Information Processing And Management: International Conference On Recent Trends In Business Administration And Information Processing, Ba by Vinu V DasInformation Processing And Management: International Conference On Recent Trends In Business Administration And Information Processing, Ba by Vinu V Das

Information Processing And Management: International Conference On Recent Trends In Business…

byVinu V DasEditorR. Vijayakumar, Narayan C. Debnath

Paperback | April 1, 2010

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It is my pleasure to write the preface for Information Processing and Management. This book aims to bring together innovative results and new research trends in inf- mation processing, computer science and management engineering. If an information processing system is able to perform useful actions for an obj- tive in a given domain, it is because the system knows something about that domain. The more knowledge it has, the more useful it can be to its users. Without that kno- edge, the system itself is useless. In the information systems field, there is conceptual modeling for the activity that elicits and describes the general knowledge a particular information system needs to know. The main objective of conceptual modeling is to obtain that description, which is called a conceptual schema. Conceptual schemas are written in languages called conceptual modeling languages. Conceptual modeling is an important part of requi- ments engineering, the first and most important phase in the development of an inf- mation system.
Title:Information Processing And Management: International Conference On Recent Trends In Business…Format:PaperbackDimensions:680 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:April 1, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

SVD and Neural Network Based Watermarking Scheme.- Improved Web Precision: An Interplay of Proximity Heuristics and Semantic Association of Query-Terms.- Network Management Initialization for Wired and Wireless Communication: A Real Time Study.- IMM-I46: Inter Mobility Management for an Integrated IPv4 and IPv6 Network.- An Efficient Multicast Hybrid Routing Protocol for MANETs.- Applications of Graph Theory in Face Biometrics.- Substitution-Diffusion Based Image Cipher Using Chaotic Standard Map and 3D Cat Map.- Hybrid Activities of AODV for Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Network.- Design and Evaluation of a Fuzzy-Based CPU Scheduling Algorithm.- Object Location in Cluster Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Performance Analysis of Coded OFDM for Various Modulation Schemes in 802.11a Based Digital Broadcast Applications.- Fast OVSF Code Assignment Scheme for WCDMA Wireless Networks.- A Closed Form Slew Evaluation Approach Using Burr's Distribution Function for High Speed On-Chip RC Interconnects.- Wavelet-Domain L ???-Constrained Two-Stage Near-Lossless EEG Coder.- Fuzzy Based Bandwidth Management for Wireless Multimedia Networks.- A Novel Digital Algorithm for Sobel Edge Detection.- Efficient Intrusion Detection with Reduced Dimension Using Data Mining Classification Methods and Their Performance Comparison.- Recognition of Isolated Indian Sign Language Gesture in Real Time.- Power-Efficient Cache Design Using Dual-Edge Clocking Scheme in Sun OpenSPARC T1 and Alpha AXP Processors.- Power Consumption Analysis of Direct, Set Associative and Phased Set Associative Cache Organizations in Alpha AXP 21064 Processor.- Role of Resolution in Noisy Pattern Matching.- Integrating an Efficient Authorization Protocol with Trigon-Based Authentication Mechanism for Improving Grid Security.- Bandwidth Estimation Scheme for Mobile Adhoc Network.- Multimodal Biometric Invariant Moment Fusion Authentication System.- Histogram Equalization for Class-Identification of Dental Disease Using Digital Radiography.- Comparison of Histogram and Spatiograms for Content Based Retrieval of Remote Sensing Images.- Vector Quantization for Tumor Demarcation of Mammograms.- Selective Encryption of Video Using Multiple Chaotic Maps.- Optimizing the Hybrid Approach for Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Tracking Based Secure AODV Routing Protocol.- Study of Visitor Behavior by Web Usage Mining.- A Hybrid Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network.- Efficient Group Key Distribution Mechanism for Dynamic Groups Using Public Key Broadcast Ring.- Investigation on Effectiveness of Simulation Results for Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Novel Multipath Routing Scheme in Mobile Adhoc Networks.- A Novel Security Approach for Detecting Black Hole Attack in MANET.- NEEMON Algorithm Based on Data Locality for Priority Based Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Database.- A Secure e-Shopping Using Voice Ordering.- Performance Analysis of All-Optical WDM Network with Wavelength Converter Using Erlang C Traffic Model.- A Concurrent Synchronization Model for Distributed Multimedia Systems.- Secure QoS Enabled On-Demand Link-State Multipath Routing in MANETS.- A Novel Approach for Building a Dynamically Reconfigurable Trustworthy Distributed System.- An Improved Three Pattern Huffman Compression Algorithm for Medical Images in Telemedicine.- Encryption Algorithm for Block Ciphers Based on Programmable Cellular Automata.- Performance Analysis of Reactive Routing Protocols with OSPF for IEEE 802.11s Wireless Mesh Network.- Quality of Service On-demand Power Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Cryptographic Approach to Defend against IP Spoofing.