Intestinal Ion Transport: The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Intestinal Ion Transport held at Titisee in May 1 by J.W.L. RobinsonIntestinal Ion Transport: The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Intestinal Ion Transport held at Titisee in May 1 by J.W.L. Robinson

Intestinal Ion Transport: The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Intestinal Ion…

byJ.W.L. Robinson

Paperback | February 12, 2012

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This is the fourth Falk Symposium devoted to the study of intestinal abso<_20_l20_320_tion.20_as20_in20_the20_case20_of20_its20_predecessors20_-20_2c_20_i20_hope20_that20_the20_relaxed20_atmosphere20_will20_enable20_the20_participants20_from20_all20_comers20_of20_the20_world20_to20_exchange20_views2c_20_not20_only20_in20_this20_room2c_20_but20_also20_at20_less20_formal20_moments20_in20_the20_cellar2c_20_on20_the20_lake2c_20_or20_in20_the20_buses20_that20_transport20_us20_to20_different20_parts20_of20_the20_schwarzwald.20_we20_are20_all20_eternally20_grateful20_to20_dr20_herbert20_falk20_for20_undertaking20_to20_sponsor20_this20_meeting2c_20_and20_to20_him20_and20_his20_staff20_for20_the20_impeccable20_organisation20_which20_will20_permit20_us20_to20_work20_in20_such20_a20_pleasant20_environment.20_in20_the20_organisation20_of20_the20_programme2c_20_one20_or20_two20_innovations20_have20_been20_inc2ad_20_troduced20_which20_are20_perhaps20_foreign20_to20_routine20_gastroenterological20_meetings.20_first2c_20_the20_average20_age20_in20_this20_room20_is20_rather20_lower20_than20_at20_most20_gatherings20_of20_this20_nature2c_20_which20_means20_that20_those20_who20_carry20_out20_the20_experiments20_will20_be20_responsible20_for20_their20_presentation3b_20_they20_are20_after20_all20_the20_ones20_who20_have20_made20_the20_relevant20_small20_observations20_which20_lead20_to20_the20_advancement20_of20_knowledge. l="" 3="" tion.="" as="" in="" the="" case="" of="" its="" predecessors="" -="" _2c_="" i="" hope="" that="" relaxed="" atmosphere="" will="" enable="" participants="" from="" all="" comers="" world="" to="" exchange="" _views2c_="" not="" only="" this="" _room2c_="" but="" also="" at="" less="" formal="" moments="" _cellar2c_="" on="" _lake2c_="" or="" buses="" transport="" us="" different="" parts="" schwarzwald.="" we="" are="" eternally="" grateful="" dr="" herbert="" falk="" for="" undertaking="" sponsor="" _meeting2c_="" and="" him="" his="" staff="" impeccable="" organisation="" which="" permit="" work="" such="" a="" pleasant="" environment.="" _programme2c_="" one="" two="" innovations="" have="" been="" _inc2ad_="" troduced="" perhaps="" foreign="" routine="" gastroenterological="" meetings.="" _first2c_="" average="" age="" room="" is="" rather="" lower="" than="" most="" gatherings="" _nature2c_="" means="" those="" who="" carry="" out="" experiments="" be="" responsible="" their="" _presentation3b_="" they="" after="" ones="" made="" relevant="" small="" observations="" lead="" advancement="">
Title:Intestinal Ion Transport: The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Intestinal Ion…Format:PaperbackDimensions:450 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.02 inPublished:February 12, 2012Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Basic Mechanisms of Ion Transport (1).- 1 Dual sodium pumps in the kidney.- The effects of ion replacements on sodium pump activity and the response of kidney cortex slices to angiotensin (Discussion paper): Munday, K. A, Parsons, B. J. & Poat, J. A..- Discussion 1.- 2 Bioelectric parameters and sodium transport in bullfrog small intestine.- The role of the paracellular route in water transport by rat jejunum in vitro (Discussion paper): Munck, B. G..