Invitation to World Religions by Jeffrey BroddInvitation to World Religions by Jeffrey Brodd

Invitation to World Religions

byJeffrey Brodd, Layne Little, Brad Nystrom

Paperback | July 10, 2015

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This text invites students to explore the world's great religions with respect and a sense of wonder. It describes the essential features of each religion and shows how they have responded to basic human needs and to the cultural contexts in which they developed. The authors also encouragestudents to develop an appreciation of what religious beliefs and practices actually mean to their adherents
Jeffrey Brodd is Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Layne Little is Lecturer of Religious Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Bradley Nystrom is Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies at California State University, Sacramento. Robert Platzner is Profess...
Title:Invitation to World ReligionsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:648 pages, 9.21 × 7.52 × 1.3 inPublished:July 10, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

*=New to this EditionPreface1. AN INVITATION TO THE STUDY OF WORLD RELIGIONSApproaching the Study of World Religions- Religion as a Subject of Academic InquiryWhat Religions Do- Religious Questions and ChallengesDimensions of Religions- Teachings- Historical Development- Way of LifeReligions in the Modern World- Modernization and Related Phenomena- The Changing Roles of Women in Religions- The Encounter of Religion and ScienceAn Academic Approach to the Study of Religions- Balance and Empathy- Comparative and Multidisciplinary Approaches2. INDIGENOUS RELIGIONS OF NORTH AMERICAThe Teachings of Native American Indigenous Religions- Creation and Origins- Life Lessons in Myths- The Importance of Balance: Humanity and the Natural World- Sacred Language and Sacred TimeVOICES: An Interview with Lin EstesThe History of Native American Indigenous Religions- Conquest, Colonization, and Christianity- Resistance Movements- Native Religions and Non-Native PractitionersNative American Indigenous Religions as a Way of Life- Healing- Women and Gender in Native American Religions- Rites of Passage- Rites of Renewal and Rites of Purification3. INDIGENOUS RELIGIONS OF AFRICAThe Teachings of Indigenous African Religions- Myths- Supernatural Beings: Gods and SpiritsVOICES: Interviews with Sammy Letoole and Festus OgunbitanHumanity and the Human ConditionThe History of Indigenous African Religions- The Spread of Islam- Christianity and Colonialism- Reform and Resistance- African Religions in the AmericasIndigenous African Religions as a Way of Life- Communicating with the Spirit World- Using Supernatural Powers- Life Cycle Rituals- Women in Indigenous African Religions4. HINDUISMThe Teachings of Hinduism- Hindu Beliefs about Divine Reality- The Individual and the Quest for Liberation- Three Paths to Liberation- Vendanta: The Predominant School of Hindu Philosophy- The Individual and Society* VOICES: An Interview with Jayashree VenkatesanHindu Sacred TextsThe Sects of HinduismThe History of Hinduism- The Indus Valley Civilization- Who Are the Aryans?- The Vedic Period- The Age of the Guptas- The Development of BhaktiTantra* Early Hindu Encounters with Islam and Rule Under the Mughal Dynasty* Colonial Critique and the Hindu Reformers* Gandhi and the Struggle for Indian IndependenceHindu Nationalism and HindutvaThe Future of HinduismHinduism as a Way of Life- Seeing the Divine Image: Temples and Icons- Forms of Worship- Yoga- Rites of Passage- Pilgrimage- Women in Hinduism- Festivals and Holidays- Performance Traditions5. BUDDHISMThe Teachings of Buddhism- The Life of the Buddha- The Essentials of the Buddha's TeachingVOICES: An Interview with Katherine SeiThe History of Buddhism- The Period of the Buddhist Councils- Theravada Buddhism- Mahayana Buddhism- Vajrayana Buddhism- Buddhism in India- Buddhism Beyond India- The Western Transmission- Buddhists in the World TodayBuddhism as a Way of Life- Who Is a Buddhist?- The Buddha's Teachings on Ethics and "Skillful Means"- Meditation and the Cultivation of Mind- Mantra, Liturgical Ritual, and Chanting- Conversion and Ordination- Women in Buddhism- Sacred Places and Objects of Veneration- Holidays and Festivals- Funerary Rites6. JAINISMThe Teachings of Jainism- Mahavira, the Twenty-fourth and Last Tirthankara of This World Cycle- An Eternal Succession of Tirthankaras- Jainism and Hinduism- Ahimsa and Asceticism: Jainism's Ideals- Theory of the Universe- Liberation and SalvationThe History of Jainism- The Indian Historical Context- The Legacy of the Tirthankaras: Jainism through the Centuries- Jainism in Today's WorldJainism as a Way of Life- Digambaras and ShvetambarasVOICES: An Interview With Girish ShahThe Ascetic LifeJainism and WomenThe Religious Life of the Jain Laity7. SIKHISMThe Teachings of Sikhism- The Life of Guru Nanak- Sikh Scripture- On God, the Human Condition, and Spiritual