Immemorial Sword Venerable: Book 1

October 12, 2019|
Immemorial Sword Venerable: Book 1
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Three days ago, Fang Chen was still a college student on Earth. On that dark night, he saw the sky being torn apart, and then a golden sword stabbed into his heart rapidly. When he woke up again, he became Fang Chen, the disciple of Green Edge Sword Sect, in another world. His talent was extremely low, and his cultivation improved slowly. This person, who was called 'trash', had died in a dispute with disciples of outer sect three days ago. Perhaps it was because of that golden sword, Fang Chen discovered that his heart had actually turned into gold. Moreover, this heart could provide him with an endless supply of energy and increase his cultivation speed. From the moment he entered the inner sect, in this world where martial arts was the first thing, the talented Fang Chen quickly made a counterattack. What kind of relic thing was this golden sword, why did it choose him?

☆About the Author☆

Qing Shi Xi Yu is an outstanding fantasy novel writer. His representative works are “ The Road to the War God” and “Immemorial Sword Venerable”. As an author with rich experience in writing, Qing Shi Xi Yu's works are unique in plot, carefree in style, and very popular. To Qing Shi Xi Yu, the stories of the Eastern Fantasy are not only his favorite, but also what he is good at the most. Just like the characters in his books who often painstakingly ploughed and worked hard, his success is also achieved step by step.

Title:Immemorial Sword Venerable: Book 1
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 12, 2019
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781646777518

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