IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Persp by Yukio KanedaIUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Persp by Yukio Kaneda

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence: Proceedings of the…

byYukio Kaneda

Paperback | November 30, 2010

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Turbulence remains one of the most challenging problems in classical physics. The papers collected in this volume are the proceedings of an IUTAM S- posium on turbulence, entitled Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence. The symposium was held in September 2006, at Nagoya U- versity in Japan. The last few years have witnessed a rapid and dramatic rise in our ability to compute highly complex physical systems. As in other ?elds, this has had a major impact on the way in which we approach the problem of turbulence, opening up a new phase of research by providing an opportunity to study the nature of fully-developed turbulence in unprecedented detail. Leading experts in turbulence were brought together at this Symposium to exchange ideas and discuss, in the light of the recent progress in computational methods, new perspectives in our understanding of turbulence. The Symposium also fostered a vigorous interaction between those who pursue computations, and those concerned with developments in experiment and theory. There were 104 participants representing 13 countries, and the presen- tionsandconsequentdebateextendedoveraperiodoffourdays.Throughout, emphasis was placed on the fundamental physical interpretation of turbulent phenomenon. The topics covered included: (i) computational physics and the theoryofcanonicalturbulent?ows;(ii)experimentalapproachestofundam- tal problems in turbulence; (iii) turbulence modeling and numerical methods; and (iv) geophysical and astrophysical turbulence.
Title:IUTAM Symposium on Computational Physics and New Perspectives in Turbulence: Proceedings of the…Format:PaperbackDimensions:450 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.17 inPublished:November 30, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I Computational Physics and Theory for Canonical Turbulence: Some Contributions and Challenges of Computational Turbulence Research, by Javier Jiménez; Global Scaling Properties of Heat and Momentum Transport in Fluid Flow, by Bruno Eckhardt, Siegfried Grossmann, Detlef Lohse; Linear and Angular Momentum Invariants in Homogeneous Turbulence, by Peter Alan Davidson, Takaki Ishida, Yukio Kaneda; Energy Dissipation and Pressure in 4d Turbulence, by Toshiyuki Gotoh, Tohru Nakano, Yoshitaka Shiga, Yusaku Watanabe; On Intermittency in Shell Models and in Turbulent Flows, by Itamar Procaccia, Roberto Benzi, Luca Biferale; Enstropy Generation and Regularity of Solutions to the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations, by Charles R. Doering, Lu Lu; Attempts at Computer-Aided Understanding of Turbulenc, by Yukio Kaneda, Takashi Ishihara, Koji Morishita, Yoshinori Mizuno; Effect of Large-Scale Structures upon Near-Wall Turbulence, by Kaoru Iwamoto, Takahiro Tsukahara, Hideki Nakano, Hiroshi Kawamura; Multifractal Analysis by Using High-Resolution Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence, by Takashi Ishihara, Hirotaka Higuchi; Fine Scale Eddy Cluster and Energy Cascade in Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, by Mamoru Tanahashi, Kuniharu Fujibayashi, Toshio Miyauchi; Acceleration Statistics of Inertial Particles from High Resolution DNS Turbulence, by Federico Toschi, Jeremie Bec, Luca Biferale, Guido Boffetta, Antonio Celani, Massimo Cencini, Alessandra S. Lanotte, Stefano Musacchio; Heavy Particle Clustering in Turbulent Flows, by Jérémie Bec, Luca Biferale, Massimo Cencini, Alessandra Lanotte, Stefano Musacchio, Federico Toschi; Reynolds Number Effects on the Turbulent Mixing of Passive Scalars , by Jörg Schumacher; Statistical Theory of Turbulence Based on Cross-Independence Closure Hypothesis, by Tomomasa Tatsumi, Takahiro Yoshimura; Multi-Scale Analysis of Turbulence, by Malte Siefert, Stephan Luck, Andreas P. Nawroth, Joachim Feinke; Helicity within the KolmogorovPhenomenology of Turbulence, by Susan Kurien; Anomalous Scaling Laws of Passive Scalar Intermittency in 3-Dimensional Turbulence, by Takeshi Watanabe; Multifractal PDF Analysis of Energy Dissipation Rates in Turbulence, by Toshihico Arimitsu, Naoko Arimitsu, Kyo Yoshida, Hideaki Mouri; Scale Interactions and Non-Local Flux in Hydrodynamic Turbulence, by Pablo D. Mininni, Alexandros Alexakis, Annick Pouquet; Control over Multiscale Mixing in Broadband-Forced Turbulence, by Arkadiusz K. Kuczaj, Bernard J. Geurts; Coherent Structures in Marginally Turbulent Square Duct Flow, by Markus Uhlmann, Aifredo Pinelli, Atsushi Sekimoto, Genta Kawahara; Extraction of Multi-Scale Vortical Structures from a Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, by Waleed Abdel Kareem, Seiichiro Izawa, Ao-Kui Xiong, Yu Fukunishi; Orthonormal Divergence-Free Wavelet Analysis of Nonlinear Energy Transfer in Rolling-Up Vortices, by Keisuke Araki, Hideaki Miura; Wavelet-Based Statistics of Energy Transfer in High Reynolds Number Three-Dimensional Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, by Naoya Okamoto, Katsunori Yoshimatsu; Part II Experimental Approach to Fundamental Problems in Turbulence: Visualization of Quantized Vortex Dynamics, by Gregory P. Bewley, Matthew S. Faoletti, Daniel P. Lathrop, Katepalli R. Sreenivasan; Lagrangian Measurements of Fluid and Inertial Particles in Decaying Grid Generated Turbulence, by Sathyanarayana Ayyalasomayajula, Armann Gylfason, Zellman Warhaft; Shear Effect on Pressure and Particle Acceleration in High-Reynolds-Number Turbulence, by Yoshiyuki Tsuji, Jens H. M. Fransson, P. Henrik. Alfredsson, Arne V. Johansson; On the Development of Wall-bounded Turbulent Flows, by Kapil A. Chauhan, Hassan M. Nagib; Scaling Law of the Near Wall Flow Subjected to an Adverse Pressure Gradient, by Shinsuke Mochizuki, Keisuke Ohta, Takatsugu Kameda, Hideo Osaka; Non-Equilibrium and Equilibrium Boundary Layers without Pressure Gradient, by Takatsugu Kameda, Shinsuke Mochizuki, Hid