Liberation- Teachings of Guru Gobind Singh and the KhalsaThe History of Sikhism- Guru Nanak's Successors- Guru Gobind Singh and the Khalsa- Sikhs and Nationalism- Sikhs in the DiasporaSikhism as a Way of LifeVOICES: An Interview with Onkar Singh- Daily Devotional Practices- Sikh Worship in the Gurdwara- Life Cycle Rituals- Worship, Work, and Charity- Women and Sikhism- Sikh Identity8. CHINESE RELIGIONS: CONFUCIANISM AND DAOISMThe Teachings of Confucianism and Daoism- Ancient Chinese Religious Views- The Teachings of Confucius- Confucianism and Women- The Teachings of Daoism- Daoism and WomenThe History of Confucianism and Daoism- The History of Confucianism- The History of DaoismConfucianism and Daoism as Ways of Life- Confucian RitualsVOICES: An Interview with Jason Ch'ui-hsiao Tseng- Daoist Practices9. SHINTOThe Teachings of Shinto- The Meaning of Kami- Creation Myth in the KojikiVOICES: An Interview with Watanabe MinoruThe History of Shinto- Medieval Shinto- The Modern Period- Shinto in Japan TodayShinto as a Way of Life- Fertility Rites- Women in Shinto- Rites of Purification, Presentation, Petition, and Participation- Religious Observances throughout the Year10. ZOROASTRIANISM *The Teachings of Zoroastrianism- Cosmic Dualism- The Divine Realm- Creation and the Nature of the World- Human Nature and Human DestinyThe History of Zoroastrianism- The Background of Zoroastrianism- Zarathustra- Zoroastrian Scriptures- Zoroastrianism through the Centuries- Zoroastrianism in the Modern WorldZoroastrianism as a Way of Life- Ritual PracticesVOICES: An Interview with Rustom Ghadiali- Women and Zoroastrianism- Holy Days and Rites of Passage- The Zoroastrian Community: Social and Ethical Responsibilities11. JUDAISMThe Teachings of Judaism- God- Torah- Covenant and Election- Israel- The Messiah and the Messianic Age- The Afterlife- Jewish MysticismThe History of Judaism- Dispersion, Assimilation, and Collective Identity- The Biblical Period- The Second Temple Period- The Formative Age- The Conflict between Judaism and Christianity- The Age of Philosophy and Mysticism- The Modern Era- Reform Movements in Europe and the United States- The Shoah and the State of Israel- The Future of Judaism in the Contemporary World- Women and JudaismJudaism as a Way of Life- The Major FestivalsVOICES: An Interview with Rabbi Brad Bloom- The Minor Festivals- The Sabbath- Life-Cycle Events- Other Sacred Practices- Prayer12. CHRISTIANITYThe Teachings of Christianity- The Life of Jesus- The Teachings of Jesus- Paul and the Mission to the Gentiles- God, Creation, and Original Humanity- God as Trinity- Sin and Human Nature- Grace and Salvation- The ChurchVOICES: An Interview with Terrie M. and Father Art- Scripture- Tradition- "Last Things"- The Afterlife- Christianity and Other ReligionsThe History of Christianity- Christianity in the Roman World- The Church in the Middle Ages- The Reformation- Christianity in the Modern World- Christianity Today and Tomorrow: Trends and ProspectsChristianity as a Way of Life- Worship- Sacraments- Church Interiors: Sacred Space- Prayer- The Liturgical Year- Veneration of Saints- Social and Political Activism13. ISLAMTHE TEACHINGS OF ISLAMMuhammad and the RevelationsThe Holy Qur'anThe Teachings of the Qur'anCommentary on the Qur'anThe Sunnah: The Example of the ProphetThe Five PillarsTHE HISTORY OF ISLAMThe Hijra and the Growth of the Muslim CommunityThe Crisis of Succession and the Rightly Guided CaliphsThe Umayyads and the AbbasidsLater Islamic Empires: The Ottomans, the Mughals, and the SafavidsIslam and NationalismIslamic Reform MovementsVarieties of IslamMuslims in North AmericaISLAM AS A WAY OF LIFEVOICES: An Interview with Tunay DurmazThe Qur'an in Daily LifeWhat is Jihad?The Islamic Year and HolidaysThe Shari'ah: Islamic LawSufismMarriage and FamilyWomen and Islam14. NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTSWhat Is "New" About New Religious Movements?- Modernization, Globalization, and Secularization- Theoretical Models and Social TypologiesAlternative Christianities and their Offshoots- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints- Christian Science and New Thought- Adventism- Jehovah's Witnesses- The Family (Children of God)- The Unification Church- * RastafarianismThe Rediscovery of Eastern Religious Thought- - * The Theosophical SocietyISKCON: The International Society for Krishna Consciousness- The Osho Rajneesh Movement- Transcendental MeditationTHE REVIVAL OF ESOTERIC AND NEO-PAGAN THOUGHT- Eckankar- The Findhorn Foundation- The Raelian Movement- The Church of Scientology- WiccaVOICES: An Interview with Rev. Lucy Bunch- The Emergence of Universalist Religious Thought- The Baha'i Faith- * Unitarian UniversalismThe New AtheismNotesGlossaryCreditsIndex

Editorial Reviews

"The in-depth coverage of religious traditions, the visual guides and timelines, and the discussion starters, along with the readability of the text, make this a great choice." --Stephanie P. Curran, Hagerstorn Community College