Intelligent Systems Third Golden West International Conference: Edited and Selected Papers by E.A. YfantisIntelligent Systems Third Golden West International Conference: Edited and Selected Papers by E.A. Yfantis

Intelligent Systems Third Golden West International Conference: Edited and Selected Papers

EditorE.A. Yfantis

Paperback | December 4, 2014

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The 1994 GWIC was held June 6th, 7th and 8th, 1994, on the Campus of the UNLV. It was sponsored by UNLV, UNR, and ACM-SIGART. The keynote speakers were Prof. Bonnie Weber of the University of Pennsylvania, Prof Stuart Shapiro, Director of the Center for Cognitive Science at SUNY at Buffalo, and Prof. Nicolas Bourbakis of SUNY at Binghamton. Dr. Bonnie Webber, the first keynote speaker, presented the first talk of the conference Monday morning June 6th, entitled "Instructing Animated Agents: Natural Language and Human Figure Animation". Her one hour lecture and the computer graphics video in which figures emulating realistically humans were able to successfully perform a number of human motions and functions, were very well received by the participants. Dr. Stuart Shapiro, presented his keynote speech, entitled "Formalizing English", Tues­ day morning, June 7th. His objective was to construct a natural language using an intelli­ gent agent. His talk was of great interest and drew a great deal of discussion and questions by the participants. "The Role of AI in Multimedia Information Systems", was the topic presented by the third keynote speaker, Dr. N. Bourbakis, Wednesday morning June 8th. He addressed the changes in computing with the introduction of Multimedia and the usage of AI to store and retrieve intelligently massive visual, audio, and other data.
Title:Intelligent Systems Third Golden West International Conference: Edited and Selected PapersFormat:PaperbackPublished:December 4, 2014Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Artificial Intelligence.- The Kolmogorov Metric and Classifying Linear Cellular Automata.- A Hybrid Learning Rule for a Feedforward Network.- Logic Programming and Default Logic.- Abductive Behaviour of Concurrent Logic Programs.- Explanation of Designs Through Heuristic Reasoning.- Search Reduction in Linguistic Geometry.- Providing Intelligent Support for Predicting Costs of Waste Water Treatment Systems.- Planning Text for Interactive Plan Explanations.- Knowledge-Based Uncertainty Management: An IDSS Approach.- Collective Learning as an Efficient Learning and Function Optimization Procedure.- Scientific Analysis Language for Retrieval and Analysis of Knowledge.- Towards a Broader Theory for Abstract Interpretation.- A Tale of Three Tutoring Protocols: The Implications for Intelligent Tutoring Systems.- Quantum Mechanical Wave Function Collapse and the Problem of Free Will in Physics.- Evaluating Language Acquisition Models - A Common Framework.- Annotations, Signs, and Generally Paraconsistent Logics.- A Type-Free System of Higher Order Logic for PROLOG.- Search Reduction Techniques in Jumping Games.- An Intelligent Terminal for Local and Remote Access to the Office Environment.- An Implementation of the Faceted Classification System for Software Reuse.- Investor Counseling and Financial Market Screening: An Experimental Study to Extend Traditional Means in Portofolio Management.- A First-Order Analogue of Higher-Order Unification.- Using String Logic Programming for Morphological Analysis: A Case Study on Indonesian Language.- A Knowledge Organization Framework for Knowledge-Based Pattern Recognition.- An Interactive Front-End for Fuzzy Databases.- Extending Occam's Razor.- Modelling Occam2 Programs with Meta Logic Programming.- Performance Comparison of Different Learning Methods for Weather Forecasting Operations.- Quantitative Evaluation of Classification Performance for Machine Learning ROC Analysis and Sensitivity/Specificity Plots.- Semantic Trees for Disjunctive Logic Programs.- The OK BDI Architecture.- Evolving the Size of Rule-Based Fuzzy Systems.- ANALOG: A Knowledge Representation System for Natural Language Processing.- Conversion of Complete Logic Programs to Double Defined Logic Programs.- An Efficient Metric for Heterogeneous Inductive Learning Applications in the Attribute-Value Language.- Improving Decision Support Through Hypermedia.