Inclusion Phenomena in Inorganic, Organic, and Organometallic Hosts: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena and the  by J.L AtwoodInclusion Phenomena in Inorganic, Organic, and Organometallic Hosts: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena and the  by J.L Atwood

Inclusion Phenomena in Inorganic, Organic, and Organometallic Hosts: Proceedings of the Fourth…

byJ.L AtwoodEditorJ.E. Davies

Paperback | February 9, 2012

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The contents of this volume originate from the joint Inclusion Phenomenal Cyclodextrins Symposium held at Lancaster in July 1986. Consisting of 50 extended ab­ stracts and 21 original contributions, the reader will find an up-to-date survey of the current state of research into, and applications of, inclusion compounds. Topics covered range from cyclodextrin complexes and their use as media for selective chemical reagents and their applications in chromatography and in the pharmaceutical and agricultural areas; the synthesis of new hosts, particularly those containing hydrophobic cavities; the characterisation of inclusion compounds using crystallographic and spectroscopic techniques; the use of inclusion com­ pounds as enzyme models; macrocyclic complexes and ionophores; to intercalates and zeolites. The Symposium was extremely successful, being attended by some 250 delegates drawn from 23 nations. It is hoped that the reader will recapture the flavour of the meeting from reading this volume. xi Journal of Inclusion Phenomena 5 (1987), 1-2. 1 © 1987 by D. Reidel Publishing Company. Preface The joint meeting comprlslng the 4th International Symposium on Inclusion Phenomena and the 3rd International Symposium on Cyclodextrins was held on 20 - 25 July, 1986 at the University of Lancaster, Great Britain, and followed on from the previous joint meeting held in Tokyo in July, 1984. The meeting was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Title:Inclusion Phenomena in Inorganic, Organic, and Organometallic Hosts: Proceedings of the Fourth…Format:PaperbackDimensions:472 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.02 inPublished:February 9, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Cyclodextrins.- Developments in Cyclodextrin Applications in Drug Formulations.- Increasing the Solubility of Drugs through Cyclodextrin Complexation.- Ability of the Acetotoluides to Form Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes.- The Inclusion of the Drug Diflunisal by Alpha- and Beta-Cyclodextrins. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Study.- Geometry of ?-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex with m-Nitrophenol Deduced from Quantum Chemical Analysis of Carbon-13 Chemical Shifts.- The Inclusion of Pyronine B and Pyronine Y by Beta- and Gamma-Cyclodextrins. A Kinetic and Equilibrium Study.- 2H NMR Studies of Metallocenes in Host Lattices.- Separation Processes in Gas-Liquid Chromatography Based on Formation of ?-Cyclodextrin - Chiral Hydrocarbons Inclusion Complexes.- Novel HPLC Adsorbents by Immobilization of Modified Cyclodextrins.- Conformational and Enantiomeric Discrimination in Cyclodextrin Inclusion Compounds.- Enzyme Models and Hydrophobic Cages.- Reaction of Cyclodextrin-Nicotinamide as a NADH Coenzyme Model.- Catalytic Activity of ?-Cyclodextrin-Histamine.- Modifications of Benzoxazole Ring Substituents in A.23187 (Calcimycin). Effect on Cation Carrier Properties.- Ion Transport, Ion Extraction, and Ion Binding by Synthetic Cyclic Octapeptide.- Synthetic Analogs of Peptide-Binding Antibiotics.- Molecular Graphics in the Study of the Calcium-Binding Sites of Carp Parvalbumin and Other Proteins.- Synthesis and Conformational Studies of a New Host System Based on Cholic Acid.- Solid State Studies on p.t-Butyl-calix[6]arene Derivatives.- Topology of N-Ethylmaleimide in Normal Human Erythrocyte Membrane.- Macrocyclic Complexes and Ionophores.- An Equilibrium and Kinetic Study of the Complexation of Lithium and Sodium Ions by the Cryptand 4,7,13-Trioxa-1,10-diazabicyclo-[8.5.5]-eicosane (C21C5).- Metal-Free Macrocycles via Template Method: a Starting Point for Selective Complexation Studies.- Torands: Planar Polyazamacrocyclic Ligands for Metal Ions.- Synthesis of Symmetrical N-Tosyldiazamacrocycles and Complexation Properties of their Derivatives.