Information and Communication Technologies: International Conference, ICT 2010, Kochi, Kerala, India, September 7-9, 2010, Proceedings by Vinu V DasInformation and Communication Technologies: International Conference, ICT 2010, Kochi, Kerala, India, September 7-9, 2010, Proceedings by Vinu V Das

Information and Communication Technologies: International Conference, ICT 2010, Kochi, Kerala…

byVinu V DasEditorR. Vijaykumar

Paperback | September 3, 2010

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The International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Te- nologies, ICT, is organized every year with the aim of promoting research and dev- opmental activities in computer science, information technology, computational en- neering, and communication. Another goal is to promote scientific information int- change between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners wo- ing in India and abroad. The conference provides an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in information technology, telecommunication, computing techniques and related areas. ICT 2010 was organized by the Association of Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers (ACEEE), during September 7-9, 2010 in Kochi, Kerala, India. This volume contains 124 papers selected through a rigorous reviewing process. The contributions reflect the richness of research on topics within the scope of the conference and represent several important developments, specifically focused on theoretical foundations and methods for information processing and communications. Organizing a conference like this one is not possible without the assistance and continuous support of many people and institutions. Particularly I would like to - press my gratitude to the organizers of sessions on dedicated topics that took place during the conference. I also thank Stefan Goeller, Janahanlal Stephen, R Vijay Kumar, and Nessy Thankachan for their constant support and guidance. I would like to express my gra- tude to Springer's LNCS-CCIS editorial team, especially Leonie Kunz, for producing such a wonderful proceedings book. July 2010 Vinu V Das
Title:Information and Communication Technologies: International Conference, ICT 2010, Kochi, Kerala…Format:PaperbackDimensions:704 pagesPublished:September 3, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Full Paper.- Design and Simulation of Security Sub-layer of WMAN IEEE 802.16 Standard (Wi-Max Compliant).- Speech Recognition of Assamese Numerals Using Combinations of LPC - Features and Heterogenous ANNs.- Design and Modeling of Power Efficient, High Performance 32-bit ALU through Advanced HDL Synthesis.- A New Multi-language Encryption Technique for MANET.- Bi-variate Polynomial Approximation of Fuzzy Controller Using Genetic Algorithm for Trajectory Control of PUMA560.- Protecting Digital Images Using DTCWT-DCT.- A Novel High Speed Dynamic Comparator Using Positive Feedback with Low Power Dissipation and Low Offset.- VLSI Design of Four Quadrant Analog Voltage-Mode Multiplier and Its Application.- An Optimizing Technique for MDGT Using DRSA Algorithm Association with IP Traceback Strategies.- Designing a Promotor for a Novel Target Site Identified in Caspases for Initiating Apoptosis in Cancer Cells.- Learning Classifier Systems Approach for Automated Discovery of Hierarchical Censored Production Rules.- Feature Based Watermarking Algorithm by Adopting Arnold Transform.- Inference of Gene Networks from Microarray Data through a Phenomic Approach.- A Novel Lattice Based Research Frame Work for Identifying Web User's Behavior with Web Usage Mining.- Design and Analysis of Specification Based Ids for Wireless Networks Using Soft Computing.- A New Image Content-Based Authenticity Verification Procedure for Wireless Image Authentication Scheme.- Enhanced Substitution-Diffusion Based Image Cipher Using Improved Chaotic Map.- Network Forensic Analysis by Correlation of Attacks with Network Attributes.- Robust and Real Time Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Multiple QoS Guided Heuristic for Independent Task Scheduling in Grid.- A Framework for Network Forensic Analysis.- A New Trust Model Based on Time Series Prediction and Markov Model.- A Novel J2ME Service for Mining Incremental Patterns in Mobile Computing.- CDPN: Communicating Dynamic Petri Net for Adaptive Multimedia Presentation.- Developing a Web Recommendation System Based on Closed Sequential Patterns.- Nearest Neighbour Classification for Trajectory Data.- Security-Aware Efficient Route Discovery for DSR in MANET.- Regression Modeling Technique on Data Mining for Prediction of CRM.- Congestion Games in Wireless Channels with Multipacket Reception Capability.- Secure and Revocable Multibiometric Templates Using Fuzzy Vault for Fingerprint and Iris.- High Speed Cache Design Using Multi-diameter CNFET at 32nm Technology.- Dynamic Load Balancer Algorithm for the Computational Grid Environment.- Instance-Based Classification of Streaming Data Using Emerging Patterns.- Modified Go-Left Balls and Bins Algorithm for Server Load Balancing.- Three Layered Adaptation Model for Context Aware E-Learning.- AFDEP: Agreement Based CH Failure Detection and Election Protocol for a WSN.- Problem Area Identification with Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Operational Transconductance Amplifier Based Two-Stage Differential Charge Amplifiers.- Graceful Degradation in Performance of WaveScalar Architecture.- ICT 2010 - Short Paper.- Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Video Object Tracking.- Design of New Indexing Techniques Based on Ontology for Information Retrieval Systems.- Identifying the Attack Source by IP Traceback.- An Approach towards Secure and Multihop Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Network.- Improving Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to Enhance Player Experience in Games.- A Novel Method for Cross-Language Retrieval of Chunks Using Monolingual and Bilingual Corpora.- Application of Kohonan SOM in Prediction.- Evaluation of the Role of Low Level and High Level Features in Content Based Medical Image Retrieval.- A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Price Offer in Supplier Selection Process.- Generation of k-ary and (k,m)-ary Trees in A-order Using z-Sequences.