- Multi-agent Based Network Performance Tuning in Grid.- Finding Discriminative Weighted Sub-graphs to Identify Software Bugs.- Border Gateway Routing Protocol Convergence Time Analysis with Minimum Route Advertisement Information.- Design and Implementation of an Efficient Method for Certificate Path Verification in Hierarchical Public Key Infrastructures.- Iris Recognition Technique Using Gaussian Pyramid Compression.- Coverage of Access Points Using Particle Swarm Optimization in Indoor WLAN.- Energy Conservation of Multicast Key Distribution in Mobile Adhoc Networks.- An Optimal Trust Based Resource Allocation Mechanism for Cross Domain Grid.- Reactive Network Monitor for DDoS Attacks.- Statistical Method for English to Kannada Transliteration.- RIFMAS: River Flow Management System Using Wireless Sensing Agents.- Finite Element Approach to Radial Heat Flow in Human Dermal Tissues.- An Efficient Auction Based Ticket Booking Scheme for Indian Cinemas.- Supervised Learning Approach for Predicting the Quality of Cotton Using WEKA.- Music-Inspired Optimization Algorithm: Harmony-Tabu for Document Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback.- Challenges in Segmentation of Text in Handwritten Gurmukhi Script.- Exploring the Contrasts of VoIP Phone Services.- Performance Comparision of FSR, LAR1 and LANMAR Routing Protocols in MANET'S.- Impact Factor of E - Learning: Using Secondary Education Case Study.- Annotating Indian Tribal Medicinal Documents Using Semi Automatically Extracted Ontology.- A Comparative Study of Feature Extraction Approaches for an Efficient Iris Recognition System.- Binary Data Compression Using Medial Axis Transform Algorithm.- Internet Usage Monitoring for Crime Detection.- Spectral Fluctuation Analysis for Audio Compression Using Adaptive Wavelet Decomposition.- Defending against Node Misbehavior to Discover Secure Route in OLSR.- SIMBIC: SIMilarity Based BIClustering of Expression Data.- An Efficient and Cost Effective Multilayer Peer to Peer Distributed Database Model for Mobile E-Polling System.- Automatic Incorporation of Corrections into Reviewed Documents.- Performance Comparison of Multicast Routing Protocols for MANETs.- Traffic Aware LSP Selection Method in MPLS Networks.- Context-Aware Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Energy and Fault Aware Management Framework for Wireless Sensor Network.- An Image Index Model for Retrieval.- Trust Based Strategy to Resist Collaborative Blackhole Attack in Manet.- Extended Finite State Machine Model-Based Regression Test Suite Reduction Using Dynamic Interaction Patterns.- Throughput Analysis of HWMP Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks.- Separation of Machine Printed Roman and Gurmukhi Script Words.- FPGA Implementation of AES Co-processor in Counter Mode.- Detecting Plagiarism in Text Documents.- Hiding Relevant Information in an Image.- Knowledge Discovery from Web Usage Data: A Survey of Web Usage Pre-processing Techniques.- Context-Aware System Using .NET Approach.- Genetic Audio Watermarking.- Effective BST Approach to Find Underflow Condition in Interval Trees Using Augmented Data Structure.- Natural Disaster Impact Assessment Using Genetic Algorithm.- An Approach to Enhance Security Environment Based on SIFT Feature Extraction and Matching to Iris Recognition.- A Framework for Priority-Based Inter Vehicle Communication for Highway Safety.- Data Compression on Embedded System.- A Survey on Preserving Privacy for Sensitive Association Rules in Databases.- Boon and Bane of Curvelet Transform.- Security in High Performance Computing.- Trust Worthy Architecture for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Environment.- A Cross Layer Approach for Fault Management Framework in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Security Solutions to the Phishing: Transactions Based on Security Questions and Image.- CloneManager: A Tool for Detection of Type1 and Type2 Code Clones.- Document Image Segmentation Using Recursive Top-Down Approach and Region Type Identification.- An Analysis to BER Performances of Differential OFDM Systems.- MPCS: An Account-Based Secure Mobile Payment Consortia System for Educational Institutions.- Team Automata Based Framework for Spatio-Temporal RBAC Model.- Knowledge Discovery in Feedback System Using Pixel Oriented Technique.- Analysis and Simulation of a Low Leakage Conventional SRAM Memory Cell at Deep Sub-micron Level.- Enhancing the efficiency of On-demand Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Design Issues for Replacing Credit Card on Mobile Phone.- Unknown Key Share Attack on STPKE' Protocol.- An Effective SOA Model for Developing Efficient Systems.- Refactoring Interprocedural Dynamic Slicing for Handling Pointers.- Image Segmentaion and Steganography for Secured Information Transmission.- Ant System Embedded with Local Search for Solving Facility Layout Problem.- Strategic Initiatives and Automated Decision Support with ERP System Environment.- A Case Study of Strategic Design Management.- The Effects of Mannequins on Consumers' Perception and Shopping Attitude.- Knowledge Transfer: Do Instructor Characteristics Matter?.- Strong and Weak Formulations of Single Stage Uncapacitated Warehouse Location Problem.- CRM in Pharmaceutical Sector: Meeting the Challenges of Changing Healthcare Environment.- HR Roadmap: Becoming a Strategic Business Partner.- Recent Trends in Indian Technical and Management Education W.R.T. Maharashtra.