Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient: An Illustrated Case-Based Approach by Pranatharthi H. ChandrasekarInfections in the Immunosuppressed Patient: An Illustrated Case-Based Approach by Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar

Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient: An Illustrated Case-Based Approach

EditorPranatharthi H. Chandrasekar

Paperback | February 10, 2016

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Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient offers an illustrated, case-based matrix for treatment of infections across all types of immunosuppressed patients. As the challenges of managing these infections continues to evolve, this collection offers lucid, authoritative guidance to diagnosingand treating these infections effectively.Comprising 81 cases from leading experts across specialties, this collection offers a guide to both common and uncommon presentations of infections in:* Cancer patients* Solid-organ transplant recipients* Stem-cell recipients* Patients on immunosuppressive drugs* Patients with other immunosuppressive conditionsSupplemented with rich color illustrations and insights from more than 100 experts, Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient is the new benchmark reference work for treatment of these difficult cases.
Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar, MD, is Professor of Internal Medicine at Wayne State University. His major professional interest is management of infections in the immunocompromised host.
Title:Infections in the Immunosuppressed Patient: An Illustrated Case-Based ApproachFormat:PaperbackDimensions:424 pages, 9.88 × 7.01 × 1.69 inPublished:February 10, 2016Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

PrefaceSection 1: Infections in Cancer PatientsAlison G. Freifeld: Alison G. Freifeld: Introduction to Section OneEdwin C. Pereira: Case 1.1: Leg Edema WoesPatrick Tang and R. Gregory Bociek: Case 1.2: Doctor, I'm Sick Again and AgainAllison L. Nazinitsky and Steven J. Lawrence: Case 1.3: What's Lurking Beyond the Barricade?Kate Mullane: Case 1.4: Alimentary Antimicrobial ApocalypseKari Neemann: Case 1.5: Not Appendicitis in a Neutropenic HostPatrick Tang and R. Gregory Bociek: Case 1.6: Lung Lesions, Skin Lesions, Brain Lesions...Oh MyMichael J. Satlin, Stephen Castro, and Thomas J. Walsh: Case 1.7: Lung Mass in a Neutropenic Patient with Leukemia: Beyond AspergillosisJackrapong Bruminhent, Nancy L. Wengenack, and Raymund R. Razonable: Case 1.8: When An Uncommon Atypical Bacillus Goes MainstreamSusan Seo: Case 1.9: What's Wrong With My Right Side, Doc?Samantha E. Jacobs, Rosemary Soave, Audrey N. Schuetz, and Thomas J. Walsh: Case 1.10: A Budding Headache in a Patient With Hematological MalignancyElena Beam and Raymund R. Razonable: Case 1.11: Shocking Revenge of the Weak Gram Positive CocciMicheal G. Ison: Case 1.12: Upper Respiratory Symptoms During Febrile NeutropeniaMatthew McCarthy, Audrey N. Schuetz, and Thomas J. Walsh: Case 1.13: Multiple Skin Lesions in a Neutropenic Patient with Leukemia: Connecting the DotsRahul Sampath, Raymund R. Razonable, and Shawn Vasoo: Case 1.14: The New "Red Tide": Multidrug Resistant Gram-Negative Infections in the Compromised HostDavid Crockett and Nicole Shonka: Case 1.15: Cough and Dyspnea in a Sarcoma Patient: Appetite for InfectionJamie S. Green: Case 1.16: Breaking Bad: Breakthrough FungemiaKailash Mosalpuria and Sara Bares: Case 1.17: Painful Sores All Over My BodyPavan Kumar Tandra and Nicole Shonka: Case 1.18: Wounds in Cancer Patients: Watch for the Drugs!Paul J. Deziel and Raymund R. Razonable: Case 1.19: The Dangers of Dirt: Pulmonary Infiltrates and Skin Ulcers in a FarmerRobbe Peetz and Alison G. Freifeld: Case 1.20: A Red Hot MessSection 2: Infections in Solid Organ Transplant RecipientsAjit P. Limaye and Lynne Strasfeld: Ajit P. Limaye and Lynne Strasfeld: Introduction to Section TwoErika D. Lease: Case 2.1: Breathless in SeattleRobert M. Rakita: Case 2.2: Red Snapper CoughJoshua A. Hill: Case 2.3: Spots on the LungElizabeth Ann Misch: Case 2.4: Spots on the BrainChristine M. Durand and Kieren Marr: Case 2.5: A Purplish Skin LumpIgnacio A. Echenique and Michael G. Ison: Case 2.6: To Accept or