Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Innovative S by Jay LeeInnovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Innovative S by Jay Lee

Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of…

byJay LeeEditorV. Turkevich, Nikolay Novikov

Hardcover | June 21, 2005

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Modern industry imposes ever increasing requirements upon tools and tool materials as to the provision for performance under the conditions of high cutting speeds and dynamic loads as well as under intensive thermal and chemical interactions with workpiece materials. The industry demands a higher productivity in combination with the accuracy of geometry and dimensions of workpieces and quality of working surfaces of the machined pieces. These requirements are best met by the tool superhard materials (diamond and diamond-like cubic boron nitride). Ceramics based on silicon carbide, aluminum and boron oxides as well as on titanium, silicon and aluminum nitrides offer promise as tool materials. Tungsten-containing cemented carbides are still considered as suitable tool materials. Hi- hardness and high strength composites based on the above materials fit all the requirements imposed by machining jobs when manufacturing elements of machinery, in particular those operating under the extreme conditions of high temperatures and loads. These elements are produced of difficult-- machine high-alloy steels, nickel refractory alloys, high-tech ceramics, materials with metallic and non-metallic coatings having improved wear resistance, as well as of special polymeric and glass-ceramic materials. Materials science at high pressure deals with the use of high-pressure techniques for the development and production of unique materials whose preparation at ambient pressure is impossible (e. g. , diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc. ) or of materials with properties exceeding those of materials produced at ambient pressure (e. g. , high-temperature superconductors).
Title:Innovative Superhard Materials and Sustainable Coatings for Advanced Manufacturing: Proceedings of…Format:HardcoverDimensions:475 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:June 21, 2005Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Bridge Between the Ideal and Real Mechanical Properties of Superhard Materials; v.v. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin ..- 2. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Spontaneus Crystallization of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride; v.z. Turkevich - 3. Strain-Induced Disorder and Phase Transformation in Hexagonal Boron Nitride under Quasi-Homogeneous Pressure up to 25 GPa: in-Situ X-Ray Study in a Rotational Diamond Anvil Cell; V.1. Levita et al.- 4. Combining Hard With Soft Materials in Nanoscale under High-Pressure High-Temperature Conditions; B. Palosz et al,.-.5. Advance Manufacturing of Advanced Materials; A.G. Mamalis.- 6. High-Pressure Synthesis of Mgb2-Based Material with High Critical Currents; T. Prikhna et al.- 7. Promising Superhard Materials and Efficient Technologies of their Production; N.V. Novikov, A.A. Shul'zhenko.- 8. Light Element Polycrystalline Structures Incorporating Micron to Nanosize Constituents; P.J. Gielisse, H. Niculescu.-9. Electrical Properties of Crystalline 3D-Polymeric C60 Fullerites Obtained by HPHT Treatment; S. Buga et al.- 10. The Influence of Detonation Nanodiamond Powder on Blood Cells; A.P. Puzyr et al..- 11. Structural and Adsorption Characteristics of Porous Industrial Diamond; S.V.. Mikhalovsky et al.- 12. Influence of Initial Diamond Raw Material Strength on Quality of Produced on Its Base Thin Micron Powders; N.V. Noviko et al.- 13. Recent Progress in Growth of Diamond Crystals;R. Abbashian, C. Clarke .- 14. Peculiarities of Graphite Transformation Under High Pressure; V.D. Blank et al.-,15. Thin Film Coatings as a Sensor Fabricated on Mechanical Parts; K. Mori et al.- 16. Grain Boundary Engineering Of Nanostructure Chromium Films; S.A. Firstov et al.- 17. Phosphorus Related Characteristics of Synthetic Diamonds; H. Kanda and S. Koizumi .-18. A Survey of Coating Technologies in Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises;S. Hirose, K. Mori.-19. Tribological Properties of ta-C Films Deposited on Hard Metal Substrate; M.V.Projega et al.- 20. Application of Diamond-Like Carbon Film in Optical Waveguide Sensing System; M. Smietana, J. Szmidt .- 21. Recent News of Manufacture of Hip Joint Prostheses: Problems And Solutions; O.A. Rozenberg et al.- 22. Capillary Phenomena, Phase Interaction at The Graphite- Metal Melt Interface And Diamond Synthesis; V. Perevertailo,O. Loginova, 23. Mechanism of Cubic Boron Nitride Formation and Phase Equilibria in the Mg-BN and A1N-BN Systems; V. Turkevich et al.- 24. Amorphous Diamond, its Production, Identification and Some Properties; Yu.I. Sozin, M.Ya. Katsay .- 25. The Effect of the Field of Residual Strains on the N-Beam XRay Diffraction on Diamond; V.N. Tkach et al.- 26. Phase Diagram and Diamond Synthesis in the Aluminum- Carbon System at a Pressure of 8 Gpa; V. Turkevich et al.- 27. Superconducting Tunnel Junctions with Inelastic Processes in Barriers; V. Shaternik.- 28. Diamond-Carbon Composites. Physico-Chemical Properties, New Areas of Their Application; N.V. Novikov et al.- 29. Chemical Properties of Nanodiamond; I.I. Kulakova .- 30. Surface Chemistry of Submicron cBN Powders G.P.Bogatyreva et al.- 31. Uniformity of Superhard Material Grinding Powders N.V.Novikov et al.- 32. The Influence of Conditions of the Detonation Synthesis (DS) on the Degree of Transformation and Physico-Chemical Properties of Detonation Diamonds (DD). V.Ph. Tatsy et al.- 33. The Effect of The Structure of a Two-Layer Cutting Insert on its Physico-Mechanical Characteristics; s.v. Tkach et al.- • 34. Comparative Study of Near Stochiometric a-SiC:H and a-SiC Films: Effect of the Bonded Hydrogen; A. V. Vasin et al.-35. Certification of Hardened Diamond Like Coatings (DLCs) Mechanical Properties; I.Sh. Trakhtenberg et al.- 36. The modification of tribological properties of diamond like coatings (DLCs) obtained by graphite sputtering in argon and nitrogen ions presence; I.Sh. Trakhtenberg et al.-37. Application of Diamond-Like Films for Improving Transparency in