Idol Worship

June 30, 2005|
Idol Worship
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100 Years of the Hottest Most Beautiful Men in the Movies NEWS FLASH! Pretty boy life discovered before Jude Law! Movie buffs and beefcake fans alike will enjoy delving into Michael Ferguson's new book IDOL WORSHIP: A Shameless Celebration of Male Beauty in the Movies a lively well-researched and bawdy guide to the careers of 91 hot actors whom readers will want to take to bedÂ…or at least rent for the night. Here are the leading men-from Rudolph Valentino to Josh Hartnett-whose looks have made them the objects of intense fantasy and desire as well as ridicule and scorn. And here is the text that will flesh out the pin-ups and provide readers with far more than captions to pretty pictures. Though the pretty pictures are here too. Illustrated with over 120 beautiful photos IDOL WORSHIP is heartily dedicated to the proposition that being a sexy leading man a Hollywood hunk or a stunningly handsome movie star has diddly to do with professional training years of study or devotion to craft. Good actor bad actor or the worst doesn't matter. Sex appeal is what this book celebrates and the author has spotlighted the cream of the crop after screening thousands of films. Here's a guide for those who wouldn't know a Paul Walker from a Ryan Phillippe but still remember what it was like to swoon over Guy Madison. Here too is a guide for Jared Leto fans who haven't a clue how hot Matt Dillon was or that drop-dead gorgeous guys really do exist in black-and-white back there in the classics section of their local video store. Grandfathers to grandsons grandmothers to granddaughters will find their favorites here and discover plenty more sexy guys to check out along the way. WHAT READERS WILL FIND INSIDE: Career highlights brief bios and queer takes on more than 90 pretty boy actors from the silent era to today over 120 gorgeous photos showing off the guys key events in the erotic evolution of the male image in photography muscle magazines fashion advertising the underground cinema and gay subculture and a culminating list of 750+ actors along with a representative film title of where to catch them at their hottest.
Title:Idol Worship
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 30, 2005
Publisher:STARbooks Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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