Hypnosis, Channeling and Raising Consciousness, Moving to Enlightenment

April 15, 2019|
Hypnosis, Channeling and Raising Consciousness, Moving to Enlightenment


Peter Dennis is a hypnotist and has done many past life regressions with his clients. A few years ago, some of Peter’s clients, while visiting past lives, started reporting lives on other planets. This prompted Peter to pursue this further and, in so doing, a number of clients began to channel. After five women began Channeling, Peter wrote this book detailing some of the concerns, inhibitions and fears that these women dealt with as they pursued this adventure.

After discovering that hypnosis could be a very effective route to Channeling, Peter’s hypnosis practice is now mainly focused on helping people to become Channelers. Peter is not a Channeler but is referred to as a Channeling Facilitator as he helps people to make a Channeling connection, strengthen that connection and, if the client wishes, take that talent to the public. More about this can be seen on Peter’s website at: peterhdennis.com.

Channeling takes many forms. When we get ideas or inspirations, chances are that we are Channeling. Intuitive flashes can be Channeling. Authors, songwriters, composers, inspired speakers all have moments of Channeling. This book is not about these more subtle forms of Channeling but, rather, it’s about what might be called Conscious Channeling or Overt Channeling and, sometimes, Trance Channeling.

What then is Channeling? As you may know, our scientists have been telling us that everything, at the sub-atomic level, is composed of a vibrating energy and that everything and everyone has his/her/its own, unique rate of vibration. So, for Channeling to work, the Channeler has to raise his or her vibration and the sender has to lower its vibration so that a match can be made and a connection established.

Once that connection is established, the sender sends a message telepathically and the receiver or Channeler uses his or her brain, voice box, vocal cords and perhaps some other things to receive and vocalize that information.

Like a lot of things in our lives these days, we don’t have to fully understand how something works to benefit from using it, and Channeling is much the same. We don’t have to understand the Physics of Channeling in order to figure out if the content of the channeled messages works for us or not. This book is also an introduction to Spirituality and it offers many messages and explains many metaphysical concepts. It is the Author’s hope that you will find that these messages expand your thinking, raise a number of new questions and bring you more peace.

Some Reviews:

"I have long been an avid fan of Peter Dennis' books. His writing is refreshing and analogous to the way you might feel after a Chiropractic adjustment where all your former 'Humpty Dumpty pieces' are back together again. This book is a ‘must have' as an important each-and-every-day personal reference for Hypnosis, Channeling, Raising Consciousness and Meditation-I have found this true of every book that Peter Dennis has written. Peter has the precious gift of transforming complicated subjects into simple understandable and immensely enjoyable terms. I could feel my vibration rising just by reading this book!!"
Elaine Charal, Canada's Busiest Speaker and Entertainer.
"This book is so down to earth. Lucid. Grounded. Matter of fact. You can take it or leave it - Peter doesn't try to persuade you - and because of that, it really encourages the reader to consider what is being said. I was amazed at how much of what Peter writes is exactly what I have also been shown in my journey. This was exciting and comforting all at the same time. Peter lays out simply his understanding of our existence on this planet. Whatever your perspective, his is worth considering - your consideration will bring you somewhere new. I highly recommend this book to people interested in understanding what we are doing here."
Alison Crosthwait, RP, Psychotherapist and Owner of The Cove Healing Centre

Title:Hypnosis, Channeling and Raising Consciousness, Moving to Enlightenment
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 15, 2019
Publisher:Peter Dennis
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780995027220

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