In the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent's Relentless Pursuit of the Nation's Worst Predators by Jeffrey L. RinekIn the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent's Relentless Pursuit of the Nation's Worst Predators by Jeffrey L. Rinek

In the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent's Relentless Pursuit of the Nation's Worst Predators

byJeffrey L. Rinek

Hardcover | July 17, 2018

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"The voice that narrates In the Name of the Children: An F.B.I. Agent’s Relentless Pursuit of the Nation’s Worst Predators, which Rinek wrote with the journalist Marilee Strong, sounds warm and humane, qualities missing from much crime writing. Their book is a professional job, filled with illuminating details about the day-to-day operations of the bureau."

New York Times Book Review 


FBI Special Agent Jeff Rinek had a gift for getting child predators to confess. All he had to do was share a piece of his soul . . .

In the Name of the Children gives an unflinching look at what it's like to fight a never-ending battle against an enemy far more insidious than terrorists: the predators, lurking amongst us, who seek to harm our children.

During his 30-year career with the FBI, Jeff Rinek worked hundreds of investigations involving crimes against children: from stranger abduction to serial homicide to ritualized sexual abuse. Those who do this kind of work are required to plumb the depths of human depravity, to see things no one should ever have to see—and once seen can never forget. There is no more important—or more brutal—job in law enforcement, and few have been more successful than Rinek at solving these sort of cases.

Most famously, Rinek got Cary Stayner to confess to all four of the killings known as the Yosemite Park Murders, an accomplishment made more extraordinary by the fact that the FBI nearly pinned the crimes on the wrong suspects. Rinek's recounting of the confession and what he learned about Stayner provides perhaps the most revelatory look ever inside the psyche of a serial killer and a privileged glimpse into the art of interrogation.

In the Name of the Children takes readers into the trenches of real-time investigations where every second counts and any wrong decision or overlooked fact can have tragic repercussions. Rinek offers an insider's perspective of the actual case agents and street detectives who are the boots on the ground in this war at home. By placing us inside the heart and mind of a rigorously honest and remarkably self-reflective investigator, we will see with our own eyes what it takes—and what it costs—to try to keep our children safe and to bring to justice those who prey on society's most vulnerable victims.

With each chapter dedicated to a real case he worked, In the Name of the Children also explores the evolution of Rinek as a Special Agent—whose unorthodox, empathy-based approach to interviewing suspects made him extraordinarily successful in obtaining confessions—and the toll it took to have such intimate contact with child molesters and murderers. Beyond exploring the devastating impact of these unthinkable crimes on the victims and their families, this book offers an unprecedented look at how investigators and their loved ones cope while living in the specter of so much suffering.

Jeffey Rinek served 30 years as a Special Agent with the FBI primarily investigating cases of missing and murdered children and is internationally renowned for obtaining a surprise confession from serial killer Cary Stayner to the brutal slayings of four women and girls known as the Yosemite Park Murders. In the Sacramento office of th...
Title:In the Name of the Children: An FBI Agent's Relentless Pursuit of the Nation's Worst PredatorsFormat:HardcoverDimensions:300 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.68 inPublished:July 17, 2018Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc.Language:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Heartbreaking But Eye-Opening In a conscious effort to read books outside my comfort zone, I chose to read In The Name of the Children by Jeffrey L. Rinek and Marilee Strong. Jeffrey Rinek is a former FBI agent working in the missing and murdered children’s section of the department. This true crime memoir is not something I would normally pick up. In fact, it’s something I normally avoid. This story is about Rinek’s time at the FBI following some of the cases that most made an impression on society or him. Rinek shares heart-breaking and harrowing stories about the literal scum of the Earth. There are stories of eye-opening betrayals, parents who lack love towards their children, manipulations, and also the story of the emotional strain it caused him over the years. There were moments that made me angry and also well up with tears. This is Rinek’s apology letter to his family for the way his role affected them, and a love letter to the FBI for the relationships he has made and the lessons he is learned. Told through the writing of Marilee Strong, this book has a strong identity sure to move anyone who chooses to read it. Strong has carefully constructed the writing to convey Rinek’s mournful tone. It is clear that this individual is in pain over what he has witnessed over the years. It is written with so much emotion, and it captures the feelings of all the people who cross into the stories. I appreciated the look into the FBI and the way it had changed over Rinek’s time there. The evolution of technology will never cease to baffle me, and the way it has affected these cases is nothing short of a miracle. Rinek could easily tell the story of his glories, but humility remains as he carefully shares stories of failure as well as when he was kicked off a case. A unique aspect to the novel is the attention paid to one particular (monumental case) which included pictures (not gory). I feel closer to Rinek after reading this novel. His interrogation technique involves opening up to the people he is interrogating. He gets personal with them to gain their trust, and the novel is reflective of that technique. The beginning starts with his personal biography before it sets into the heavy cases. We, as readers, feel like we know Rinek, and we start to open up our minds and emotions to the story he has to tell. I have to give this a 4/5 for Rinek’s touching stories and Strong’s precise and ingenious writing technique.
Date published: 2018-08-17

