Jets in Young Stellar Objects: Theory and Observations by A.J.L. FernandesJets in Young Stellar Objects: Theory and Observations by A.J.L. Fernandes

Jets in Young Stellar Objects: Theory and Observations

byA.J.L. FernandesEditorPaulo J.v. Garcia, J.J.G. Lima

Paperback | October 26, 2012

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The ubiquity ofjet phenomena in young stellar objects, active galactic nuclei, sym­ biotic stars, planetary nebulae and x-ray binaries has driven a broad literature on the astrophysics of collimated mass ejection. One of the fundamental open problems in star formation is the understanding of the physical mechanisms by which mass is ejected from the protostellar system and collimated into jets. Locally jets will regulate the system angular momentum and therefore its evolution during the first few million years. At large scale jets inject momentum into the cloud thus affecting its star formation efficiency and evolution. Many recent advances in the star formation field in both theoretical and observa­ tional aspects together with the increasing availability of computational resources, conveyed for a perfect opportunity to organise this workshop which we entitled - Jets 2002: Theory and Observations in YSOs. The workshop main aim was to provide a rich and varied ground for discussion of thejet phenomenon in different astrophysical objects, covering interdisciplinary areas such as steady state winds, time-dependent winds/jets,jet energetics and jet/wind propagation. The workshop took place at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto from 3-5 September 2002 and was part of the Joint European National Astronomical Meeting 2002 organized by Sociedade Portuguesa de Astronomia.
Title:Jets in Young Stellar Objects: Theory and ObservationsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:266 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:October 26, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Session 1: Steady-state winds.- F. BACCIOTTI, T.P. RAY, J. EISLÖFFEL, J. WOITAS, J. SOLF, R. MUNDT and C J. DAVIS / Observations of Jet diameter, Density and Dynamics.- J. FERREIRA / Self-Collimated Jets, Accretion Disks and Young Stars.- T.-S. PYO, M. HAYASHI, N. KOBAYASHI, A.T. TOKUNAGA, H. TERADA, M. GOTO, T. YAMASHITA, Y. ITOH, H. TAKAMI, N. TAKATO, Y HAYANO, W. GAESSLER, Y KAMATA, Y. MINOWA and M. IYE / The Structure of Young Stellar Jets and Winds Revealed by High Resolution [Fe II] ?1.644?m Line Observations.- C. SAUTY, K. TSINGANOS, E. TRUSSONI and Z. MELIANI / Star-Driven Wind and Jet Models.- A.I. GÓMEZ DE CASTRO and C. FERRO-FONTÁN / Photoionization of cool MHD disk winds.- T. LERY / New Ideas on Jets and Outflows Interactions.- Session 2: Time-dependent winds/jets.- D.F.M. FOLHA / Continuum Excess Emission in Young Low Mass Stars.- S. EDWARDS / Observations of the Star-Disk Interface: Search for Wind Origins.- C. FENDT / MHD Simulations of the Long-Term Evolution of a Dipolar Magnetosphere Surrounded by an Accretion Disk.- S. MATT, R.M. WINGLEE and K.-H. BÖHM / Collimation of a Central Wind by a Disk-Associated Magnetic Field.- T.A. GARDINER, A. FRANK, E.G. BLACKMAN, S.V. LEBEDEV, J.P. CHIT- TENDEN, D. AMPLEFORD, S.N. BLAND, A. CIARDI, M. SHERLOCK and M.G. HAINES / MHD Models and Laboratory Experiments of Jets.- R. KRASNOPOLSKY, Z.