John the Evangelist: a Message to the Saints

February 3, 2018|
John the Evangelist: a Message to the Saints
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John the Evangelist: A message to the Saints John took the time to write his gospel long after the other gospels had been written and before the critical challenges to the Christian Church came after the first century. John was unique in his relationship to Christ. As a young man, he knew Jesus from the time he was baptized. He must have even known him before the baptism since his mother and Jesus mother, Mary, were sisters. Jesus was near thirty years old when John was yet a teen age boy. Had John known Jesus he undoubtedly would have been impressed with his older cousin and would have known of Jesus life before he started his mission. Johns presence at the wedding in Cana is a good example of that relationship. At the later of Johns life, he saw the fruits of Jesus ministry as the gospel was spread throughout the world. John saw the threats to the infant church and prepared a gospel that would keep the doctrine pure. Johns Gospel served as a stalwart testimony in defending the beliefs of the Christian Church. He knew what the needs of the Saints would be down through the centuries and prepared us for the doctrinal threats. Because of the uniqueness of his writing it is analyzed as a nearly independent message, in an attempt to understand Johns message clearly. No particular secular doctrine of Christian Church philosophy is to be proven or purposefully supported. An attempt is made to understand John, as he intended, by analyzing the verses he has written one by one, just as one would read the scriptures in a study class. At times the study looks forward or back for support of his writing, but few references are made to other scriptures outside Johns writing and the investigation is limited to what John wrote. External references are used to clarity the translation and historical accuracy. Obviously, this work can only be accomplished with the support of the Holy Ghost, and this book is a simple attempt to use the spiritual power available to us to understand and learn. Many may say that this is a fool hearty attempt since they have had unreliable experiences in working with the spirit. On the other hand, if the writings are spiritual then the spirit can best interpret them for us. Great insight has been obtained by this approach and is available to the reader to strengthen him as John intended. First and foremost Johns writing is a testimony of Jesus the Christ as the Savior of the World. John was with Jesus from the beginning of his ministry and through the final persecution. To be with Christ, as John was, is to look at the Savior through his eyes. We can see as John saw all that took place with Jesus. We are well aware that Jesus was of a earthly mother and a Godly Father. The impact of this dichotomy is seldom discussed as John brings it forth. Just how human was Jesus? Did he really see and feel as another human might? Johns gospel takes us through Jesus life and experiences as we learn just how human he was. He obeyed his mother at Cana even thought he would have preferred not to. Jesus wept for Lazarus although he had the power to avoid the grief. Jesus human traits and how they changed through his experiences are discussed. Knowing that he was human, and suffered as a human, brings the Savior so much closer to us and removes any ambiguity that Jesus is the Christ. John was at Jesus baptism. He saw the Baptist take Jesus into the water and when he emerged he saw the sign of the dove as an indication of the Holy Ghost and the voice of the Father as he spoke. John was a young man and he wrote as he witnessed. With the signs that were displayed came the realization by the Baptist that this was indeed the Savior that he had prepared his whole life to baptize. How important it was that Jesus be baptized and that the Baptist was there to perform it. No one on earth had the power or authority to baptize the Savior. One can only imagine the happiness of t

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