Editorial Reviews

“At a time when people are questioning the motives and dedication of the FBI, here is a book that shows what ‘Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity’ really stands for. In the Name of the Children is an exceptionally well-written and deeply moving look at one FBI agent’s lifelong quest to find missing children and bring sexual predators to justice. No one in law enforcement has ever written with such unvarnished honesty about what it takes to bring down those who prey on kids. Jeff Rinek’s insights into the motives and modus operandi of sex offenders and his approach to getting killers like serial sex slayer Cary Stayner to confess should be mandatory reading not just for those in law enforcement but also for everyone who cares about the safety of our children. Chilling, fascinating, and groundbreaking.”—John Douglas, FBI profiler, author of Mindhunter, The Anatomy of Motive, and Journey Into Darkness“Retired FBI Special Agent Jeff Rinek brings us deep inside his investigations of serial killers, child murderers, and sexual predators. These riveting stories document not only the hunt for these elusive criminals but also reveal the emotional upheaval Rinek himself experienced seeing the carnage perpetrated on society’s youngest and most vulnerable victims . . . This is a must-read for anyone who follows true crime. It gave me a greater appreciation of, and respect for, law enforcement’s men and women who serve and protect us.”—Beth Karas, former prosecutor, legal analyst, longtime truTV correspondent“The extraordinary calling of Jeff Rinek’s life is wrestling with evil so that evil does not have the last word . . . This book is haunting in its depiction of the worst of psychopathology and conscienceless-ness, but it also brims with the hope that springs from the quest of a hero full of empathy and compassion to find answers, bring justice, and honor life. Rinek is humanity at its best.”—Sandra L. Brown, MA, trauma therapist, author of Counseling Victims of Violence and How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved“Part memoir, part true crime, In The Name of the Children, is a riveting read. This rare and candid insider’s look at crimes against children pulls back the curtain on the painstaking, often heartbreaking, process of investigating these unthinkable crimes and the damaging effects of organizational betrayal on those who are seeking justice for the victims.” —Ellen Kirschman, PhD, author of I Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know, Counseling Cops: What Clinicians Need to Know, and the Dot Meyerhoff mystery series“A must-read for true crime fans! Jeffrey Rinek is not your typical FBI Agent. His memoir is a page-turner full of fascinating cases that he approaches from a unique empathy-based perspective. Rinek’s success in using humanity and compassion to elicit confessions from ruthless predators makes you wonder if we should rethink everything we know about interrogations.”—Krystal Houghton Ziv, co-executive producer of CSI: Miami, The Purge, Body of Proof“This book is not only a rare glimpse into the remarkable and dedicated work of the FBI; it is also a ringside seat into the heart and soul of a federal agent doing the most demanding work. Jeffrey Rinek’s personal story punctuates the pages and takes the reader on the journey for justice for America’s most vulnerable victims. Rinek the federal agent? I’d say federal angel.”—Diane Dimond, journalist, former Court TV reporter, and author of Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case