-Y LI and R.D. BLANDFORD / 2- and 3-D Simulations of Magnetocentrifugal Disk-Winds: Acceleration and Stability.- A. NORIEGA-CRESPO, A.C. RAGA and E. MASCIADRI / HH 111 STIS Observations and their Analysis using Analytical and Numerical Models.- M. KÜKER, TH. HENNING and G. RÜDIGER / Magnetic Star-Disk Interaction in Classical T Tauri Systems.- R. OUYED / Three-Dimensional Simulations of Jets from Keplerian Disks: Stability Issues.- T. KUDOH, R. MATSUMOTO and K. SHIBATA / MHD Simulations of Jets from Accretion Disks.- K. TSINGANOS, N. VLAHAKIS, S. BOGOVALOV, C. SAUTY, E. TRUSSONI and J.J.G. LIMA / Collimation of Astrophysical MHD Outflows.- Session 3: Jet Energetics.- P. HARTIGAN / Shock Waves in Outflows from Young Stars.- H. SHANG / Developing Diagnostic Tools for X-Wind Jets.- D. O'BRIEN, P. GARCIA, J. FERREIRA, S. CABRIT and L. BINETTE / Mechanical Heating in Disk-Driven Winds - Thermal Structure and Observational Predictions.- C. DOUGADOS, S. CABRIT, L. LOPEZ-MARTIN, P. GARCIA and D. O'BRIEN / The RW Aur Microjet: Testing MHD Disk Wind Models.- L.J.R. MACHADO, J.J.G. LIMA and M.T.V.T. LAGO / Stellar Wind Models with Alfvén Waves.- M. TAKAMI, A. CHRYSOSTOMOU, J. BAILEY, T.M. GLEDHILL, M. TAMURA and H. TERADA / H? and HeI Emission in the Jets of Pre-Main Sequence Stars - Implications for the Heating Mechanisms.- Session 4: Jet/Wind Propagation.- T. STANKE / Observations of Molecular Jets in Orion A.- 10.1007/978-94-007-0999-7_25A. CHRYSOSTOMOU, R. CURRAN, D. AITKEN, T. JENNESS and C. DAVIS / Magnetic Environments of Young Stellar Objects.- A.J. LIM / Gas Dynamics with Chemical and Thermal Evolution.- C. CODELLA, R. BACHILLER, M. BENEDETTINI and P. CASELLI / The Shocked Gas Distribution around CepA: The H2S and SO2 Picture.- ER WILKIN / Trapped Protostellar Winds and the Breakout Time.- T. PREIBISCH, D. SCHERTL and G. WEIGELT / High-Resolution Infrared Imaging of Young Outflow-Sources.- D.R. FLOWER, J. LEBOURLOT, G. PINEAU DES FORÊTS and S. CABRIT / Diagnosing the Conditions in Molecular Outflow Sources: New Developments in Shock Wave Models with Non-Equilibrium Chemistry.- L.I. MATVEYENKO, K. ZAKHARIN, P.J. DIAMOND and D.A. GRAHAM / The Star Formation Structure and H2O Supermaser Radiation in Orion KL.- M.S.N. KUMAR, C.J. DAVIS and R. BACHILLER / The Earliest Stages of Massive Star Formation: Near and Mid Infrared Observations.- M.D. SMITH / Numerical Simulations of Jet Propagation.- B. NISINI / Mid and Far Infrared Observations of Protostellar Jets.- S. VITI / Chemistry ahead of Herbig-Haro Objects.- D. FROEBRICH, M.D. SMITH and J. EISLÖFFEL / Shocks in Protostellar Outflows.- Session 5: Jets in Other Objects.- S. MASSAGLIA / Constraining the Parameters of AGN Jets: Comparisons with Herbig-Haro Jets.- L.I. GURVITS / Jets in AGN as Seen With an Ultimate Angular Resolution.- Z. MELIANI and C. SAUTY / From T Tauri Stars to Black Holes: Classical and Relativistic Models of Jets.- D.R. GONÇALVES / Physical Parameters of Low-Ionization Knots and Jets in PNE: NGC 7009, K 4-47 and NGC 6543.- N. VLAHAKIS and A. KÖNIGL / A Model for GRB Jets.- M. CAMENZIND, M. KRAUSE and M. THIELE / 3D Evolution of Jets in Clusters of Galaxies - A Comparison with Herbig-Haro Flows.- Session 6: The Future.- S. CABRIT / Jets from Young Stellar Objects: Current Constraints and Challenges for the Future.