Human Sexuality: A Contemporary Introduction by Caroline F. PukallHuman Sexuality: A Contemporary Introduction by Caroline F. Pukall

Human Sexuality: A Contemporary Introduction

EditorCaroline F. Pukall

Hardcover | February 27, 2017

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Balancing biological coverage with an insightful exploration of social and cultural issues, this Canadian contributed text helps students understand human sexuality from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. Incorporating the latest research, clinical practice, and up-to-datedevelopments, this second edition opens students' eyes to the richness and diversity of human sexual expressions and experiences in Canada and around the world.
Caroline Pukall is a full professor in the department of psychology at Queen's University. She is also the director of the university's Sex Therapy Service and has been involved in sexuality research and therapy for over a decade. Her research focusses on sexual pain in women, arousal, and same-sex relationships, and involves the use o...
Title:Human Sexuality: A Contemporary IntroductionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:608 pages, 11 × 8.5 × 0.75 inPublished:February 27, 2017Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes:- Introduction- Chapter summary- Debate questions- Review questions- Suggestions for further reading and viewing1. Perspectives on Sexuality, Katherine S. Sutton and Karen L. Blair"She's A Virgin, but She's No Saint": Rewriting Virginity and Sexual Scripts in "Jane the Virgin"Sex and Media- A History of Sex and Advertising in Western Culture- Sex in Film and on Television- Sex and the Internet- Safer Sex Messages- LGBTQ+ Issues- Cultural DiversityHow Have Societal Influences Shaped Views of Sexuality?- Religious and Cultural Views of SexualityCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Sex and Media in Arabic and Japanese CulturesRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Are Canadians and Americans Different When It Comes to Sexuality?- Sexual Diversity in Canada- Polyamory- Female Toplessness- Same-Sex MarriageETHICAL DEBATE: Should Sexual Orientation Be Considered a Human Right?- Sex Trade Work2. Theoretical Approaches to Studying Human Sexuality, Elke D. Reissing and Heather L. ArmstrongWhat Is the Reproductive Advantage of Same-Sex Orientation?IntroductionPsychological Theories of Sexuality- Psychodynamic Theory- Learning TheoriesRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Should Sex Offenders Avoid Sex?Biological Theories of Sexuality- Genetic Theory- Sociobiological Theory- The Dual Control Model of SexualitySocial Constructionist Theories of Sexuality- Sociological Theory- Social Script Theory- The Ecological ModelRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: It's Evolution: Casual Sex and Sexual Strategies TheoryCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: I Do-Do You?Feminist TheoryQueer TheoryHow Do Theories Inform Clinical Work with Sexual Problems?ETHICAL DEBATE: To What Extent Can You Use Theory to Justify Your Own Sexual Choices?3. Sex Research Methods, Melissa A. Farmer and Caroline F. PukallParticipating in a Sex Research StudyCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Using Research to Explore Sexuality in Asian CanadiansETHICAL DEBATE: "Normal" Sexuality and Clinical Definitions of Sexual DysfunctionA Historical Overview of Sex Research Methods- Early Texts- Modern Texts- Kinsey's Interview-Based Approach- Masters and Johnson's Observational ApproachQualitative vs. Quantitative Approaches to ResearchRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Observing Sexual Response as It Happens in the LabSex Research Methods and DesignsPsychophysiological Approaches to Research- Measures of Genital Sexual Arousal- Quantitative Sensory Testing- Brain Imaging MethodsRelevance of Animal Sexuality- Behavioural Indicators of Sexual Response in Animals- Rodents as Model Organisms- Limitations of Animal Models4. Genital Anatomy and Sexual Response, Caroline F. Pukall and Richard J. WassersugIs Sexual Anatomy Restricted to One's Physical Body?Female Genitals- External GenitalsCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Female Genital Mutilation- Internal OrgansETHICAL DEBATE: The Anatomical Problem with Backroom AbortionsMale Genitals- External GenitalsRESEARCH VS REAL LIFE: Circumcision- Internal OrgansOther Areas of Interest: Erogenous Zones- Female BreastsThe Mechanics of Coital SexSexual Response Cycles- Masters and Johnson's Sexual Response Cycle- Other Sexual Response Cycle Models- Comparing the Models: Sexual Function and Dysfunction- Age-Related Decreases in Sexual Response- Sex Differences in Sexual Response5. Sex Hormones and Human Sexuality, Gillian Einstein, Jennifer Blake, and Annie DuchesneThe Role of Hormones in SexualityWhat Are Hormones?