In My Own Voice - Reading from My Collected Works Vol. 5 – New England Tales: In My Own Voice. Reading from My Collected Works, #5

September 11, 2016|
In My Own Voice - Reading from My Collected Works Vol. 5 – New England Tales: In My Own Voice. Reading from My Collected Works, #5
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“New England, you ought to be in pictures. You're wonderful to see.” a line sung by Rudy Vallee in 1934, a New Englander himself or do you know this famous line, by Daniel Webster who once traded his New Hampshire Senate seat a better one in Massachusetts? His momentous words were “I shall enter on no encomium upon Massachusetts; she needs none.” No one can produce an encomium that exalts, impresses, and conjures the magic of this place.

“You ought to be in pictures”.Unsurprisingly, we often are with a steady stream of stories, poems, and plays… being our constant tribute to this grand place, so small in mileage, so grand as a place where revolution was born, and taken successfully to the people of the world to shape unto their own purposes.

You'll find  five stories about New England here.

The first story is an overview of the whole of the six New England states. It is written from a Massachusetts perspective, with jabs coming from this opinionated state to the other states, a state with more higher education institutions than anywhere else in the entire world. We came from nothing, across a cold grey water… we wanted freedom… we wanted God our way. We got all that, plus riches wrested from rocky soil, and the tenacious citizens that make for good, if stern, government. We have heard every nostrum, every declaration, every opinion, so many so foolish. Unrelenting as we are, we are not a land that abides fools. Avoid the temptation to become one.

The second chapter of this book contains our view of physician's visits: avoid them at all costs by liberal application of apples. Like Robert Frost, who had an apple farm in New Hampshire, we all love apples, although we seem to detest everything else about the work to produce them.

I have often wondered on the relationship between Puritans and apples. Though these days many people no longer believe that an apple in Eden seduced Eve.. How did a Puritan divine think when he held a loft of delicious, red, red apple. Did he quiver, thinking of Eve’s fall from grace? Or did he eat without fear or embarrassment. What do you think?

Then on to plums. Apples moral standing may be compromised, but there is no compromise possible about plums. They are delicious. Every time I see a basket of plums, I become avaricious; I want them all. Moreover, I am not ashamed of my imperial tendencies. When I have a goodly basket of them in the house, I shall enjoy the riot of purple as it rolls out.

I will share a story with you too about rabbits.

Giving detailed information on the plight of the rabbit’s universe, the New England Cottontail.

When I wrote my first article the Cottontails were collectively on death’s door. Their territory was minuscule, and dwindling by the day. But the rabbits have gathered friends, and energized the local Homo Sapiens. No one wants to see the rabbits wiped out. I tell of how we can help the much loved rabbits have a chance to live, remembering there is no greater good than saving life and enhancing it.

I must include Ron Wallace story. Does the name ring any bells? For pumpkin growers it does.

 Wallace eats, sleeps, and breathes pumpkins. Some grow to reach over 2,000 lbs With pumpkins there are cute little ones, and the giant ones.They are colorful. They can be turned into sinister faces.

Then there's also the matter of pumpkin conspiracies. Who did smash the pumpkin on the front porch last year? What should be done with the culprit? The answer for one who adores pumpkin pie as I do... we'd have him clean out all the pumpkins and prepare them for making the pies.

Now it is time to turn this marvelous book over to you. It is all about New England, the heart of America. I am an admirer of New England, and all its many manifestations contained in these six states.

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