- Discussion 2.- 3 Absorptive and secretory processes in intestine: Binder, H. J. 45 Further evidence for a Na+ 'neutral' secretory process in rabbit ileum (Discussion paper):.- Discussion 3.- 4 Ion fluxes in isolated guinea-pig intestinal mucosa.- Na+ compartmentation in the jejunal mucosa of the tortoise (Discussion paper): Gilles-Baillien, M..- Discussion 4.- Basic Mechanisms of ion Transport (2).- 5 Polarity of epithelial cells in relation to transepithelial transport in kidney and intestine.- Protein composition of kidney cell membranes (Discussion paper): Ebel, H., Gebhardt, A. & Aulbert, E..- Discussion 5.- 6 Coupled sodium-chloride transport by small intestine and gallbladder: Frizzell, R. A.- Model for ileal transport in congenital chloridorrhoea (Discussion paper): Rask-Madsen, J..- Discussion 6.- 7 Sodium-driven transport: A re-evaluation of the sodium-gradient hypothesis: Alvarado, F..- Ionic dependence of glucose transport from disaccharides: Caspary, W. F..- Discussion 7.- 8 The influence of harmaline on sodium and sodium-dependent transport mechanisms.- Discussion 8.- Modifications in Intestinal ion Transport (1).- 9 Effect of vasopressin on water transport in the kidney: Possible role of microtubules and microfilaments.- Effect of ADH on intestinal electrolyte and water absorption (Discussion paper): Dennhardt, R..- Discussion 9.- 10 Pathway of sodium moving from blood to intestinal lumen under influence of oxyphenisatin and deoxycholate.- Bile acids and bulk flow: Wingate, D. L.- Effect of bile salts on electrolyte transport in the rat colon (Discussion paper): Binder, H. J..- Discussion 10.- 11 Sodium transport by the new-born pig intestine: Functional changes during the first few days of post-natal life.- Discussion 11.- Modifications in Intestinal ion Transport (2).- 12 Role of cyclic nucleotides in the regulation of intestinal ion transport.- Cyclic AMP mediated electrolyte secretion in the pancreas: Effect of cholera toxin (Discussion paper): Smith, P. A. & Case, R. M..- Discussion 12.- 13 Movements of water and ions across dog ileal mucosa following ischaemia or occlusion.- Intestinal blood flow and sodium exchange (Discussion paper): Love, A. H. G..- Discussion 13.- 14 Effects of aldosterone on the colon.- The effect of angiotensin on intestinal fluid transport (Discussion paper): Munday, K. A. & York, B. G..- Discussion 14.- 15 Inhibition of transport processes in the dog colon.- Discussion 15.- Adaptation of Intestinal ion Transport.- 16 Adaptive changes in ion and water transport mechanisms in the eel intestine.- Ionic permeability of fish intestinal mucosa in relation to hypophysectomy and salt adaptation: Lahlou, B..- Regulation of drinking and intestinal water absorption in euryhaline teleosts: Skadhauge, E..- Intestinal ion and water transport in the diamondback terrapin acclimatised either to sea or to fresh water (Discussion paper): Gilles-Baillien, M..- Discussion 16.- Ion Transport in the Human Intestine.- 17 In vitro behaviour of human jejunum and ileum: Response to theophylline and acetyl choline.- Intestinal adaptation in response to chronic glucagon administration (Discussion paper): Caspary, W. F. & Lücke, H..- Discussion 17.- 18 Prostaglandins and ion transport in the human intestine: A current survey.- Discussion 18.- 19 Relationship between structure and function in the human intestine.- Possible coupling between Na+ and D-glucose absorptions in normal jejunal mucosa of children (Discussion paper): Desjeux, J. F..- Discussion 19.- 20 Functional alterations in ulcerative colitis.- Effect of diet on mucosal water and solute transfer by rat colon (Discussion paper): Scharrer, E. & Katona, Ö..- Discussion 20.- 21 Closing summary.