- The Design of Object-Oriented Meta-Architectures for Programming Languages.- Non-Well-Founded Set Theory and the Circular Semantics of Semantic Networks.- A New System Approach to Study Program Properties.- Evolutionary Processing.- Model-Based Diagnosis of the Human Body.- Intelligent Decision Making in Two-Level Active Systems.- Automatic Generation of C Program Code from Data Flow Diagrams.- Approach C-Cd, A New Contradiction Handling Strategy and Extended Logic Programs.- Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.- Stabilizing Techniques in Training Feedforward Neural Networks.- Two Genetic Algorithm Enhancements.- Chaos, Neural Networks and Gaming.- Application of Genetic Algorithms to 2D Velocity Inversion of Seismic Refraction Data.- Reverse Engineering: A Case Study on Neural Network Softwork.- A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solving the Battlefield Communication Network Configuration Problem.- Evolving Cascade-Correlation Networks for Time-Series Forecasting.- Adaptive User Models for Intelligent Information Filtering.- Using Genetically Evolving Multi-Layer Cellular Automata for Image Processing.- Speech Recognition Using Neural Networks(Hearnet): Mapping from a set of Phoneme Strings to Character/Word Recognition.- An Adaptive Training Method of Back-Propagation Algorithm.- Multiversion Information Retrieval: Performance Evaluation of Neural Networks vs. Dempster-Shafer Model.- A Study of Genetic Algorithms to Find Approximate Solutions to Hard 3-SAT Problems.- Fingerprint Image Coding by a Clustering Learning Network.- Parallel Genetic Processes.- An Intelligent Neural Network Based System for 3-D Motion Analysis.- Neural Networks for Rainfall Forecasting.- Receiver Function Inversion Using Genetic Algorithms.- An Automatic Transcript Evaluation System.- Extrapolation of Vibration Data Using Neural Networks.- Design Strategies for Evolutionary Robotics.- Efficient Construction of Networks for Learned Representations with General to Specific Relationships.- Air Pollution Source Apportionment Using Genetic Algorithms.- A Transformation for Implementing Neural Networks With Localist Properties.- The Application of Neural Network to Fault Diagnosis.- Expert Systems.- RSCL3: A Learning Expert System for Intelligent Tutoring.- No Causality in Function: Building a Function-Centered Knowledge Base.- Methodology for Expandable Expert System Development.- Intelligent Telecommunication Services: Adaptive and Demonstrational User Interfaces.- Multi-Layered Hybrid Architecture to Solve Complex Tasks of an Autonomous Mobile Robot.- ALINSPEC Project: An Intelligent Vision System for Automatic Inspection of Alimentary Products.- An Intelligent System for GIS Information Mapping.- PITS: An Intelligent Tutoring System Loosely Coupled to External Database Systems.- Data Base Management.- A Finely-Interleaved Consistency Checking Method for Knowledge-Bases.- Heuristic Query Analysis Within a Distributed Deductive Database.- Methodology for Implementing the Access Control in Behaviorally Object-Oriented Database Systems.- Prospective View on Intelligent Databases.- Adaptive Query Reformulation in Attribute Based Image Retrieval.- Implicit Representation for Extensional Answers in Object-Oriented Systems.- A General Framework for Building Intelligent Database Applications.- Retrieval in Image Databases.- Design Issues of Object Manager for the TOS.- Issues in Management of Class-History in Object-Oriented Databases.- Methodology to Convert a Traditional Design to an Object-Oriented Design.- Computer Graphics and Image Processing.- Deformation of Volumes Using Scattered Landmark Points.- A Hybrid Mountain Generation Algorithm Using Subdivision and B-Splines.- View Variations in Angles.- A Simple and Efficient Thinning Method.- Using Proper Object-Oriented Design to Enhance Portability of Graphical Applications.- A Fast Fourier Method for Mountain Generation.- A New Differential Pulse Code Modulation Compression Algorithm.- Algorithms.- The Problem of Partitioning With Duplications and its Applications.- Pr/t Net Method for Robot Planning.- Recognition of Hand Printed Digits Using Multiple Parallel Methods.- Designing Fail-Soft Systems for Distributed Computing.- Distributed Programming Using Objects - A Case Study.- A Distributed Deadlock Detection Algorithm.