Ink Exchange by Melissa MarrInk Exchange by Melissa Marr

Ink Exchange

byMelissa Marr

Paperback | March 31, 2009

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The second installment in Melissa Marr’s #1 New York Times bestselling Wicked Lovely series brings readers back to the land of faerie and delivers another stunning, high-stakes romance.

Unbeknownst to mortals, a power struggle is unfolding in a world of shadows and danger. After centuries of stability, the balance among the Faery Courts has altered, and Irial, ruler of the Dark Court, is battling to hold his rebellious and newly vulnerable fey together. If he fails, bloodshed and brutality will follow.

Seventeen-year-old Leslie knows nothing of faeries or their intrigues. When she is attracted to an eerily beautiful tattoo of eyes and wings, all she knows is that she has to have it, convinced it is a tangible symbol of changes she desperately craves for her own life.

The tattoo does bring changes—not the kind Leslie has dreamed of, but sinister, compelling changes that are more than symbolic. Those changes will bind Leslie and Irial together, drawing Leslie deeper and deeper into the faery world, unable to resist its allures, and helpless to withstand its perils. . .

Melissa Marr is the author of the bestselling Wicked Lovely series as well as the adult fantasy novelsGraveminderandThe Arrivals. When not writing, editing, or traveling, Melissa is buried under a plethora of books, dogs, and children in Virginia or online at
Title:Ink ExchangeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:352 pages, 8 × 5.31 × 0.79 inPublished:March 31, 2009Publisher:HarperCollinsLanguage:English

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:

