Invitation to Western Religions by Jeffrey BroddInvitation to Western Religions by Jeffrey Brodd

Invitation to Western Religions

byJeffrey Brodd, Layne Little, Brad Nystrom

Paperback | September 16, 2015

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Featuring a unique, consistent, and modular chapter structure - "Teachings," "History," and "Way of Life" - and numerous pedagogical features, Invitation to Western Religions invites students to explore the world's great religions with respect and a sense of wonder. This chapter structureenables students to navigate Western religions - Indigenous Religions of North America, Indigenous Religions of Africa, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and New Religious Movements - in a consistent and systematic way and helps students to make comparisons between religions. The bookdescribes the essential features of each Western religion and shows how they have responded to basic human needs and to the cultural contexts in which they developed. The authors also encourage students to develop an appreciation for what religious beliefs and practices actually mean to theiradherents. Also available to suit your course needs:Invitation to World Religions, Second Edition: 9780199378364 Invitation to Asian Religions: 9780190211264
Jeffrey Brodd is Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Layne Little is Lecturer of Religious Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Bradley Nystrom is Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Robert Platzner is Professor of ...
Title:Invitation to Western ReligionsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:384 pages, 9.21 × 7.4 × 0.59 inPublished:September 16, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface1. AN INVITATION TO THE STUDY OF WORLD RELIGIONSApproaching the Study of World ReligionsReligion as a Subject of Academic InquiryWhat Religions DoReligious Questions and ChallengesBasic Components of ReligionsTeachingsHistorical DevelopmentWay of LifeReligions in the Modern WorldModernization and Related PhenomenaThe Changing Roles of Women in ReligionsThe Encounter of Religion and ScienceAn Academic Approach to the Study of ReligionsBalance and EmpathyComparative and Multidisciplinary Approaches2. INDIGENOUS RELIGIONS OF NORTH AMERICAThe Teachings of Native American Indigenous ReligionsCreation and OriginsLife Lessons in MythsThe Importance of Balance: Humanity and the Natural WorldSacred Language and Sacred TimeVOICES: An Interview with Lin EstesThe History of Native American Indigenous ReligionsConquest, Colonization, and ChristianityResistance MovementsNative Religions and Non-Native PractitionersNative American Indigenous Religions as a Way of LifeHealingWomen and Gender in Native American ReligionsRites of PassageRites of Renewal and Rites of Purification3. INDIGENOUS RELIGIONS OF AFRICAThe Teachings of Indigenous African ReligionsMythsSupernatural Beings: Gods and SpiritsVOICES: Interviews with Sammy Letoole and FestusOgunbitanHumanity and the Human ConditionThe History of Indigenous African ReligionsThe Spread of IslamChristianity and ColonialismReform and ResistanceAfrican Religions in the AmericasIndigenous African Religions as a Way of LifeCommunicating with the Spirit WorldUsing Supernatural PowersLife Cycle RitualsWomen in Indigenous African Religions4. ZOROASTRIANISMThe Teachings of ZoroastrianismCosmic DualismThe Divine RealmCreation and the Nature of the WorldHuman Nature and Human DestinyThe History of ZoroastrianismThe Background of ZoroastrianismZarathustraZoroastrian ScripturesZoroastrianism through the CenturiesZoroastrianism in the Modern WorldZoroastrianism as a Way of LifeRitual PracticesVOICES: An Interview with Rustom GhadialiWomen and ZoroastrianismHoly Days and Rites of PassageThe Zoroastrian Community: Social and Ethical Responsibilities5. JUDAISMThe Teachings of JudaismGodTorahCovenant and ElectionIsraelThe Messiah and the Messianic AgeThe AfterlifeJewish MysticismThe History of JudaismDispersion, Assimilation, and Collective IdentityThe Biblical PeriodThe Second Temple PeriodThe Formative AgeThe Conflict between Judaism and ChristianityThe Age of Philosophy and MysticismThe Modern EraReform Movements in Europe and the United StatesThe Shoah and the State of IsraelThe Future of Judaism in the Contemporary WorldWomen and JudaismJudaism as a Way of LifeThe Major FestivalsVOICES: An Interview with Rabbi Brad BloomThe Minor FestivalsThe SabbathLife-Cycle EventsOther Sacred PracticesPrayer6. CHRISTIANITYThe Teachings of ChristianityThe Life of JesusThe Teachings of JesusPaul and the Mission to the GentilesGod, Creation, and Original HumanityGod as TrinitySin and Human NatureGrace and SalvationThe ChurchVOICES: An Interview with Terrie M. and Father ArtScriptureTradition"Last Things"The AfterlifeChristianity and Other ReligionsThe History of ChristianityChristianity in the Roman WorldThe Church in the Middle AgesThe ReformationChristianity in the Modern WorldChristianity Today and Tomorrow: Trends and ProspectsChristianity as a Way of LifeWorshipSacramentsChurch Interiors: Sacred SpacePrayerThe Liturgical YearVeneration of SaintsSocial and Political Activism7. ISLAMTHE TEACHINGS OF ISLAMMuhammad and the RevelationsThe Holy Qur'anThe Teachings of the Qur'anCommentary on the Qur'anThe Sunnah: The Example of the ProphetThe Five PillarsTHE HISTORY OF ISLAMThe Hijra and the Growth of the Muslim CommunityThe Crisis of Succession and the Rightly Guided CaliphsThe Umayyads and the AbbasidsLater Islamic Empires: The Ottomans, the Mughals, and theSafavidsIslam and NationalismIslamic Reform MovementsVarieties of IslamMuslims in North AmericaISLAM AS A WAY OF LIFEVOICES: An Interview with Tunay DurmazThe Qur'an in Daily LifeWhat is Jihad?The Islamic Year and HolidaysThe Shari'ah: Islamic LawSufismMarriage and FamilyWomen and Islam8. NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTSWhat Is "New" About New Religious Movements?Modernization, Globalization, and SecularizationTheoretical Models and Social TypologiesAlternative Christianities and their OffshootsThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsChristian Science and New ThoughtAdventismJehovah's WitnessesThe Family (Children of God)The Unification Church* RastafarianismThe Rediscovery of Eastern Religious Thought* The Theosophical SocietyISKCON: The International Society for KrishnaConsciousnessThe Osho Rajneesh MovementTranscendental MeditationTHE REVIVAL OF ESOTERIC AND NEO-PAGAN THOUGHTEckankarThe Findhorn FoundationThe Raelian MovementThe Church of ScientologyWiccaVOICES: An Interview with Rev. Lucy BunchThe Emergence of Universalist Religious ThoughtThe Baha'i Faith* Unitarian UniversalismThe New AtheismNotesGlossaryCreditsIndex