Interdisciplinary Topics In Applied Mathematics, Modeling And Computational Science by Monica G. CojocaruInterdisciplinary Topics In Applied Mathematics, Modeling And Computational Science by Monica G. Cojocaru

Interdisciplinary Topics In Applied Mathematics, Modeling And Computational Science

byMonica G. CojocaruEditorIlias S. Kotsireas, Roman N. Makarov

Paperback | October 15, 2016

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The Applied Mathematics, Modelling, and Computational Science (AMMCS) conference aims to promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The contributions in this volume cover the latest research in mathematical and computational sciences, modeling, and simulation as well as their applications in natural and social sciences, engineering and technology, industry, and finance.

The 2013 conference, the second in a series of AMMCS meetings, was held August 26-30 and organized in cooperation with AIMS and SIAM, with support from the Fields Institute in Toronto, and Wilfrid Laurier University. There were many young scientists at AMMCS-2013, both as presenters and as organizers. This proceedings contains refereed papers contributed by the participants of the AMMCS-2013 after the conference.

This volume is suitable for researchers and graduate students, mathematicians and engineers, industrialists, and anyone who would like to delve into the interdisciplinary research of applied and computational mathematics and its areas of applications.

Title:Interdisciplinary Topics In Applied Mathematics, Modeling And Computational ScienceFormat:PaperbackDimensions:555 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 1.73 inPublished:October 15, 2016Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Exact solutions and conservation laws of the Joseph-Egri equation with power law nonlinearity (A.R. Adem, C.M. Khalique).- ML-a'Deconvolution model in a bounded domain with a vertical regularization (H. Ali).- Solving the Linear Transportation Problem by Modified Vogel Method (D. Almaatani, S.G. Diagne, Y. Gningue, P.M. Takouda).- Input-to-State Stability of Large-Scale Stochastic Impulsive Systems with Time Delay and Application to Control Systems (M.S. Alwan, X.Z. Liu, W.- C. Xie).- Replicator Dynamics of Axelrod's Norms Games (M. Andrews, E. Thommes, M. Cojocaru).- Computing least squares condition numbers on hybrid multicore/GPU systems (M. Baboulin, J. Dongarra, R. Lacroix).- Coupled Spin-Torque Nano Oscillators: Stability of Synchronization (K. Beauvais, A. Palacios, R. Shaffer, J. Turtle, V. In, P. Longhini).- Nonlinear Robust Control and Regulation problems for Biomedical Dynamical Systems (A. Belmiloudi).- Model of Heat and Water Transport in Frozen Porous Media and Fractured Rock Masses (M. Benes, L. Krupicka, R. Stefan).- Set-valued Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equations: Direct and Inverse Problem (M.I. Berenguer, H. Kunze, D. La Torre, M. Ruiz Galan).- Stabilizing role of predators in niche construction modeling (F.S. Berezovskaya, G.P. Karev).- Strip-saturation-yield model for a piezoelectric plate a study on influence of change in poling direction (R.R. Bhargava, K. Jangid).- Strip-saturation-induction model mode-III solution for piezo-electro-magnetic strip (R.R. Bhargava, P.R. Verma).- Adaptive Matrix Transpose Algorithms for Distributed Multicore Processors (J.C. Bowman, M. Roberts).- Accounting for Temperature when Modeling Population Health Risk Due to Air Pollution (W.S. Burr, H.H. Shin).- Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences as Filters in Generalized Additive Models (W.S. Burr, H.H. Shin).- Time Series Analysis and Calibration to Option Data: A Study of Various Asset Pricing Models (G. Campolieti, R.N. Makarov, Arash Soleimani).- An application of the double Skorokhod formula (C. Canepa, T.A. Pirvu).- Multitaper Smoothed Minimum Statistics Noise Power Estimation (R. Castellanos, N. Erdol, H. Zhuang).- Design Considerations for Thermal Management of Electronics Enclosures (R. Cocks, D. Clendenen, L. Chretien).- A CFD Optimization of Airflow Efficiency for an Electric Motor Driven Centrifugal Fan System for Residential HVAC Applications (R. Cocks, J. Westhoff).- Adoption of new products with global and local social influence in a 2-d characteristics space (M.G. Cojocaru, C. Hogg, C. Kuusela, E.W. Thommes).- On the group analysis of a modified Novikov equation (P. Leal da Silva, I. Leite Freire).- Implication of stochastic resonance on neurological disease quantification (T.K. Das, N. Rajakumar, M. Jog).- Impact of excess mortality on the dynamics of diseases spread by ectoparasites (A. Denes, G. Rost).- Temperature Induced Cubic-to-Tetragonal Transformations in Shape Memory Alloys Using a Phase-Field Model (R. Dhote, H. Gomez, R. Menik, J. Zu).- A Study of Brain Biomechanics using Hamilton's Principle: Application to Hydrocephalus (C.S. Drapaca, J.A. Kauffman).- A Mathematical Model For Treatment Selection Literature (G. Duncan, W.W. Koczkodaj).- New Exceptional Orthogonal Polynomials and Non-linear algebras associated to the Quantum system (D. Dutta).- Avoiding the coordinate singularity problem in the numerical solution of the Dirac equation in cylindrical coordinates (F. Fillion-Gourdeau, E. Lorin, A.D. Bandrauk).- Symmetry reductions and exact solutions of a generalized Fisher equation (M.L. Gandarias , M.Rosa, M.S. Bruzon).- Numerical simulation of potential Maxwellʹs equations in harmonic regime (M.T. Gonzalez Montesinos, F. Ortegon Gallego).- Supply Chain Flexibility Metrics Evaluation (M.E. Genevois, U. Gure, K. Ocakoglu).- Estimation of Absolute and Relative Abundance (J. Horrocks, M. Rueffer, D. Gillis, D. Hamilton, S. Wong).- Design, Fabrication and Testing of Hybrid Energy Harvesting Units (M. Ibrahim, A. Salehian).- Markov Chain Monte Carlo Analysis of Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone after Reintroduction of Wolves (D. Johnson, D.J. Klinke, Q. Wang, M. Condon, Z. Wang).- Discovering Forward Invariant Sets for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (J. Kapinski, J. Deshmukh).- Investigation of Calcium Chloride Aqueous Solutions/Hexane Interfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study (N. Khiabani, Bahramian, Soltani, Ejtehadi, Pourafshary, Sarikhani, Chen).- Random Shape Monte Carlo Study of the Area Estimation Improvement by Pairwise Comparisons (W.W. Koczkodaj, A. Almowanes, T. Kakishvili, G. Duncan).- Controllability of Second Order Impulsive Differential Systems in Banach spaces (M. Li, J. Tian).- SIAC Filtering for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations (X. Li, J.K. Ryan).- Structural analysis and dummy derivatives: some relations (R. McKenzie, J. Pryce).- On the new exact solutions of the Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equations (I. E. Mhlanga, C.M. Khalique).- Collision effects of solitary waves for the Gardner equation (A.S. Mia).- Conservation Laws for a generalized coupled Boussinesq system of KdV-KdV type (T.E. Mogorosi, B. Muatjetjeja, C.M. Khalique).- Exact solutions of a coupled Boussinesq equation (D.M. Mothibi, C.M. Khalique).- Recent Advances in Error Control B-spline Gaussian Collocation Software for PDEs (P. Muir, J. Pew).- Downscaling of regional climate scenarios within agricultural areas across Canada with a multivariate, multi-site model (N.K. Newlands, W. Lu, T.A. Porcelli).- Iterative Techniques for Nonlinear Periodic Boundary Value Problems via Initial Value Problems (S.G. Pandit, D.H. Dezern).- Fast and stable algorithms for Discrete Sine Transformations having orthogonal factors (S.M.Perera, V. Olshevsky).- Interactive computational search strategy of periodic solutions in essentially nonlinear dynamics (L.F. Petrov).- Explosive behavior in the Black, Derman, Toy model (D. Pirjol).- Exploiting block triangular form for solving DAEs: reducing the number of initial values (J. Pryce, N. Nedialkov, G. Tan, R. McKenzie).- Analysis and Visualization of a Many Objective Optimization Landscape Design Problem (L.A. Rivera-Zamarripa, S.A. Roberts, N. Cruz-Cortes).- Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Design for Peri-urban Greenlands Systems: metric implementations (S. A. Roberts, N. Cruz-Cortes, G.B. Hall).- Effect of Boundary Absorption on Dispersion of a Solute in Pulsatile Casson Fluid Flow (B.T. Sebastian , P. Nagarani).- Stability Analysis of a Human-Phlebotomus Papatasi-Rodent Epidemic Model (S. Selmane).- Computational Thinking and Simulation In Teaching Science and Mathematics (H. Shodiev).- Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Noise Characteristics of Channel Amplifiers (A. Shymanska).- Parameter Range Reduction in ODE Models in the Presence of Partial Data Sets (A. Skelton, A.R. Willms).- Stability of Open-loop Switched Systems with Impulses (P. Stechlinski, X. Liu­).- Mathematics-in-industry study group projects from Australia and New Zealand in the past decade (W.L. Sweatman).- Symmetric Four-body Problems (W.L. Sweatman).- A Simple Method for Quasilinearity Analysis of DAEs (G. Tan, N.S. Nedialkov, J.D. Pryce).- Nondeterministic fuzzy operators (F. Tchier).- The Ideal Free Distribution and Evolutionary Stability in Habitat Selection Games with Linear Fitness and Allee Effect (T. Tran, R. Cressman).- An Input-Output Analysis Approach in Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (Z. Ulukan, E. Demircioglu, M.E. Genevois).- A free boundary approach to solve the equilibrium equations of a membrane (G. Viglialoro, A. Gonzalez, J. Murcia).- Approximations to Intractable Spatial Econometric Models and Their Solutions Through Global Optimization (R. Wachowiak-Smolikova, M.P. Wachowiak, J. Zimmerling).- Application of Advanced Diagonalization Methods to Quantum Spin Systems (J.Y. Wang, R. Meyer).- The Effects of Body Fluid on Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (M. Wilcox, A.R. Willms).- Solving a Large Scale Thermal Radiation Problem Using an Interoperable Executive Library Framework on Petascale Supercomputers (K. Wong, E.D. Azevedo, Z. Hu, A. Kail, S. Su).- Optimal Transport and Placental Function (Q. Xia, C. Salafia, S. Morgan).- Localized Band-Limited Representation and Robust Interpolative Image Manipulation (H. Xiao, M.C. Gonzalez, N. Fugate).- Monte Carlo Measure to Improve Fairness in Equity Analyst Evaluation (J.R. Yaros, T. Imielinski).- Wake Topology for Steady Flow past an Inclined Elliptic Cylinder (P.J.S. Young).- Leading Unstable Linear Systems to Chaos by Chaos Entanglement (H. Zhang, X. Liu, X. Li).- Impulsive Control and Synchronization of Spatiotemporal Chaos in the Gray-Scott Model (K. Zhang, X. Liu, W.- C. Xie).