- Size and Charge Dependence of Binding by Azacyclophanes.- Multiple Recognition in Polytopic Anion Hosts.- Crystal Structures of 1:1 Complexes Between Urea and Two Crown Ether Derivatives of Phthalic Acid.- Transition Metal Complexes of Homoleptic Polythia Crowns.- Isolation, Properties and Association Phenomena of Alkaline Salts and their Crown Complexes of a Radical Anion.- Synthesis and Complexing Properties of a Chiral Macrocyclic Molecular Receptor with Convergent Binding Sites.- Organometallic Ionophore for Alkali Metal Cations.- Inclusion Compounds.- Solid Clathrate Solutions.- Clathrate Thermodynamics for the Unstable Host Framework.- Clathrate Formation in Water-Tetraalkyl Ammonium Iodide Systems at High Pressure.- Catenated and Non-Catenated Inclusion Complexes of Trimesic Acid.- Selectivity of the Host Ni(4-mepy)4(NCS)2 Towards Aromatic Guests.- Some Physical and Thermophysical Properties of Clathrate Hydrates.- Three-Dimensional Metal Complex Hosts Built of ?,?-(Long-Carbon-Chain)-diaminoalkane Ligand Bridging Two- Dimensional Cyanometal Complex Network: Hofmann-Diaminoalkane-Type Clathrates.- Molecular Determinants of a New Family of Helical Tubuland Host Diols.- Synthesis and Structure of Hexakis(p-hydroxyphenyloxy)-benzene: a Versatile Analogue of the Hydrogen-Bonded Hexameric Unit of /?-Hydroquinone.- Free Radicals as Host Molecules.- 35Cl Nuclear Resonance Studies of CC14 as a Guest Molecule in Various Clathrates.- Inclusion Polymerization of Diene and Diacetylene Monomers in Deoxycholic Acid and Apocholic Acid Canals.- Intercalates.- Correlation Between Layer Charge and Activation Energy of Thermally Induced Deintercalation in Organo-Layer Silicates.- Infrared Spectral Investigations of Adsorption and Oxidation of N,N-Dimethylaniline by Sepiolite, Loughlinite and Diatomite.- Lithium Intercalation Cluster Compounds.- Metal-Containing Cellulose: Some Novel Materials.- Zeolites.- Generation and Management of Three-Dimensional Structural Diagrams for Zeolites on Standard Graphical Support of an IBM-PC.- ESR and X-ray Diffraction of Diacyl Peroxides in Urea and Aluminosilicate Hosts.- Aluminate Sodalites - a Family of Inclusion Compounds with Strong Host-Guest Interactions.- Synthesis, Crystallographic, and Thermal Properties of a New Porous Silica.- Poster Session.- The Effect of Water Vapour on the Cyclodextrin-Solute Interaction in Gas-Solid Chromatography.- The Inclusion Complex of Piromidic Acid with Dimethyl-?-cyclodextrin in Aqueous Solution and in the Solid State.- Improvement of Fat Digestion in Rats by Dimethyl-?-cyclodextrin.- Reduction of Phytotoxicity of Nonionic Tensides by Cyclodextrins.- Water Soluble Cyclodextrin Polymers: Their Interaction with Drugs.- Cyclodextrins Lessen the Membrane Damaging Effect of Nonionic Tensides.- Effect of Cyclodextrin Complexation on the Reduction of Menthone and Iso-Menthone.- ?-Cyclodextrin-Catalyzed Effects on the Hydrolysis of Esters of Aromatic Acids.- Asymmetric Halogenation and Hydrohalogenation of Styrene in Crystalline Cyclodextrin Complexes.- 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Cyclodextrin Monomers, Derivatives and their Complexes with Methyl Orange.- Complexes of Na-, Ca-, and Zn-Montmorillonites with an Aminated Cyclodextrin.- Synthesis of an Intercalated Compound of Montmorillonite and 6-Polyamide.- Isomorphous Substitution Effects on the Thermally Induced Interlayer Reaction in N- Hexylammonium Layered Aluminosilicates.- Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of 4,4?-Bipyridyl Metal(II) Tetracyanonickelate Complexes and Their Clathrates.- The Synthesis of Metallocene Calix[4]arenes.- Solid State and Solution Structures of the Lanthanide Complexes with Cryptand (2.2.1): Crystallographic and NMR Studies of a Dimeric Praseodymium (2.2.1) Cryptate Containing Two ?-Hydroxo Bridges.- Synthesis and Alkali Metal Cation Complexation of N-Aryl [3.2.2] Cryptands.- Redox Responsive Metal Complexes Containing Cation Binding Sites.- Binding Properties of Alginic Acid and Chitin.- The Molecular Anvil Model of an Enzyme Taking into Consideration the Flexibility of Enzyme Molecules.- Display of Cross-Sections Showing Packing in Inclusion Compounds.- Erratum: The Inclusion of the Drug Diflunisal by Alpha- and Beta- Cyclodextrins. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Study, J. Incl. Phenom. 5, 49-53 (1987)..- Author Index.