ISBN - 10:0061214701

ISBN - 13:9780061214707

Appropriate for ages: 13 - 17


Rated 4 out of 5 by from Easy read! I loved this series when I read it as a teen. Really wanting to purchase and see if it's as good as I remember!
Date published: 2018-08-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great Great addition to the series
Date published: 2018-01-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved It This might be my favorite of the series.
Date published: 2017-04-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I was really good! I missed the characters from the first novel but these were still really well written!
Date published: 2017-03-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it!!! I absolutely love this series! I can't get enough. You need to read the whole series. Once you start, you can't stop, and you get seriously distraught when you finish the series; knowing that there are none left to read!
Date published: 2015-03-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it!!! I absolutely love this series! I can't get enough. You need to read the whole series. Once you start, you can't stop, and you get seriously distraught when you finish the series; knowing that there are none left to read!
Date published: 2015-03-31
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Love it!!! I absolutely love this series! I can't get enough. You need to read the whole series. Once you start, you can't stop, and you get seriously distraught when you finish the series; knowing that there are none left to read!
Date published: 2015-03-31
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A one night read I do not think this was as chalenging a story as Aislinn's but it was still a strong and entertaining story, and only a little slow ins ome places.
Date published: 2013-09-21
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr -- With the new Summer King and Queen, Leslie notices some changes in the way Aislinn has been behaving. But Leslie is closer to the faery world then she’ll ever know… until she decides to get a tattoo. A tattoo that will change her life forever. With the Dark Court losing it’s power thanks to the seasonal rulers, the Dark King – Irial – is looking for anyway to make sure that his fey are fed and safe… and Leslie is the perfect way to do that without starting war. She just wants there to be no more pain, no more worry, no more fear – and just to forget. Forget, forgive, and most importantly, survive. -- I have to say, I didn’t have any trouble at all getting into this book. I don’t remember what I rated the first one, but there were parts of this book that actually made me like it better than Wicked Lovely. I really liked how more of the Dark Court was showed. I think that the way their court worked was a lot more interesting than it just revolving around the two seasonal ones. The parts where Leslie had completed her ink exchange and was tied to Irial were kind of boring though. I mean, I think they were necessary to write but on my part it was kind of boring to read. All she did was black out and cling to Irial and black out again. And the parts where she couldn’t feel anything were just overwritten, I mean… I got it after the first couple times!!! Overall though, I thought that this was an interesting book to read. I liked how the main character changed from the first one but it was still all in the same setting with the same people. That made it more fun because you knew a background story before you even started the book. I’ll give Ink Exchange a 3.5 out of 5 An enjoyable book! I think the series is just going to go from here… isn’t there about 5 books out now? I have some catching up to do! Later Cheese Graters, MRR
Date published: 2011-05-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Wasn't expecting to get a different side of the story I was really hoping to get my fix of Seth in this novel but little did I know it focused of Aislinn’s friend Leslie. I was a bit disappointed that Seth wasn’t in this novel but it was still pretty good. I liked being able to get the perspective of the Dark Court, where are the cruel fairies are from. We do see a soft side of Irial the king of the Dark Court which you’d wouldn’t expect him to have a soft side. I liked how even though he pretty much ruined Leslie’s life he still cares a lot about her. It was kinda sweet in a weird way. I’m crossing my fingers that the third novel has my fix of Seth in it because I dunno what I am going to do if I don’t get my Seth fix. The Rating: 4.5 out of 5 For more reviews please visit
Date published: 2011-05-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Welcome to the dark side As you can see in the title, the second book to Wicked Lovely is about the dark side of the fae courts. It's about the summer queens friend Leslie, and how she get's a tattoo that is linking her to the dark side. I don't want to say too much, but if you liked Wicked Lovely you'll definatly enjoy Ink Exchange. Melissa Marr does it again.
Date published: 2010-01-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Freaking Addiciting, NO JOKE I was really addicted to the book and so will you. I finished the book in like 2 days after I bought it. I even stayed up for a while just to read it. I hope you will enjoy it too. =)
Date published: 2009-12-19
Rated 3 out of 5 by from It will keep you hooked I read better books to be honest, but when your're serious, who hasn't? This book was definitly when I was reading it at the time, the book of the moment, but now that I finished it a few motnhs ago, I can honestly tell you that I can barely remember the book, just a few main details here and there, but not even nearly enough to give you a summary of it. And in my world, if a book isn't worth remembering, it's not worth 4 stars, or ever 5 stars. When I was reading it I may have in the moment given it 4 stars but that would have been an exageration. Reccomend it for anyone who likes faeries, and all of that genre. Or who likes creepy stories, because at times this one crosses the line. I'm 13 years old and and smart enough to know that, you don't give away ratings.
Date published: 2009-12-03
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Wasn't a Bad Read I read Melissa Marr's first book {Wicked Lovely} of this genre and I honestly loved it! I know that she wrote this book as a standalone that didn't neccesarily have to be read, but would help you with the story of her other books if you did read it. I was a little dissapointed when I found that out, but I got over it. It wasn't a prequel, but it wasn't a sequel, either. As far as the book goes, it was alright. Nothing too special, although, I did really love the characters. The story really revolves around the art of tattooing. Overall, an alright book, its good to read if you've read Wicked Lovely and want to read Fragile Eternity, although it is not mandatory. Enjoy !
Date published: 2009-10-02
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Awesome Book. The book was totally awesome. Yall who're saying the book sucked because they main chars from Wicked Lovely were not in it need to do a bit more research before posting your reviews, and turning people away from an awesome book. Ink Exchange is a COMPANION novel to Wicked Lovely, not a direct sequel, but still necessary to read before the actual sequel, Fragile Eternity.
Date published: 2009-09-26
