IAM a Sparkle of Love

January 22, 2021|
IAM a Sparkle of Love


A true and magical children's story about love and life. To inspire our children to connect deeply with themselves and the natural world around them and remember the truth of their being 'Sparkles of Love', here to bring love and harmony into the world, quite simply by being them self and enjoying their life in each moment.

This story is dedicated to our children, who Barbara sees and acknowledges as having a most natural and loving intelligence. Born Sovereign and free to explore, discover and express their heart. She knows they will not only love the story she used to tell her grandson Alexander when he was younger, but the vibrant paintings and photographs used as the background, and discovering beautiful new words written throughout the story that are explained in the back of the book.

The paintings were painted by local young children in Spain who share their expression of our Natural and Magnificent World, and the photographs taken during the Art Exhibition and Royal Stage Performance 'Our Magnificent World'. All with thanks to Barbara's charity, Conciencia Magnifica who holds free local Creative Art Projects from the sale of her books and classes in her hometown of Benalmadena.

Our message of this true and magical story is simple... We are all Sovereign, unique and a valuable part of Our Magnificent World. Made up of repeated patterns & cycles of perfect order & balance, moving & dancing as one creative & powerful loving force. Interconnected with each other, creating one breathtaking picture of beauty, harmony & magic. We are all Magnificent Sparkles of Love.

Title:IAM a Sparkle of Love
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 22, 2021
Publisher:Asociacion Conciencia Magnifica
Appropriate for ages:9 - 12
ISBN - 13:9788409253128

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