ILLUMINATION - The Voice of The Truth.

December 11, 2020|
ILLUMINATION - The Voice of The Truth.


When it comes to human lives there is nothing more important than the truth and when it comes to the truth there is no place where this is more important than in religious and spiritual beliefs. This world is in a very dark place and the need to gain complete and absolute understanding of what this means by all who share this reality is the most important need for all of us at this time. Illumination-The Voice of The Truth illuminates (Sheds light) on the Sun, life, our reality, the mind, body, spirit, the religions, the powers that rule this world and what THE TRUTH really is. Written to initiate the process of awakening the first step in setting the human mind, body and spirit FREE and to bring this world and all who live on it to where it is supposed to be. SO ALL MAY HEAL AND LIVE IN PEACE. It presents THE TRUTH that is needed at this time to break the chains (spells) of mental slavery enforced by the negative forces messing with human lives to allow Humanity to gain the understanding needed in order for the world to heal.

Title:ILLUMINATION - The Voice of The Truth.
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 11, 2020
Publisher:Bright Star Global
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781087911175

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