Not to AcceptYuki Aoyagi and Richard A. Zuckerman: Case 2.7: Fuzzy Vision and Balance ProblemsJasmin Chaudhary: Case 2.8: More Than a Green ThumbGraeme N. Forrest: Case 2.9: Oh My Aching HeadMorgan Hakki: Case 2.10: It's That Time of Year AgainMorgan Hakki: Case 2.11: How Low did the Hemoglobin Go?Janice Jou and Christopher D. Pfeiffer: Case 2.12: The "Achilles' Heel" of Liver TransplantationKatie A. Sharff: Case 2.13: The Troll of Transplantation Rears its HeadLynne Strasfeld: Case 2.14: Sometimes it's the Drug, Rather Than the BugLynne Strasfeld: Case 2.15: While the T cells Were SleepingJason Van Winkle: Case 2.16: An Ounce of PreventionRobert M. Rakita: Case 2.17: Cruise Ship SouvenirSection 3: Infections in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) RecipientsJohn R. Wingard: John R. Winegard: Introduction to Section ThreeJack Hsu: Case 3.1: A Bad Case of the Trots: Diarrhea Early in the Course of TransplantationMaxim Norkin: Case 3.2: An Unexpected TroubleJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.3: A Swollen EyeJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.4: Breathless in the Transplant UnitJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.5: Learning from our Failures: Stubborn Aspergillosis That Does Not Get BetterGaurav Trikha: Case 3.6: Mr. Sniffles Strikes AgainMaxim Norkin: Case 3.7: Mucormycosis: An Uncommon But Deadly FoeGaurav Trikha: Case 3.8: Something's in the AirGaurav Trikha: Case 3.9: Take My Breath AwayJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.10: Unfinished Business: Prior AspergillosisMaxim Norkin: Case 3.11: When the Levee BreaksJack Hsu: Case 3.12: A Bump in the NightJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.13: A Really Bad Yeast InfectionJack Hsu: Case 3.14: Proceed or Not to Proceed: Evaluation of the Transplant Candidate with Prior HepatitisGaurav Trikha: Case 3.15: An All Too Common Abdominal Catastrophe in the Transplant PatientJack Hsu: Case 3.16: Female Troubles After TransplantationJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.17: If at First you Do Not Succeed, Try, Try, AgainMaxim Norkin: Case 3.18: An Enemy AwakenedJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.19: A Heat WaveJohn R. Wingard: Case 3.20: A Bellyache Seven Months After TransplantSection 4: Infections in Patients Receiving Immunosuppressive DrugsEmily A. Blumberg: Emily A. Blumberg: Introduction to Section FourRyan McConnell and Naasha J. Talati: Case 4.1: Consternation about IndurationAmbar Haleem and Bryan Steussy: Case 4.2: Game of Cat and MouseDilek Ince: Case 4.3: Beware the Fish TankJessie Torgersen and Todd Barton: Case 4.4: The Perils of Processed FoodsJennifer M. Babik: Case 4.5: When the Dust SettlesMatthew Whitson and Vandana Khungar: Case 4.6: A Tough Pill to SwallowRachel Miller: Case 4.7: A Construction HazardIge Abraham George and Glenn Eiger: Case 4.8: The Dyspneic DiplomatDana D. Byrne, Misha Rosenbach and Keith Hamilton: Case 4.9: Take One's Breath AwayCharitha Gowda and Melissa A. Grilliot: Case 4.10: Wielding a Double Edged SwordDeborah Kahal and Faten Aberra: Case 4.11: Don't Judge a Book By Its CoverRachel Gormley and Misha Rosenbach: Case 4.12: Hitting the Bull's eye: Target LesionsDavid Holtzman and Amy Pruitt: Case 4.13: Multiple Sclerosis Treatments: Friend and FoeCharitha Gowda and Karen Krok: Case 4.14: "B" Prepared When Using Biologic AgentsCristina Brickman: Case 4.15: Can We Inject to Protect?Section 5: Infections in Patients with Immunosuppression Due to Miscellaneous ConditionsGeorge J. Alangaden and Prantharthi H. Chandrasekar: George J. Alangaden: Case 5.1: Why Won't My "Infection" Go Away?Priscilla Rupali: Case 5.2: Why Do I Have a Groin Lump?George J. Alangaden: Case 5.3: Driveline Infection, Pocket Infection or Endocarditis?Murat Gonulalan: Case 5.4: Delirium During Treatment for PneumoniaGeorge J. Alangaden: Case 5.5: Construction of a Bone Marrow Transplant UnitGeorge J. Alangaden: Case 5.6: C. difficile Keeps Coming Back: Liver Transplant RecipientAshish Bhargava: Case 5.7: Idiopathic CD4+ Lymphocytopenia: Dizziness and HeadachesMaha Alhusseini, Deepak Garg, and Marwan Al-Hajeili: Case 5.8: Confused: A Patient With MelanomaAshish Bhargava: Case 5.9: Infected Donor - What Do I Do?Index