In Search of Greener Grass: Riding from Reality towards Dreams and Finding Fulfilment by Graham FieldIn Search of Greener Grass: Riding from Reality towards Dreams and Finding Fulfilment by Graham Field

In Search of Greener Grass: Riding from Reality towards Dreams and Finding Fulfilment

byGraham Field

Paperback | May 15, 2017

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"Well, now I'm committed," he thought to himself after telling a national TV game show audience that he wanted to ride a motorcycle to Mongolia with his winnings. He felt the fear that commitment always induced in him; he was hoping they might have edited that bit out. Commitments are something he tried to get as far away from as possible, the only other constants in his life being twenty-five years of financial prudence, travel and motorcycle obsession. So there he was, committed to going very, very far on a motorcycle with his meagre prize money. Consequently he spent a winter on eBay and a spring in the garage preparing his $1000 KLR 650 for an uncertain life on the road. Armed with a cynical humour, a strong sense of direction, a vague sense of balance, and no sense of proportion, he embarked on a 15,000 mile solo motorcycle ride to see what would break first; bike, body, or budget. Leaving an indifferent existence in England behind he headed east, looking for purpose, a new life, and a new location to live it. He was in search of greener grass.
Author and travel writer Graham Field was "born at a very early age, and independent travel begun shortly after he learned to crawl." During obligatory but inadequate schooling he spent the majority of his time looking out of the window and escaping into his favourite daydream-the freedom of the road. Making restless dreams become a re...
Title:In Search of Greener Grass: Riding from Reality towards Dreams and Finding FulfilmentFormat:PaperbackDimensions:390 pages, 9.05 × 5.97 × 0.91 inPublished:May 15, 2017Publisher:Lost Classics Book Co.Language:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword v About the Author vii Acknowedgements xi Map of Route xvi-xvii Introduction 1 The Preparation 5 Two Days Before I Leave 11 The Day Before I Leave 14 Day 1 Kleve, Germany 16 Day 2 Neustadt, Germany 19 Day 3 Solvesburg, Sweden 21 Day 4 Sweden Rock Festival 24 Day 5 Sweden Rock Festival 27 Day 6 Sweden Rock Festival 29 Day 7 Sweden Rock Festival 31 Day 8 Karlskrona, Sweden 33 Day 9 SE of Warsaw, Poland 36 Day 10 L'viv, Ukraine 39 Day 11 Ternopil, Ukraine 42 Day 12 Tulchin, Ukraine 45 Day 13 Tiraspol, Ukraine 48 Day 14 Odessa, Ukraine 52 Day 15 Goblin Bike Show, Odessa, Ukraine 56 Day 16 Odessa, Ukraine 58 Day 17 Odessa, Ukraine 61 Day 18 Simferopol, Ukraine 63 Day 19 Sudak, Ukraine 65 Day 20 Sudak, Ukraine 69 Day 21 Sudak, Ukraine 71 Day 22 Anapa, Russia 73 Day 23 Anapa, Russia 77 Day 24 Sochi, Russia 80 Day 25 Chadyzensk, Russia 83 Day 26 Kislovodsk, Russia 86 Day 27 W of Budennousk, Russia 89 Day 28 Astrakhan, Russia 92 Day 29 Astrakhan, Russia 97 Day 30 Atyrau, Kazakhstan 99 Day 31 Atyrau, Kazakhstan 104 Day 32 Atyrau, Kazakhstan 106 Day 33 S of Bayghanin, Kazakhstan 108 Day 34 Aktobe, Kazakhstan 113 Day 35 S of Denisovka, Kazakhstan 117 Day 36 Near Sawmalkol, Kazakhstan 120 Day 37 Astana, Kazakhstan 123 Day 38 Astana, Kazakhstan 126 Day 39 Astana, Kazakhstan 129 Day 40 N of Balkhash, Kazakhstan 132 Day 41 N of Almaty, Kazakhstan 136 Day 42 Almaty, Kazakhstan 140 Day 43 Suburb of Almaty, Kazakhstan 144 Day 44 Suburb of Almaty, Kazakhstan 147 Day 45 Suburb of Almaty, Kazakhstan 149 Day 46 Suburb of Almaty, Kazakhstan 152 Day 47 Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan 154 Day 48 Not Far from Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan 159 Day 49 Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan 166 Day 50 Not Lepsinsk, Kazakhstan 172 Day 51 Ayakoz, Kazakhstan 175 Day 52 Semey, Kazakhstan 181 Day 53 Semey, Kazakhstan 184 Day 54 Barnaul, Russia 187 Day 55 Barnaul, Russia 189 Day 56 Yor, Altai, Russia 192 Day 57 Near Chemai, Altai, Russia 196 Day 58 Near Tashanta, Russia 198 Day 59 Olgly, Mongolia 202 Day 60 N of Achit Nuur Lake, Mongolia 208 Day 61 SW of Naranbulag, Mongolia 214 Day 62 Pushed out of Surginu, Mongolia 219 Day 63 W of Tosontsengel, Mongolia 225 Day 64 Wrong Side of White Lake, Mongolia 231 Day 65 Tsetserleg, Mongolia 237 Day 66 Tsetserleg, Mongolia 243 Day 67 Tsetserleg, Mongolia 246 Day 68 Tsetserleg, Mongolia 249 Day 69 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 251 Days 70-73 Ulan Bator to Tsetserleg, Mongolia 256 Day 74 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 260 Day 75 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 263 Days 76-77 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 268 Day 78 S of Bulgan, Mongolia 272 Day 79 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 274 Day 80 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 279 Day 81 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 283 Day 82 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 285 Day 83 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 288 Day 84 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 291 Day 85 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 293 Day 86 Ulan Bator, Mongolia 295 Day 87 Kyakhta, Russia 297 Day 88 Lake Baikal, Russia 301 Day 89 E of Ulan-Ude, Russia 304 Day 90 Chita, Russia 308 Day 91 Chita, Russia 313 Day 92 Near Mogocha, Russia 315 Day 93 Close to Belogorsk, Russia 319 Day 94 Khabarovsk, Russia 322 Day 95 N of Spassk-Dalny, Russia 325 Day 96 Vladivostok, Russia 328 Day 97 Vladivostok, Russia 331 Day 98 Vladivostok, Russia 335 Day 99 Vladivostok, Russia 337 Day 100 Zurubino, Russia 339 Day 101 Don Cheng Ferry, Sea of Japan 343 Day 102 Socho, South Korea 348 Day 103 Pyoungteck, South Korea 351 Day 104 Seoul, South Korea 354 Day 105 Various Locations, 1000s of Miles 359 Epilogue Spring 2011 363