- What Are Sex Hormones?ETHICAL DEBATE: Is It a Boy or a Girl?The Sexual BrainCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Are Females and Males Born or Made?Sex Hormones and Sexuality in the Reproductive Years- How Hormones Affect Sexuality- How Sexual Activity and Other Life Factors Affect Hormone Levels- Oxytocin and Vasopressin: Pleasure and BondingDoes the Act of Smelling Sex Hormones Lead to Sexual Behaviour?Sex Hormones, Sexuality, and AgingRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Passing the Sniff Test, or What Your T-Shirt Might Be Saying about You- Menopause- Andropause6. Pregnancy and Childbirth, Samantha Waxman and Beverley ChalmersFacebook "Unlikes" BreastfeedingConceptionPregnancy DetectionFetal Development- First Trimester- Second Trimester- Third TrimesterSexuality during PregnancyChoice of Caregiver for Normal BirthsCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: The Traditional View of Pregnancy in IndiaDelivery Options- Vaginal Birth- C-SectionImmediately after the Baby Is BornRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: C-Section - Modern-Day Miracle?The Postpartum Period- Postpartum Emotional Issues- Sexuality during the Postpartum Period- BreastfeedingComplicated Pregnancies- Ectopic Pregnancy- Miscarriage (Spontaneous Abortion)- Rh Incompatibility- Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension- Congenital Anomalies- Preterm Birth/Low Birth Weight- Anoxia- StillbirthInfertility and Reproductive Technologies- Psychological Impact of Infertility- Treatment of Infertility- Assisted Human Reproduction (AHR)ETHICAL DEBATE: Cloning: How Far Is Too Far?- ART-Related Multiple Births- LGBTQ+ Families and Assisted Reproductive Technologies7. Contraception and Pregnancy Options, Katherine S. Sutton and Beverley ChalmersUh-Oh . . .Ancient Forms of Birth ControlETHICAL DEBATE: China's One-Child PolicyA Brief History of Birth Control in CanadaModern Methods of Birth Control- Hormonal Contraceptives- Non-hormonal Intra-uterine Devices and Barrier Methods- Surgical Methods- Natural Methods- Abstinence- Birth Control Use around the World- Birth Control Use in Canada TodayRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Male Contraceptive Pill/InjectionThe Psychology of Birth Control- Why Use Birth Control? The Bigger Picture- Choosing Not to Use Birth Control: Sexual Risk-Taking in Canada- Talking to Your Partner about ContraceptionEmergency Contraception- The Emergency Contraceptive Pill- Post-coital IUD InsertionUnwanted Pregnancies- Who Gets Abortions?- A Brief History of Abortion in Canada- Types of AbortionsCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Abortion around the World- The Psychological Effects of Abortion- The Pro-choice-Pro-life DebateAdoption8. Sexually Transmitted Infections: At the Junction of Biology and Behaviour, William A. Fisher and Marc StebenJudy and ChrisBack to the Future: STIs Past and Present- A Brief History of Syphilis and Herpes- A Brief History of HIV/AIDSRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Do Good Values Make Bad Science?The STI Hit Parade- Bacterial STIs- Viral STIsRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: HPV Prevention: A Revolution in Women's Health?ETHICAL DEBATE: Which Side Are You On? Stimulating Sexual Interest and Sexual Activity among HIV-Positive Persons- Strange Bedfellows: Other Genital ConcernsSTI Screening and STI Testing: How to Approach the Topic with a (Potential) Sexual PartnerIs There a Reasonable Way to Be Sexual in the New Millennium?- Think about SexCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: HIV/AIDS - Prevention Interventions in the United States and South Africa- Use Condoms- Get Vaccinated- Take Secondary Prevention Measures- Check Out - but Don't Rely On - Your Partner's Sexual and Injection Drug Use History9. Sexuality over the Lifespan, Elke D. Reissing and Heather L. ArmstrongLife StagesSexuality in Infancy and Early Childhood- Sexuality Education during ChildhoodSexuality in PreadolescenceSexuality in Adolescence- Sexual Activity during Adolescence- Sexuality among LGBTQ+ AdolescentsSexuality in Adulthood- Being SingleETHICAL DEBATE: Sexuality and Disability- Dating- Living TogetherCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Attitudes toward Premarital Sex across Different CulturesRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Long-Distance Relationships Are Doomed . . . Right?- Getting Married- Extradyadic Sex- DivorceSexuality and Older Adults- Physical Effects of Aging and Their Association with Changes in Sexuality- Sexual Activity in Older Adults- Safer Sex among Sexually Active Older Adults10. Gender, Meredith L. ChiversWhat Gender Do We Raise Our Child?Gender or Sex?- Nature and Nurture: Theoretical Perspectives on Gender and SexualityGender Differences or Similarities in Sexuality?