Invertebrate Endocrinology and Hormonal Heterophylly by W.J. BurdetteInvertebrate Endocrinology and Hormonal Heterophylly by W.J. Burdette

Invertebrate Endocrinology and Hormonal Heterophylly

byW.J. Burdette

Paperback | December 21, 2011

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ull recognition of the important role that hormones play in the growth, F differentiation, and function of insects was preceded by rather advanced information about identity and action of mammalian hormones. However, extirpation and transplantation of endocrine glands in insects and segmental ligation of larvae gradually yielded knowledge about the location of endo­ crine cells in insects and led to labeling their hormonal product with appropriate names. The development of relatively sensitive assays permitted the separation of active extracts of the hormones associated with meta­ morphosis and quickened the pace of discovery. Finally, identification of structural formulae of natural hormones now has provided the means for detailed study of biochemical events with which they are associated. In the meantime, better interpretation of the mechanism for morphologic and functional effects of hormones in vertebrates has come about through knowledge of binding of hormones in target tissues, feed-back, and other mechanisms. There has been a prodigious increase in information recently, not only about the structure of molting and juvenile hormones, but also about their molecular action, as well as recognition of problems still posed by their of origin, and relation to genic derepression. biosynthesis, interactions, sites Discovery and study of phytohormones and analogs has added interest and amplified techniques for investigation.
Title:Invertebrate Endocrinology and Hormonal HeterophyllyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:438 pagesPublished:December 21, 2011Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I Invertebrate Endocrinology.- Hormonal Control of Metamorphosis Chapter.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Hormonal Control of Insect Development.- 3. Brain Hormone.- 4. Mode of Action of Ecdysones.- 5. Molecular Action of Insect Hormones.- 6. Effects of Exogenous Molting Hormone on Protein and RNA Synthesis in Insect Tissues.- 7. Effect of Invertebrate Hormones and Oncogenic Viruses on Polytene Chromosomes.- Assays.- 8. Bioassay for Brain Hormone.- 9. Standardization of Dipteran Bioassay for Molting Hormones.- 10. Assays for Juvenile Hormone.- 11. Chromatographic Detection and Immunoassay of Invertebrate Hormones.- Biosynthesis and Degradation of Invertebrate Hormones.- 12. Biosynthesis and Inactivation of Ecdysone.- 13. Some Aspects of the Biosynthesis of the Molting Hormones in Calliphora.- 14. The Metabolism of the Synthetic Ecdysone Analog, 1?-3H-22,25-Bisdeoxyecdysone in Relation to Certain of Its Biological Effects in Insects.- 15. Biosynthesis and Degradation of Juvenile Hormone.- II Isolation, Distribution, and Supply of Invertebrate Hormones, Phytohormones, and Analogs.- Ecdysones.- 16. Ecdysones of Plant Origin.- 17. Recent Studies on Ecdysones.- 18. Source and Availability of Ecdysterones.- Juvenile Hormone.- 19. Isolation of Juvenile Hormone in Different Species.- III Hormones and Protein Synthesis in Mammals.- 20. Hormones and Transcriptional Activity of Chromatin.- 21. Mechanisms of RNA Synthesis and Possible Sites for Interaction with Hormones.- 22. Role of Hormones in the Biosynthesis of Polypeptides.- 23. Regulation of Enzymatic Activity by Hormones.- 24. Cellular Membranes as Amplifiers of Hormonal Action.- 25. Correlation of Hormonal Structure with Hormonal Function in Mammalian Tissues.- IV Hormonal Heterophylly.- The Concept.- 26. The Concept of Hormonal Heterophylly.- Pharmacology.- 27. Pharmacology of Ecdysones in Vertebrates.- 28. Tests for Toxicity of Juvenile Hormone and Analogs in Mammalian Systems.- Effect of Invertebrate Hormones and Analogs on Tumors.- 29. Invertebrate Hormones and Tumors.- Action of Invertebrate Hormones on Vertebrate Tissues.- 30. Numbers of Chromosomes in Human Leucocytes Exposed to Ecdysterone.- 31. Phytoecdysones and Protein Metabolism in Mammalia.- 32. Effect of Ecdysterone on Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism.