wanted to be kissed at that moment, measuring his heartbeat, reactions, and body temperature through complex sensors. She s

Title:Human Machine Sexual InterfaceFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:August 23, 2012Publisher:Mallory SterlingLanguage:English

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