Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary Iii: Learning To Talk More Gooder Fastly by Jeff FoxworthyJeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary Iii: Learning To Talk More Gooder Fastly by Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary Iii: Learning To Talk More Gooder Fastly

byJeff Foxworthy

Mass Market Paperback | October 28, 2008

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Jeff Foxworthy clearly knows how to talk gooder redneck, especially after two runaway bestsellers on the subject. But for those folks who still need to get in touch with their inner redneck, here’s the third handy reference with even more indigenous idiomatic ingenuity. With Jeff as your guide, you’ll get all the finer points of speaking proper redneck. Here’s your chance to pep up your parlance by learning how to use words and phrases like

an• ar• chist (an-ar-kist´), conj., n., and v. additionally, having pressed one’s lips to another’s as an expression of affection or sensual desire. “Anarchist her ma, anarchist her sister, anarchist her gramma, anarchist her other sister, anarchist her other other sister, and then her dad walked in and . . .”

i• Pod (í-päd), n. and v. a personal reference to having groped or roughly handled another person or an object. “IPod her for about twenty minutes before I realized she was my mother-in-law.”

uri• nal (yer-en-el), n. and v. a declaration concerning the current status or location of the person being spoken to. “If you think urinal lot of trouble now, just wait till Daddy gets home.”

No matter where you hail from, Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary III will make you sound like you were born far below the Mason-Dixon line. So shove aside that extra roll of single-ply to make space for this book in your family’s reading room, because three is definitely the charm.

From the Hardcover edition.
Jeff Foxworthy is the largest-selling comedy-recording artist in history, a multiple Grammy Award nominee, and the bestselling author of more than 26 books, including his Redneck Dictionaries. He is the host of the Fox television series Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Jeff also starred in all three Blue Collar Comedy Tour movies, wh...
Title:Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary Iii: Learning To Talk More Gooder FastlyFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:160 pages, 6.9 × 4.15 × 0.45 inPublished:October 28, 2008Publisher:Random House Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Aaabil·i·ties (e-bil´-et-Σz), n. and pron. a statement of charges for services rendered and subsequent action to be taken by a specified male person. “I don’ care if he’ broke, Ma, the house payment’ abilities got to pay.”ac·ne (ak´-nΣ), v. and n. concerning a male person’behavior and the result of that behavior. “Once againwe took him to a fancy restaurant, and he didn’ knowhow to acne made a fool of himself.”ac·quire (e-kwΠer´), n. a group of singers, especiallythose who perform during religious ceremonies. “Shesings so pretty, she should join acquire.”ac·quit (e-kwit´), n. and v. a personal declaration ofresignation from an assigned task. “You ain’ firin’me, ’uz acquit!”ac·tiv·ist (akt´-ev-ist), v. and conj. to behave in acertain manner, particularly one based on another reality.“She seduced me into signing that petition, and nowshe activist she don’ know me!”ad·min·is·ter (at-mi´-ne-ster), adj. and n. a specificclergyman or agent of a government, as designatedby the observer. “I tell ya, administer is a goodman.”af·ford (e-f≤d´), n. an automobile manufacturedby the motor company that produced the Model T. “IfI had the money for a car, I’ want to buy afford.”air·line (er´-lΠn), adv. and v. concerning the locationand dishonesty of the person being addressed or discussed.“Don’ sit airline about it, boy . . . tell the truth!”al·i·bi (al´-e-bΠ), n. and v. the predicted future purchasesby a male named Albert, Alfred, or Alvin. “Healways invite Al, ’ause alibi drinks for everybody.”anal (a¯n´-≤), v. and pron. being inferior to what oneexpects. “Enemas anal they’e cracked up to be.”an·ar·chist (an-er-kist´), conj., n., and v. additionally,having pressed one’ lips to another’ as an expressionof affection or sensual desire. “Anarchist herma, anarchist her sister, anarchist her gramma, anarchisther other sister, anarchist her other other sister, andthen her dad walked in and . . .”an·noys (e-n≤z´), n. a loud or irritating sound.“Hell, I wouldn’’e peed my pants if I hadn’ heardannoys!” ant·hill (en-til´), conj. up to a point in time. “Iwon’ set foot in that room anthill he cleans it up!”an·ti·pas·to (an´-tΣ-past-e), n. and v. to dischargefrom the body, as done by the female sibling of a parentof the speaker. “After eatin’all that salami lastnight, my antipasto kidney stone.”ar·chery (ärch´-er-Σ), n. and conj. a male person’ultimatum relating to a curved structure, usually onethat serves as the roof or overhang of a passageway.“He went off to St. Louis, sayin’he was dang sure he wasgoin’to see the archery weren’ coming back.”ar·i·zo·na (er´-ez-o¯ n-e), n., v., and adv. phrase delimitingthe quality of the gaseous atmosphere surroundingthe earth. “I’d move to Denver, but with all thesmog that Arizona slightly better than it is here in L.A.”ar·kan·sas (ärk´-en-s≤, n. and v. a flat-bottomedboat in conjunction with an observer’ visual perception.“Noah finished the Arkansas that it was good.”ar·son (ar´-sen), adj. and n. pertaining to the maleoffspring of the speaker. “I know I swore arson didn’set fire to your car, Sheriff, but I guess I misspoke.”at·mo·sphere (et´-mes-fir), pron. and v. a conjectureabout the feelings of anxiety of a certain being.“The way that ol’Red tucks his tail, now, that’ a dog atmospherehis owner.”at·trac·tor (e-trak´-ter), n. a motor-propelled machineused mainly in agriculture. “My uncle cuts hisgrass with attractor.”au·di (a≥-dΣ), n. a protrusion; usually used to describethe knotted flesh on the stomach of a humanleft after the severing of the umbilical cord. “Most peoplehave an ‘nnie,’but Roy’ belly button is definitely anAudi.”au·ra (≤´-e), conj. and adj. a phrase indicating achoice between one thing and another. “You gettin’aQuarter Pounder aura Big Mac?”au·to·mate (≤-te-ma¯t), v. a suggestion for procreation.“I know we just met tonight, baby, but I think weautomate.”From the Hardcover edition.