- Wavelet and Hadamard Transforms for Image Retrieval Using Color Models.- A Rough Set Integrated Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Color Image Segmentation.- Local Monitoring based Reputation System with Alert to Mitigate the Misbehaving Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- An Energy Efficient Cluster Based Broadcast Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- A Hybridized Graph Mining Approach.- Dynamic Contract Generation and Monitoring for B2B Applications with Composite Services.- Synchronization of Authorization Flow with Work Object Flow in a Document Production Workflow Using XACML and BPEL.- Virtual Nodes for Self Stabilization in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Small Square Microstrip Antenna.- Extraction of Optimal Biclusters from Gene Expression Data.- Analysis of Data Warehouse Quality Metrics Using LR.- Similar - Dissimilar Victor Measure Analysis to Improve Image Knowledge Discovery Capacity of SOM.- Cluster-Base Directional Rumor Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network.- On the Calculation of Coldness in Iowa, a North Central Region, United States: A Summary on XML Based Scheme.- Development of a Three Layer Laminate for Better Electromagnetic Compatibility Performance at X-Band.- Pre-Confirmation Neural Network for Reducing the Region of Interest in an Image for Face Detection.- Low Voltage Low Power Op Amp with Gain Boosting and Frequency Compensation Technique for Battery Powered Applications.- Performance of Clustering in Mobile Domain.- Morphological Analyzer for Telugu Using Support Vector Machine.- Visualization of State Transition Systems in a Parallel Environment.- Facilitating Efficient Integrated Semantic Web Search with Visualization and Data Mining Techniques.- Image Object Classification Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform Descriptor with Support Vector Machine Classifier with Histogram Intersection Kernel.- Palmprint Recognition System Using Zernike Moments Feature Extraction.- A QOS Framework for Mobile Ad-Hoc in Large Scale Networks.- An Interactive Content Based Image Retrieval Method Integrating Intersection Kernel Based Support Vector Machine and Histogram Intersection Based Similarity Measure for Nearest Neighbor Ranking.- ICT 2010 - Poster Paper.- Analysis and Prediction of Blocking Probability in a Banyan Based ATM Switch.- Performance Evaluation of QoS Aware Routing in OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing Protocol) Using Genetic Algorithm.- Handloom Silk Fabric Defect Detection Using First Order Statistical Features on a NIOS II Processor.- Performance Modeling of MANET Routing Protocols with Multiple Mode Wormhole Attacks.- Mining a Ubiquitous Time and Attendance Application Schema Using Oracle Data Miner: A Case Study.- 4T Carry Look Ahead Adder Design Using MIFG.- Microcontroller Based Monitoring and Control of Greenhouse Enivironment.- Hand written Text to Digital Text Conversion using Radon Transform and Back Propagation Network (RTBPN).- Resource Allocation and Multicast Routing Protocol for Optical WDM Networks.- An Approximate Algorithm for Solving Dynamic Facility Layout Problem.- Homology Modeling and Protein Ligand Interaction to Identify Potential Inhibitor for E1 Protein of Chikungunya.- Tied Mixture Modeling in Hindi Speech Recognition System.- Propagation Delay Variation due to Process Induced Threshold Voltage Variation.- Biomedical Image Coding Using Dual Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform and Iterative Projection.- Privacy-Preserving Naïve Bayes Classification Using Trusted Third Party and Offset Computation over Distributed Databases.- Extraction of Pose Invariant Facial Features.- On the Segmentation of Multiple Touched Cursive Characters: A Heuristic Approach.- Context Representation and Management in a Pervasive Environment.- A Comparative Study and Choice of an Appropriate Kernel for Support Vector Machines.- Color Image Restoration Method for Gaussian Noise Removal.- A Decision Tree Approach for Design Patterns Detection by Subgraph Isomorphism.- Realisation of Various EBG Structures.- Identification of Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Proteins through Support Vector Machine.- BPNN and Lifting Wavelet Based Image Compression.- Combined Off-Line Signature Verification Using Neural Networks.- Distribution of Continuous Queries over Data Aggregators in Dynamic Data Dissemination Networks.- Formal Verification of IEEE802.16m PKMv3 Protocol Using CasperFDR.- Digital Image Steganography Based on Combination of DCT and DWT.- Mobile Robot Pose Estimation Based on Particle Filters for Multi-dimensional State Spaces.- Neural Networks Based Detection of Purpose Data in Text.- Comparative Performance Analysis of QoS-Aware Routing on DSDV, AODV and DSR Protocols in MANETs.- Steering Control of an Automated Vehicle Using Touch Screen with Simulation Result.- A Low Cost GPS Based Vehicle Collision Avoidance System.- Human Skin Region Identification Using Fusion Technique.- Avoidance of Electromagnetic Interference in Modem with Minimal Bit Error Rate Using Tele Typewriter Signals.- Retracted: A State Variables Analysis for Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices.- Unconditional Steganalysis of JPEG and BMP Images and Its Performance Analysis Using Support Vector Machine.- ASSR Fair Load Distribution Using Efficiency Division Factor with Greedy Booster Approach for MANET.- Secret Sharing Scheme for Image Encryption Using new Transformation Matrix.- Measuring the Reusability Level of Software Packages Using Reusability Testing Scripts.- A New Threshold Calculation Approach in the Performance Enhancement of Spread Spectrum System Using Double Density Discrete Wavelet Filter.- Recent Trends in Superscalar Architecture to Exploit More Instruction Level Parallelism.- A Neural Network Based Solution to Color Image Restoration Problem.- Spline Biorthogonal Wavelet Design.- Securing Password File Using Bezier Curves.- Reading a 4-Bit SLC NAND Flash Memory in 180nm Technology.- Keystroke Dynamics Authentication Using Neural Network Approaches.- Moving Object Tracking Using Object Segmentation.- Mobile Health Care System for Patient Monitoring.- Erratum.- Erratum: A State Variables Analysis for Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices.