In the Eye of the Storm: The Spiritual Fight Continues

February 1, 2018|
In the Eye of the Storm: The Spiritual Fight Continues
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In The Eye of the Storm: Genesis 10: 24 - 29 Genesis tells us how the idea of slavery within the Americas first came about and how religion was used as a justification to bind and hold a group of people to a dieing system. The impact of slavery on this nation was so horrendous it tore the fabric of America apart and set a nation on a course that all but doomed it. The anger and resentment still hold two groups of people apart, steeped in jealousy and distrust of one another. Learn when slavery began and where it began and the nations involved that to this day have not relented nor apologized for the deaths and incarceration of more than 100 million people. Learn how the history books carefully walked around the truth about slavery and taught you what they wanted you to know. Slavery was not what you were taught, the hypocrisy of those that were involved showed the mental struggle within that society for what was deemed immoral, yet they fought on to continue on the course they had set. We see in life, we have but one goal to make it as bearable as possible. We tend to gravitate to one existence and then settle on a mundane life style or existence. As we continue into the void we maintain contact within a society whos attitude, however primitive, however chaotic, however limited never ceases to exert itself upon a Nation with in a Nation. Mans attempt to replace what he knows of himself and what he refuses to believe, obscures the true meaning behind the idea of Slavery. To him life has many meanings, one of which is to control what you do not understand, man should know that time is not on his side in this case; it is a moment in the time clock of the very creator. What is time to us is but a fleeting moment, but to him who knows no bounds it is a time of reconciliation for the wrongs dealt. To the very core of this universe, time is a meaningless phenomenon He who is consumed with guilt is driven by guilt to the detriment of our very existence. A world when taken and dissected is found absent of any warmth or any relevance to the creator in any way other than existence to the very people he created. It is interesting to assume that life can be a rich and fulfilling endeavor when given a chance. If we are to exist we first have to present ourselves as worthy to exist in a universe not conditioned for us.

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