Isoenzymes by D. W. MossIsoenzymes by D. W. Moss


byD. W. Moss

Paperback | October 13, 2011

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The increased interest in multiple forms of enzymes that began with the application of new methods of fractionation to preparations of enzymes and other proteins some 25 years ago led quickly to an appreciation that the existence of enzymes in multiple forms, or isoenzymes, is a general phenomenon. The results of pioneering studies and those which followed in the early years of isoenzyme research consisted, not surprisingly, mainly of descriptions of the existence and characteristics of hetero­ geneity in various enzyme systems. Summaries of these results were provided in books such as J . H. Wilkinson's I soenzymes, the first edition of which appeared in 1965. Some clearer ideas of the nature of the phenomena had become apparent by the time that the second edition of Isoenzymes was called for in 1970, and a limited use of the word isoenzymes itself, to describe only certain of the various categories of enzyme multiplicity then recognized, was already being proposed. Nevertheless, a largely enzyme-by-enzyme oTganization of the contents of the book was still appropriate. Considerable advances, both experimental and conceptual, were made in isoenzyme research in the 1970s, and in 1977 Professor Wilkinson suggested to the present author that these should be taken into account in a joint revision of Isoenzymes. Professor Wilkinson's untimely death put. an end to this project and the present book is therefore the work of a single author.
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Table of Contents

1. Multiple Forms of Enzymes and the Emergence of the Isoenzyme Concept.- 2. Origins and Structures of Multiple Forms of Enzymes.- Origins of isoenzymes.- Isoenzymes determined by multiple gene loci.- Isoenzymes determined by multiple alleles.- Hybrid isoenzymes.- Structural differences between isoenzymes and their investigation.- Differences in primary structure.- Peptide maps and partial sequences.- Selective chemical or enzymic modification.- Secondary and tertiary structures.- Quaternary structure.- Non-isoenzymic multiple forms of enzymes.- Variations in covalent structures.- Variations in non-polypeptide constituents.- Non-covalent modifications of enzyme structure.- 3. Differences in Properties between Multiple Forms of Enzymes.- Catalytic differences between multiple forms of enzymes.- Differences in specific activity.- Differences in reaction with substrates.- Selective inhibition of isoenzymes.- Differences between isoenzymes in other catalytic properties.- Physicochemical differences between multiple forms of enzymes.- Differences in ionic characteristics.- Differences in stability.- Differences in molecular size.- Immunochemical differences between multiple forms of enzymes.- Immunoanalytical procedures useful in studies of multiple forms of enzymes.- Properties of multiple forms of enzymes: general considerations.- Differences in catalytic properties.- Differences in antigenicity.- Differences in resistance to inactivation.- Differences in charge or size.- 4. Distribution and Biological Functions of Multiple Forms of Enzymes.- Distribution of enzymes determined by multiple gene loci.- Intracellular distribution of isoenzymes.- Effect of multiple allelism on isoenzyme distribution.- Physiological function of multiple forms of enzymes.- Compartmentalization of metabolic pathways in tissues and organelles.- Functions of other multiple forms of enzymes.- 5. Multiple Forms of Enzymes in Phylogeny and Genetics.- Gene duplication and the evolution of multiple loci.- Isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase in various species.- Widely-distributed multiple forms of other enzymes.- Genetics of isoenzymes.- Isoenzymes and genetic disease.- Chromosomal assignments of enzyme-determining genes.- 6. Multiple Forms of Enzymes in Ontogeny.- Changes during normal development.- Isoenzymes determined by multiple gene loci.- Developmental changes in isoenzymes in plants.- Developmental changes in multiple forms of enzymes due to post genetic modifications.- Changes associated with abnormal development.- Changes associated with malignant transformation.- Selective induction of isoenzymes.- 7. Multiple Forms of Enzymes in Diagnostic Enzymology.- Lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes.- Creatine kinase isoenzymes.- Multiple forms of alkaline phosphatase.- Acid phosphatase isoenzymes.- Other isoenzymes.- References.