In Love With A Clifford: 5 Historical Steamy Romance Short Stories

January 13, 2016|
In Love With A Clifford: 5 Historical Steamy Romance Short Stories by Elizabeth Reed
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In Love With A Clifford: 5 Historical Steamy Romance Short Stories

Total word count 26,852.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

The Right Lord

Lucy has always admired Jeremy Clifford, but unfortunately for her, her affections seem to be very one sided! With Jeremy not seeming to notice her let alone acknowledge her as a desirable woman.
Well until that is Lucy finally plucks up the courage to confront Jeremy and speak to him from her heart. To find that she is met with a very different Jeremy, one that looks at her in a way that he has never done before! A reaction that makes Lucy suspicious that there is something not quite right about him.....

The Courtesan’s Daughter

Caroline Baxter is not completely oblivious to the fact that Jeremy Clifford is attracted to her. However as a Courtesan’s daughter she is not naive to how people and society, in general, may perceive her, for that reason she is always careful to guard her thoughts and feelings carefully.
But Jeremy is proving very persistent in trying to win her over. If only she could find a way to see into his heart and understand his true intentions towards her.....perhaps then she could allow herself to act on her own inner desire!

The Misunderstood Lord

Annabelle despite the insistence of her parents is reluctant to commit herself to an advantageous marriage to Lord Michael Clifford, who she finds initially to be far too serious and proud for her liking!
However, as she gets to know Michael better, she soon begins to have a change of heart which leaves her wondering whether she has been too quick to judge him.

For Her Lady’s Happiness

Bethany Clifford has a big dilemma.
Lord Michael Clifford, her eldest cousin and guardian, wants her to consider his acquaintance Mr Howard Douglas a wealthy gentleman of society as a serious marriage prospect.
Bethany knows that Michael is right that Howard will provide her with security and protection and in due course even the possibility of a relationship based on mutual respect.
And perhaps it may have been an easy decision to agree to marry Howard understanding such benefits, had it not been for a certain handsome army officer.

Her Lady’s Secret Love

Lady Charlotte Clifford has always held a soft spot for her childhood friend Luke.
However she believes that any feelings on her side towards him are pointless for Luke does not seem to share her romantic admiration in return. And not to mention a secondary problem for her of her meddling older brothers who seem determined to control every aspect of her life and keep Luke and her apart!

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