byTino Randall

Paperback | May 15, 2019

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The first Volume, INVISIBLE WARRIOR, is a comprehensive narrative nonfiction based on the vulnerability of the United States defense system. Due to the complexity of my life, and career, this story expands in volume size over the average book, and many chapters were necessary in its development. Making up the chapters within the sphere of this writing were dozens of characters, and organizations from the national defense sector to military organizations dependent on each other, in the case of an all-out attack.

My principle reason is to create public awareness of an ever-increasing threat on the nation’s safety, and the wellbeing of the American citizens. Despite warfare having been with mankind since the dawn of the ages, with the development of modern weapons, and communication technologies it seems that fighting has increased exponentially, making warfare evermore probable to remain with mankind through mass killings, and slaughter inflicted by warmongers, rogue nations, extremists, and radicals.

The book is about individuals that hold important, and critical positions in government, military, commercial contracting, and support functions necessary for the design, engineering, deployment, operations, and management of its functions so that the citizens of the United States could prosper in a safe, and protected environment. An army of invisible warriors is diligently at work supporting the multitude of critical projects, and programs necessary to protect the wealth, and prosperity of a free nation.

For those readers not familiar with the term Full Disclosure, I’ll explain it in this book in its details. Many people thrive on the unknown, the mysterious, and the enigmatic. It is us that need the unexplained to maintain individual sanity in a world full of uncertainties. It is mankind longing for the impenetrable. Without it the world would be a dull place. Perhaps yes, perhaps no. It all depends on how busy, and realistically-minded the individual is. At least making up stories provides for interesting reading, and listening material. One only has to visit bookstores, and libraries to get the idea of how much material there is to serve the diversity of readers. It was President Reagan that gave us Star Wars. It is the genious of prolific writers that provide a world of Conspiracies, Paranormal, and Supernatural. It is Hollywood that creates the world of Science Fiction for the vast world of an unexplored Universe.

Through all of the prevailing confusion, my principle intentions with this book, no matter what the consequences, is to “set the record straight.” It is up to the individual to pass personal judgement. Life will go on as it always has because some people question the unexplained while others shrug it off as nonsense. It all depends on one’s perception to an experience. Some are in tune with their genetic inherited body, and mind; others are not. The point to remember is that mankind needs, and provides both, the aware, and the unaware. It is what divides us into leaders, and followers.

The second Volume, FULL DISCLOSURE, is specifically written for the general public, and the logically, levelheaded individual to set the confusing, and mystifying accounts of Aliens and UFO phenomena straight. FULL DISCLOSURE, the world’s most anticipated announcement, expected by the public to be released directly by the government, will never take place. Volume Two, in this book will present the reasons.

All chapters within this book are one hundred percent factual in describing my life, and career. Some of the dialogue with career associates, and family members may slightly vary due to the passage of time, but the context remains as accurate as recollected.

The Author: T. Randall was born, raised and educated in Germany. After graduating as industrial engineer, he sought out his future career in the United States. Starting as lead engineer with the National Engineering Company in Philadelphia, he supported the engineering effort for a number of defense related projects including, Mercury ...
Title:INVISIBLE WARRIOR and FULL DISCLOSUREFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:698 pages, 9 X 6 X 1.53 inShipping dimensions:698 pages, 9 X 6 X 1.53 inPublished:May 15, 2019Publisher:Premier Technologies, Inc.Language:English

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