Interpreting Canada's Past: A Post-Confederation Reader by Michel DucharmeInterpreting Canada's Past: A Post-Confederation Reader by Michel Ducharme

Interpreting Canada's Past: A Post-Confederation Reader

EditorMichel Ducharme, Damien-Claude Belanger, J.M. Bumsted

Paperback | October 4, 2016

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Thought-provoking and engaging, this acclaimed post-Confederation reader introduces students to the conventions, approaches, and methodologies historians use to understand the past. Organized both chronologically and thematically, the expertly curated readings provide a balance ofprimary-source documents and scholarly articles that explore the nation's history from Confederation to the early twenty-first century.
Michel Ducharme is an assistant professor of history at the University of British Columbia. Damein-Claude Belanger is an associate professor of history at the University of Ottawa. J.M. Bumsted is a retired professor formerly of the University of Manitoba.
Title:Interpreting Canada's Past: A Post-Confederation ReaderFormat:PaperbackDimensions:528 pages, 9 × 7 × 0.7 inPublished:October 4, 2016Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

* New to this editionPrefaceIntroduction to Primary and Secondary Sources1. Debating ConfederationIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "Attorney General's Speech," Nova Scotia, House of Assembly, Debates on the Resolutions Relative to Repeal of the British North America Act," in the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1868 by Martin Isaac Wilkins2. From "Our New Provinces: British Columbia," The Canadian Monthly and National Review, 3,5 (May 1873) by Lieutenant-Colonel CoffinHistorical Interpretations3. From "Agrarian Commonwealth or Entrepot of the Orient? Competing Conceptions of Canada and the BC Terms of Union Debate of 1871" by Forrest D. Pass4. From "Provincial Rights," in Constitutional Odyssey: Can Canadians Become a Sovereign People? by Peter H. Russell2. Establishing a New OrderIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "An Act Respecting the Administration of Justice, and for the Establishment of a Police Force in the North West Territories," Acts of the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, 18732. "Articles of a Treaty made and concluded near Carlton ..." (Treaty No. 6, 1876)Historical Interpretations3. From "'A Splendid Spirit of Cooperation': Churches, Police Forces, and the Department of Indian Affairs," in Liberalism, Surveillance, and Resistance: Indigenous Communities in Western Canada by Keith D. Smith4. From "Creating 'Semi-Widows' and 'Supernumerary Wives': Prohibiting Polygamy in Prairie Canada's Aboriginal Communities to 1900," in Contact Zones: Aboriginal and Settler Women in Canada's Colonial Past by Sarah A. Carter3. Resisting the New OrderIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "St. Laurent Petition, 16 December 1884" *2. From Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear by Theresa Delaney and Theresa Gowanlock3. Photographs- Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear)- Big Bear and Poundmaker in detention- Gabriel Dumont- Louis Riel, a prisoner in the camp of Major F.D. MIddleton, c. 16 May 1885, Batoche- Louis Riel's trialHistorical Interpretations4. From "The North-West Rebellion," in Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens, 3e by J.R. Miller *5. From "Legal Ideology in the Aftermath of Rebellion: The Convicted First Nation Participants, 1885," by Ted McCoy4. Canadians At WorkIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From The Conditions of Female Labour in Ontario by Jean Thomson Scott2. From The Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice by Stephen LeacockHistorical Interpretations3. From "Sunday in Quebec, 1907-1937" by Paul Laverdure *4. From "Constructing a Labour Gospel: Labour and Religion in Early Twentieth-Century Ontario" by Melissa Turkstra5. The First World WarIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "The Duty of Canada at the Present Hour: An Address Meant to Be Delivered at Ottawa in November and December 1914, but Twice Suppressed in the Name of 'Loyalty and Patriotism" by Henri Bourassa2. From "Canada Will Answer the Call: Sir Robert Borden's Inspiring War-Message to the Canadian People: Speech Delivered at Toronto, Dec. 5th, 1914" by Robert Laird BordenHistorical Interpretations3. From "'He was determined to Go': Underage Soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force" by Tim Cook4. From "Uncovering the Enemy Within: British Columbians and the German Menace" by Peter Moogk *6. Environmental History and the Canadian North NEWIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From Report of the Royal Commission Appointed by Order-in-Council of Date May 20, 1919 to Investigate the Possibilities of the Reindeer and Musk-Ox Industries