Editorial Reviews

"In Search of Greener Grass" by Graham Field Independent overland travel can be as engaging or remote as the traveler wants it to be. Graham Field, the author of 'In Search of Greener Grass', will engage you in more detail than you thought possible and will takes you on a journey from the UK to Mongolia and finally onto Russia. Motorbikes are a lifestyle; it's not just transport, it's easy to let them become a way of life. Graham Field's book can certainly be described as the overland life in full. His style of writing - in first person - flows at such a pace that you are left entwined in his thoughts, his conversations and his travels. My mind was buzzing with an overload of information which left me pondering how the author manages to gather and retain all the information! His mind must be buzzing, if mine was buzzing whilst reading the book. 'Buy time, not equipment' was one of the single best lines of advice I read during those months. Unusual is the fact that the book is written in first person - and I think it works well as it contains nuggets of thoughts, and conversations all related to the author and his surroundings. Wanderlust: an itch that needs scratching. No itch ever got better by being scratched, just inflamed. The book is a good insight into overland travel and the daily adventure of independent travel. Don't expect a book that details the mechnicals of a KLR motorcycle (I had to Google the bike to find out more), or a book that simple reads like a traditional travelogue. I enjoyed the fact that the author did not approach the book in a stereotypical way, rather embracing the travel, the people and his own thoughts. Waving has to be my favourite non-communicative recognition. Better than a friend request on Facebook without a message attached. This is real. Instant and genuine and being the short-attention-span commitment-phobe that I am, its intimacy and immediacy is perfect for me. I read the book on my Kindle and used the opportunity to share a number of interesting paragraphs. Here are a few that stood out: People are generally at their best when they travel, not concerned with work and the other distractions and obligations of a home life. I don't think these friendships that are born on the road are shallow at all; they may be transitory but they are no less sincere for that. One aspect about the author which stood out, was his desire and boldness to engage with the locals in each country he traveled through. Independent overland travel can be very independent, which often leads to limited people interaction outside of buying fuel and food and looking for accommodation. The author goes beyond that... Even without the photo I will never forget that old man on his horse; his face had the mystique of Mona Lisa's smile. I couldn't read his eyes, I couldn't gauge his mood. I didn't know his intensions. I failed to be who I am because I felt so out of my depth. If I could have been me, I would have been something to him. He didn't say anything and he didn't stay long. He was a product of his environment, a proud man, who knew what he needed to and his understanding of me was not a necessity in his world. Motorcycle travel does intrigue me as I have spent all my time tucked up in a 4x4 whilst traveling, and with a traveling companion. I often wonder how motorcyclists manage the pure independence, especially when camping in a remote spot. The author reveals it's not always a comfortable experience: It's always scary camping alone. I have full phone signal so send a few texts. The forest is so quiet that when there is a noise it makes me jump. I have put my phone on silent. I do it every night because I'm eight hours ahead of the UK now. When it lights up with a reply even that makes me jump. Oh God, I'm not going to sleep tonight am I? In summary, I highly recommend purchasing a copy and taking the time to read Graham's book. Persevere through the early chapters and soon you will be filled with Graham's thoughts and observations. The book certainly left me wanting more and appreciating his style of travel and engaging approach.