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Another good one. This book was good just like the first one. It is definitely something that you can loose yourself in and then before you know it, you're done. This book is more about the Dark Court of the Fae. Iriel, the Dark King, bonds himself with a mortal so that he can feed his weakening court emotions, which is what they survive on. Since that mortal is connected to the characters from the first book, we get to see them again, which is something that i love. I really don't have much to say about this book, it was a great read and I enjoyed it. One thing that dissapointed me for a short time was the 'romance-ness' that showed up in the book. The whole 'I loved you when I first met you and would now do anything for you' thing. I HATE that!!! It did show up in this book and i was ready to scream, but it did not dominate the story or anything and after a bit i totally forgot about it. I will say that i REALLY enjoyed the ending. I loved how everything turned out, and am really looking forward to what i THINK will happen in the next book. Melissa Marr is a great writer and i am very greatfull that i picked up these books.
Date published: 2009-08-26
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Meh! I was expecting a lot more from this book since I loved the first one. It took me a long time to read because I couldn't really get in to the book. Overall it was OK!
Date published: 2009-08-21
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Practically the Same I adored Wicked Lovely so when I heard Ink Exchange was coming out, I was reeaally excited. I bought it in hard cover because I couldnt wait a few months til the soft cover came out- Big Mistake. It was really disapointing. Except for the change of characters and situation, it has practically the same storyline (Leslie being Aislinn, Irial being Keenan ect.). It didn't have a terrible ending but it wasn't that good either. I don't think Melissa Marr should have bothered writing this. If she just continued on with Aislinn, Seth, and Keenen, it might have been worth reading.
Date published: 2009-08-01
Rated 4 out of 5 by from It's good I thought this book was really good. At the ending of Wicked Lovely Melissa Marr writes that the next one isn't about the main characters of her first novel so if people actually read it they wouldn't be so surprised about it
Date published: 2009-07-27
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Not As Good As It Could've Been The first was much better. It was interesting, but it was a completely different read than the first one.
Date published: 2009-07-21
Rated 3 out of 5 by from How come so many bad reviews? Surprisingly I've read quite a few bad reviews of this book...and I'm surprised because I thought it was pretty good... I was a little skeptical of this book since most of the main characters from Wicked Lovely (who I loved) became secondary characters... and Niall (who was barely present) and Leslie (who was rather an annoying nobody in) became the stars of the Wicked Lovely sequel. Anyway, I do admit that Ink Exchange has a rather slow start, but it definitely picks up about halfway through and ends up as a pretty good novel. Again Marr proves the reason her books sell is the characters. They all provide interesting insight into each of the fey courts...those that are good are not all good and those bad are surprisingly good if that makes any sense. The characters from the previous novel are all given tons of new dimension which makes you both love and hate them more. I think plot wise, the ending mostly is it's saving point...although you do get a happy ending, it is pretty much slightly tainted with darkness all around. Compromise seems to be a running theme in Marr endings.
Date published: 2009-07-17
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Thougth it would be better This is the sequel to Wicked Lovely, so I thougth I would enjoy it as much as the first. I did not. This is one of the few books i wish I had never bothered with. This story is about Leslie, she gets a tattoo and is drawn in to the dark fae court. I like the characters, leslie and Irial, the dark courts king and Niall, but overall this book is just depressing. When the book finally ends, everyone just walks away. After all the struggles, pain, love, everyone justs basically walks off in their own directions. i was left thinking thats it. I was just disappointed from beginning to end.
Date published: 2009-07-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Deliciously Dark I was pleased with Wicked Lovely, and looked forward to reading Ink Exchange. Unlike many other reviewers though, I loved Ink Exchange far more than Wicked Lovely. Both books are nice variations on teen Fae books. Ink Exchange embraces the darkness of the Fae but still gives the characters humanity. I especially enjoyed Niall's struggles with himself and his monarchs.
Date published: 2009-04-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Wonderful! In Ink Exchange, we see one of more minor characters from Wicked Lovely come to the forefront. Leslie is one of Aislinn’s good friends. Someone Aislinn is desperate to protect from the Fey world, and the knowledge of what Aislinn has become. The only other mortal in her life that know’s anything of her world is Seth. We also see Niall & Irial come to the forefront in this book, along with the introduction of a few new characters, such as Gabriel. Niall wants nothing more to serve his Queen and protect Leslie. There is something between both Leslie and Niall and Leslie and Irial from almost the beginning of the novel. We learn that through Rabbit, a half mortal/half Fey & tattooist, Irial has been creating Ink Exchanges, linking the human who chooses the individual Dark Fey’s tattoo to that particular Fey. Leslie has been saving for quite a while and is finally ready to get her ink. After looking over Rabbit’s tattoo’s many times, she still hasn’t found anything she wants, and asks Rabbit to design something for her. Instead, he shows her to a small room, and takes out a book of ‘one of a kind tattoo’s. Almost immediately she is drawn to one. The tattoo that, through the ink exchange , will link her to Irial, King of the Dark court. After her first session, she feels stronger, no longer the weak girl she was – struggling to keep things together with awful things happening at home and the difficult time she’s had with other horrible things she’s had to face. She starts to feel more confident. Many twists and turns happen in this book, with both Niall and Iri obviously falling very deeply for a mortal girl. Niall trying to keep her from harm and Iri trying to protect her while at the same time using her to help his court survive. As with the first book, we see a lot of growth in our MC and struggles to overcome what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. Leslie is strong and resilient and is thrown a lot of curveballs. The second book in the Wicked Lovely series and another success. Although I didn’t like it quite as much as the first, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. As with the first, the writing was once again excellent and the plot flowed smoothly with twists and turns along the way, keeping it unpredictable. Another book I would strongly recommend, leaving you waiting to read Marr’s third book, Fragile Eternity.
Date published: 2009-04-14
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Didn't really like it... This book Ink exchange by Melissa Marr was a sequel to Wicked Lovely. I honestly thought this book was pretty bad. There was just something about it that I really disliked... I think It was the ending or possibly the whole plot. All I know is that i would not recommend this book to anyone.
Date published: 2009-03-08

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