I Was Chosen to Make It

May 14, 2020|
I Was Chosen to Make It
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Imagine growing up believing that everything that's said about you was fact, or having a mind that remembers everything, right down to the pair of socks you wore on your first day of school. Imagine a brain that didn't come equipped with an on/off switch, running was instinct, and the only way to quiet the noise in your head was to drink until blackout.

Three-year-old Alexandra witnesses a violent act that changes her forever. Mistrust, abandonment and fear of not only men, but of the people she encounters every day from childhood friends to teachers, to her flesh and blood. Alexandra feels she must navigate her world alone and unprotected by those she expects should protect her. As she grows, she realizes that everyone has their baggage and she must fight to rid herself of it, or die.

Many struggle with alcoholism, yet few books tackle the question, "why?" Why do people become alcoholics? Why do some recover while others don't? I Was Chosen to Make It is a raw, vulnerable, and courageous account of growing up alcoholic and how, against all the odds, recovery is possible. It's Alexandra against her world and she will stop at nothing to break free from the chains of alcoholism, to find her light and live her truth.

Title:I Was Chosen to Make It
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 14, 2020
Publisher:Kyra A. Arnold
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781641117586

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