in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions of Canada by John Gunion Rutherford, James Stanley McLean, and James Bernard Harkin *2. From "The Flu Epidemic" in NahechoKeh, Our Elders *Historical Interpretations3. From "A Broken Frontier: Ecological Imperialism in the Canadian North" by Liza Piper and John Sandlos *4. From "The Cold War on Canadian Soil: Militarizing a Northern Environment" by P. Whitney Lackenbauer and Matthew Farish *7. Anti-Asian Hostility NEWIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From The Black Candle by Emily Murphy2. From An Act Respecting Chinese Immigration (1923)Historical Interpretations3. From "Deporting Ah Sin to Save the White Race: Moral Panic, Racialization, and the Extension of Canadian Drug Laws in the 1920s," by Catherine Carstairs4. From "Komagata Maru Revisited: 'Hindus', Hookworm, and the Guise of Public Health Protection" by Isabel Wallace *8. Dealing with Hunger and WarIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "It's a Woman's War," by Mattie Rotenberg2. From "How to Eat Well Though Rationed" by Josephine Gibson *Historical Interpretations3. From "If You Had No Money, You Had No Trouble, Did You?': Montreal Working-Class Housewives during the Great Depression" by Denyse Baillargeon *4. From "Under the President's Gaze: Sexuality and Morality at a Canadian University during the Second World War" by Catherine Gidney *9. Rise of the Welfare State NEWIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From Report on Social Security for Canada by Leonard Marsh2. From The Dawn of Ampler Life by Charlotte WhittonHistorical Interpretations3. From Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History by Alvin Finkel4. From "Africville and the Dynamics of State Power in Postwar Canada" by Tina Loo *10. Cold War Canada NEWIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "Letter to my Son" by Farley Mowat *2. Five Caricatures Related to Canada and the Cold War- The World We Live In by John Collins *- RCMP Dilemma: Report to Ottawa or Washington? by A.C. Kaufman *- Watch Dog by Merle Tingley *- ... And Now A Word From The Chopping Block by Merle Tingley *- Missile Cruise Tests Over Alberta by Aislin (alias Terry Mosher) *Historical Interpretations3. From "The Queer Career of Homosexual Security Vetting in Cold War Canada" by Daniel J. Robinson and David Kimmel4. From "A 'Half-Hearted Response'? Canada and the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962" by Asa McKercher11. The Quiet RevolutionIntroductionPrimary Documents1. "FLQ Manifesto 1970" *2. From An Option for Quebec by Rene LevesqueHistorical Interpretations3. From "Why the Quiet Revolution Was 'Quiet': The Catholic Church's Reaction to the Secularization of Nationalism in Quebec After 1960," by David Seljak4. From "Quebecoises deboutte! Nationalism and Feminism in Quebec, 1969-1975," by Sean Mills12. Immigration and MulticulturalismIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From Selling Illusions: The Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada by Neil Bissoondath *2. From "Mapping Africadia's Imaginary Geography: An Interview with George Elliot Clarke" by Maureen Moynagh *Historical Interpretations3. From "The Roots of Multiculturalism: Ukrainian-Canadian Involvement in the Multiculturalism Discussion of the 1960s as an Example of the Position of the 'Third Force'" by Julia Lalande4. From "The Migration of African-Americans to the Canadian Football League during the 1950s: An Escape from Racism?" by Neil Longley, Todd Crosset, and Steve Jefferson *13. First Nations: Contemporary IssuesIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy, 1969 [the White Paper] by Jean Chretien2. From Citizens Plus [the Red Paper] by The Indian Chiefs of AlbertaHistorical Interpretations3. From "Women's Class Strategies as Activism in Native Community Building in Toronto, 1950-1975" by Heather A. Howard *4. From "Canada's Other Red Scare: The Anicinabe Park Occupation and Indigenous Decolonization" by Scott Rutherford *14. Canada in a Globalizing WorldIntroductionPrimary Documents1. From "The Free Trade Agreement Fails Canada" by Maude Barlow2. Five Caricatures Related to the 1988 Free Trade Agreement and Subsequent Federal Election- What's really scary Is... by Brian Gable *- Against Free Trade, For Free Trade by Aislin (alias Terry Mosher) *- Free Trade by Aislin (alias Terry Mosher)- Free Trade by Serge Chapleau- Free Trade by Aislin (alias Terry Mosher)Historical Interpretations3. From "Building a 'New Nova Scotia': State Intervention, the Auto Industry and the Case of Volvo in Halifax, 1963-1998" by Dimitry Anastakis4. From "The Domestic Politics of Quebec's Quest for External Distinctiveness" by Louis Belanger *

Editorial Reviews

"I like the thematic coherence in each section and how the selection of secondary sources complements the primary documents." --Nancy Janovicek, University of Calgary