In Vitro Fertilize Tion, Embryo Transfer And Early Pregnancy: Themes from the XIth World Congress on Fertility and Sterility, Dublin, June 1983, held  by R.F. HarrisonIn Vitro Fertilize Tion, Embryo Transfer And Early Pregnancy: Themes from the XIth World Congress on Fertility and Sterility, Dublin, June 1983, held  by R.F. Harrison

In Vitro Fertilize Tion, Embryo Transfer And Early Pregnancy: Themes from the XIth World Congress…

byR.F. HarrisonEditorJ. Bonnar, W. Thompson

Paperback | October 3, 2013

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Title:In Vitro Fertilize Tion, Embryo Transfer And Early Pregnancy: Themes from the XIth World Congress…Format:PaperbackDimensions:257 pagesPublished:October 3, 2013Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I: The Human Follicle and Ovum.- Section 1: Follicular Biochemistry.- 1 Polypeptide patterns of follicular fluid at different stages of follicular maturation.- 2 Steroid hormones in human follicular fluid in assessing the biological characteristics of the oocyte.- 3 Concentrations of steroid hormones, prolactin and gonadotrophins in human peripheral venous plasma and follicular fluid.- 4 Concentrations of steroids and prostaglandins in follicular fluids aspirated in an in vitro fertilization programme.- 5 Prostaglandin F2? levels in the human ovarian follicle.- Section 2: The Granulosa Cell.- 6 The human granulosa cell changes during luteogenesis viewed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy.- 7 Morphological examination of granulosa cells in punctured follicles.- 8 Development of ovarian follicles in readily ovulating patients during ovulation induction.- Section 3: Practical Aspects of Ovulation Stimulation and the Recovery of Oocytes.- 9 Endocrinological and ultrasonographic findings during ovulation.- 10 Laparoscopy for oocyte recovery.- 11 A simplified approach to oocyte recovery for in vitro fertilization.- II: The Animal Follicle and Oocyte.- Section 1: Biochemical Aspects of the Oocyte.- 12 Quantitative analysis of steroidogenesis in the single oocyte and preimplantation embryo.- 13 Enzyme cytochemical staining of isolated mouse oocytes with the use of a polyacrylamide carrier.- Section 2: Oocyte Maturation.- 14 Effects of A23187 and a calmodulin antagonist on maturation of guinea-pig oocyte.- 15 Effects of hCG, oestradiol and progesterone on mouse oocyte maturation in vitro.- Section 3: Ovulation and Fertilization.- 16 Electron microscopic observations on ovarian perifollicular vessels in indomethacin-treated rabbits.- 17 Monoclonal antibodies to porcine zona pellucida antigens and their inhibitory effects on fertilization.- 18 Histochemistry of hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activities of in vitro fertilized eggs of rabbit.- III: Semen and Spermatozoa.- Section 1: Animal Studies.- 19 Analysis of the outer acrosomal membrane of boar spermatozoa by biochemical and immunological methods.- 20 A new acrosin inhibitor in boar seminal plasma.- Section 2: Practical Aspects of Human Semen Quality.- 21 A 'migration-gravity sedimentation' method for collecting motile spermatozoa from human semen.- 22 The influence of semen quality on in vitro fertilization of human oocytes.- 23 Sperm quality and in vitro fertilization.- 24 An attempt to fertilize human oocytes with epididymal spermatozoa in vitro.- 25 Infertility and sperm bacteriology.- IV: In vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer. Clinical Results.- Section 1: In Humans.- 26 Course of pregnancy and delivery after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.- 27 Successful in vitro fertilization: practical technique and first results with cryo-sperma. Fertility Centre - Vienna.- 28 Pregnancy after in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer in Singapore.- 29 In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer: an out-patient procedure?.- 30 Current status of human in vitro fertilization.- Section 2: Cryopreservation in Animals.- 31 Successful cryopreservation of eight-cell rabbit embryos using an 'open freezing system'.- V: Ethical and Legal Aspects.- 32 In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer: Jewish ethical and legal aspects.- VI: Early Pregnancy in Animals and Humans.- Section 1: Early Diagnosis.- 33 Use of a monoclonal anti-T-cell antibody in the rosette inhibition test for detecting early pregnancy factor activity.- 34 A study of the accuracy of a new ß hCG slide test.- 35 Early pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cows and ewes based on milk progesterone levels.- Section 2: Immunological Aspects.- 36 Suppressive effect of cord T lymphocytes on mixed lymphocyte reaction.- 37 Pregnancy associated plasma protein A: a barrier to maternal proteolytic attack.- Section 3: Implantation.- 38 Decidual cell reaction. Action of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.- 39 The role of vitamin E in fertility.- Section 4: Endocrinology Hormone Levels in the Camel Fetus. Progesterone Therapy in Man.- 40 Progestin levels of the camel fetus during developmental stages.- 41 Radioimmunoassay for oestrogens in the plasma and tissues of one-humped camel fetus.- 42 Plasma and tissue levels of androgens in the one-humped camel fetus.- 43 The concentrations of corticosteroids in the plasma and tissues of the one-humped camel fetus.- 44 Treatment with progesterone in threatened abortion and low level of serum progesterone. A double blind randomized trial.