- Masturbation, Numbers of Sexual Partners, Attitudes toward Casual Sex, and Erotica Use- Sexual Orientation- Patterns of Sexual Response- Reporting BiasesDisorders of Sexual Development- Sex Chromosome Variations- Sex Hormone Variations- Physical Traumas and Congenital VariationsGender Development in Childhood- What Factors Shape a Child's Sense of Gender Identity and Gender Roles?ETHICAL DEBATE: Is It Possible to Raise a Child Genderless?- Gender Variation in Childhood and AdolescenceTrans Identities- Life Experiences and Sexual Orientations of Transmen and Transwomen- Transitioning to the Felt Gender and SexRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Autogynephilia- The Choice Not to TransitionCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: A Third (or More) Gender(s)?11. Sexual/Affectional Orientations and Diversity, Kevin AldersonCharlie's Struggle with Same-Sex AttractionSexual/Affectional Orientations and Identities- Sexual vs. Affectional Orientations- Attempts to Measure Sexual/Affectional Orientations- Identity Labels- AsexualityPrejudice against Same-Sex Oriented Individuals- Conversion TherapyRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: The Negative Effects of Hate SpeechTheories of Affectional Orientation and Sexual Identity Development- Affectional Orientation Development- Sexual Identity DevelopmentSelf-Identification and Identity Disclosure- Self-Identification as Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual- Identity DisclosureCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Global and Cross-Cultural Findings Regarding Sexual DiversityETHICAL DEBATE: Should You Help a Child Become Gender Conforming?Relationships and Sex- Intimate Relationships- Bisexuality and Relationships- Same-Sex Sexual BehaviourLGB Parenting and Adoption12. Attraction, Intimacy, and Love, Kelly B. SmithKeeping the Magic AliveAttraction- Proximity- Physical Attractiveness- Reciprocity and Uncertainty- Similarity- Menstrual-Cycle Effects- Do Opposites Attract?Pick-Up Strategies: What Works for Men, and What Works for Women?Intimacy- What is Intimacy?- Attachment Theory- Hooking Up and Casual SexLove- What Is Love?CULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Cross-cultural Views on Love- Different Types of Love: Passionate and Companionate- Theories of LoveRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Attraction, Intimacy, and Love over Time- Love for ObjectsOptimal SexualityJealousy- Different Types of Jealousy: Sexual and Emotional- Social Networking Sites and JealousyThe Role of Online Technologies in Love, Attraction, and IntimacyETHICAL DEBATE: Infidelity13. Sexual Communication, Uzma S. Rehman, Erin E. Fallis, and Siobhan E. SutherlandLet's Talk About SexCommunication in Intimate Relationships- Couples' Communication Behaviours- Patterns of Couples' CommunicationHow Do Researchers Study Couples' Communication?- Gender Differences in Heterosexual Couples' CommunicationSexual CommunicationCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Differences in Couples' Communication Styles across Cultures- Importance of Sexual Communication- Why Do Couples Find It Challenging to Talk about Their Sexual Relationship?- Should We Ask Couples to Discuss Sexual Topics for Research Purposes?- Do Same-Sex Couples Have Different Patterns of Sexual Communication than Mixed-Sex Couples Have?ETHICAL DEBATE: What Responsibility Do Psychologists Have to Break or Protect Confidentiality If an Individual Discloses Information about Risky Sexual Behaviours?- Understanding Sexual Consent- How to Communicate Effectively with One's Partner about SexualityRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Who Should Give Children "the Talk," and When Should It Happen?14. Sexual Behaviours and Relationships, Natalie O. Rosen and Sheila MacNeilA "Friends with Benefits" RelationshipIntroduction: What Does It Mean to "Have Sex"?First Sexual Experiences- Expectations of and Reactions to First Sexual Experiences- VirginityETHICAL DEBATE: Should Doctors Perform "Revirgination" Surgery for Cultural and Social Reasons?Sexual ConsentVarieties of Sexual Behaviours- Solitary Sexual Behaviours- Partnered Sexual BehavioursRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Prevalence of Oral Sex among AdolescentsOrgasmSexual Satisfaction and Sexual Preferences- Sexual Satisfaction- Sexual PreferencesCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Acculturation and Sexuality in East Asian CanadiansUse of Sex Toys to Increase Sexual PleasureDiversity in Sexual Relationships- Monogamous Relationships- Non-monogamous RelationshipsMedia- Theoretical Perspectives on How Media Influences Sexuality- Positive and Negative Influences of Media on Sexuality- The Internet- Sexually Explicit Material15. Variations in Sexual Behaviour, Katherine S. Sutton and Caroline F. PukallMorpheous Speaks, and You'd Better Listen!Introduction: What Is "Normal" Sexual Behaviour?How Are Atypical Sexual Behaviours Defined?- Diagnosing Paraphilic DisordersWhat Are the Commonly Identified Atypical Sexual Behaviours?Paraphilias and Paraphilic Disorders that Involve Preferences for Atypical Activities- Atypical Preferences Related to Courtship- Atypical Preferences for Algolagnic ActivitiesParaphilias and Paraphilic Disorders that Involve Preferences for Atypical Target- Pedophilic Disorder- Paraphilias and Paraphilic Disorders Not Directed at HumansETHICAL DEBATE: Bug Chasing (and I am not referring to running after insects)Other Specified Paraphilic DisordersCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: The Child Sex Trade in Southeast AsiaHypersexualityWhat Factors Play a Role in the Development and Maintenance of Paraphilias/Paraphilic Disorders?- Psychoanalytic Theory- Behavioural Theory- Neurological Findings-Theories of Development and Maintenance of Pedophilic DisorderSex Differences in ParaphiliasAssessment of Paraphilic DisordersTreatment of Paraphilic Disorders- CBT and Relapse-Prevention Techniques- Self-Esteem and Social-Skills Training- Mindfulness and Emotion RegulationRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Sex Offender Registries- Satiation Therapy- Orgasmic Reconditioning- Aversion Therapy- Community-Based Support Programs- Medical Treatments16. Sexual Dysfunctions, Peggy J. KleinplatzA New BabyCauses of Sexual Problems- Intrapsychic Factors in the Development of Sexual Problems- Interpersonal/Relational Factors in the Development of Sexual Problems- Cultural/Psychosocial Factors in the Development of Sexual ProblemsCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: BDSM and the DSM- Organic Factors in the Development of Sexual Problems- Quality of Sexual/Erotic Contact as a Factor in the Development of Sexual ProblemsSexual Difficulties in Men and Women- Sexual Desire and Arousal Disorders in Men and Women- Sexual Desire Discrepancy- Can Too Much Desire and Arousal Be an Issue?- Arousal Problems in Women- Erectile Disorder- Orgasmic Disorders in Men and Women- Sexual Concerns Related to PainTherapy for Sexual DifficultiesRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Botox Injections for Vaginismus- Sex Therapy in the New MillenniumETHICAL DEBATE: Pink Viagra for Women?17. Sexual Assault and Harassment, Scott T. RonisWhen Too Much Is Not Enough: Presumption of Innocence in Sexual Assault CasesIntroduction: Terms Related to Unwanted Sex-Related BehavioursWhy Is It Important to Understand Sexual Aggression?Sexual Assault and Rape- Prevalence and Incidence of Sexual Assault- Human Sex Trafficking- Effects of Sexual Assault- Reasons for Sexual AssaultCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Marital Rape Lost in Translation- Practical Advice Following a Sexual Assault- Legal Sanctions for Sexual Assault- Sexual Victimization of MenETHICAL DEBATE: Ethical Issues in Rounding Up the Usual "Sex-spects"- Childhood Sexual AbuseSexual HarassmentRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Should We Treat Juvenile Sexual Offenders Like Adult Sexual Offenders?- Sexual Harassment as an Employee- Sexual Harassment as a Student- Effects of Sexual Harassment- Reasons for Sexual Harassment- Legal Sanctions for Sexual HarassmentStalking- Effects of Stalking- Characteristics of Stalkers- Reasons for Stalking- Legal Sanctions for Stalking18. Selling and Buying Sex, Kevin AldersonWhat Do You Do with Tracy?Growth of the Sex IndustrySelling and Buying SexSex Trade Work- A Snapshot of the History of STW in Canada- Legal Aspects of STWCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: The Decriminalization of STW in New Zealand and Australia- Types of STW- Who Works in the Sex Trade, and Why?- If You Sell Sex, Do You Enjoy Sex?- Underage STWs- The Impact of STW on Physical and Psychological Health- Male STWsExotic DancingPornography, Erotica, and Sexually Explicit MaterialETHICAL DEBATE: What Approach Should We Take to Exotic Dancing in Canada?- Effects of Consuming SEMRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: How about Erotica Instead of Violence on Television?- Internet SEM- Addiction to SEM- Being a "Porn Star"19. Sexual Health Education in Canada, Stephanie C. Boyer and Shannon M. CoyleLet's Talk About SexSexual Health Education in Canada- Goals and Principles- Theory- Curriculum and DeliveryEffectiveness of Sexual Education: How Is Canada Doing?- Knowledge- Motivation- BehaviourLearning About Sex Outside the Classroom- Parents and PeersRESEARCH VS. REAL LIFE: Does Talking about Sex Lead to Sex?- Media and TechnologyBarriers to Sex Education- Institutional Barriers- Socio-demographic FactorsCULTURE AND DIVERSITY: Sex Education in Canadian Aboriginal PopulationsETHICAL DEBATE: Sexuality in Individuals with Intellectual DisabilitiesGlossaryReferencesIndex

Editorial Reviews

"This textbook is well-researched and well-written. . . . Having different authors for each chapter enhances the depth and accuracy of the material." --Lisa Dawn Hamilton, Mount Allison University