Journey to Black Belt: Lessons For Life by Omar L RashedJourney to Black Belt: Lessons For Life by Omar L Rashed

Journey to Black Belt: Lessons For Life

byOmar L Rashed

Paperback | December 15, 2015

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Life is a battle, on and off the mat. Victory requires balance and effective effort. 
This book shares maxims developed in the thick of literal fights, with applications in and out of the ring. 

  • hear 22 maxims that summarize lessons learned so far on the martial arts journey
  • see these maxims applied in both training and everyday life situations
  • experience the story, growth, and development of a student from the beginning, not at the rose-tinted end
  • feel how these maxims can apply to you
- - - Illumination Light of light shines bright Guides those with sight, wanes their plight Keeps steadfast on right - - - Omar L. Rashed is a man who wears many hats with one theme. He lives his name -- Rashed -- he helps others find their way. His most beloved occupation is "husband" -- King with the most amazing Queen in the world...
Title:Journey to Black Belt: Lessons For LifeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:206 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.56 inPublished:December 15, 2015Publisher:Rashed Lights WaysLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Dedication vAcknowledgments viContents viiiPreface xiIntroduction 3Setting Out on the Journey 4How to Benefit From These Maxims, From Wherever You Begin. 4 JJ Maxim #1 7One Who Has Balance Does Not Fall. Keep Yours, Then Take Theirs. 7 JJ Maxim #2 16One Who Underestimates His Foe is Beaten By Him. 16 JJ Maxim #3 21Whole Body is Strong; Pieces Are Weak. 21 JJ Maxim #4 32Make Your Foe's Power His Weakness. 32 JJ Maxim #5 43Whole Body is One, So Moves As One. 43 JJ Maxim #6 48Fear of the Foe Grants Him Victory Before the Match Begins. 48 JJ Maxim #7 52You Know More Than You Think You Do. Do What You Know. 52 JJ Maxim #8 59Keep T-Rex Arms. No Limbs Left Behind. 59 JJ Maxim #9 62Relax. The Relaxed One Performs Best Because He Does Not Forget What He Knows. 62 JJ Maxim #10 71Relax. The One In Peace Trusts His Wisdom, So Does Not Make Careless, Impatient Mistakes. 71 JJ Maxim #11 88Everything Has Its Proper Time. Do Not Rush, Nor Lag. 88 JJ Maxim #12 94Remember Yin and Yang. 94 JJ Maxim #13 101Uke is Responsible for Uke. 101 JJ Maxim #14 108Do Not Play the Game on Your Foe's rules. Use Your Strengths and Play By Yours. 108 JJ Maxim #15 113Know your tools; Know how to use them; Know their proper time; "Use them well." 113 JJ Maxim #16 125You know better, You can do better, So do better? 125 JJ Maxim #17 128When you do not know what to do, relax. Then, guidance, knowledge, and wisdom will be given. Trust. Apply, and you will succeed. 128 JJ Maxim #18 132Use Unbendable Arms. Grip With Spaghetti Arms, Complete With Gorilla Arms. 132 JJ Maxim #19 139Big Arms. 139 JJ Maxim #20 143Commit. 143 JJ Maxim #21 152Connect. Fit. Throw. 152 JJ Maxim #22 157One Movement. Start Continue Finish. 157Epilogue 160The Journey Continues. 160

Editorial Reviews

"Omar's journey from White Belt to Black Belt is a travelogue well worth reading. I've been studying Japanese Jujutsu for the past 15 years now and as I read it I found myself wanting to get back on the mat all over again.Jujutsu is an encompassing art. It contains Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as elements of Karate and weapons both modern and medieval. One of its hallmarks is efficiency-never opposing force with force, and always seeking to use the strongest attacks against the opponent's greatest weakness.Omar captures the essence of the beginner's mind quite handily. Many authors have written stories of their martial arts adventures from the perspective of many years' experience, and much is lost or filtered through time and mastery. Here we are introduced to the raw journey, with all its attendant bumps and bruises.After reading this book, you will most likely want to start your own journey. To paraphrase an ancient Chinese saying: 'The best time to start learning jujutsu was 20 years ago. The second best time is now'."- David Michael Wilson, Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt), Heiwashinkai Jujutsu"With so much terror in our world, it didn't surprise me that Omar Rashed would choose Jujutsu as a path to protecting himself and his family. His book Journey to Black Belt: Lessons for Life illustrates 22 maxims he's learned along the way. What surprised me was the wisdom for living outside of the dojo. Each paragraph is filled with insight easily applied to everyday life. The journey begins with Omar's explanation of learning how to fall. "You cannot learn to protect your balance if you cannot learn to yield it. To know what you have, you have to know what it's like to lose it and let go." Omar's humble, humorous, and insightful words speak to the heart. Halfway through the book he says, "Courage is the bridge that lets you step with knowledge and fear. After you trust, fear isn't beaten, it simply vanishes." If you want an interesting read, filled with ancient wisdom, and a path to security and serenity, this is the book for you."- Ky Burke, Author of Bringing Up Brilliance: Transforming a Child's Struggle into Success"As a martial artist and one who maintains a black belt and has trained personally with Omar, it is with that respect I say that Omar has an understanding of the journey he travels. A black belt is forged in the journey, and maintaining a black belt is a journey in itself. One could easily describe the journey to black belt as a 'journey to the starting line.' Omar clearly depicts this in his maxims as he explains the lessons he's learned. From the perspective of a martial artist, his explanations of our techniques and secrets could not be put into better phrasing. This is an excellent work for those who seek an understanding of the art as they begin their journey, or for those farther along the journey who wish to have a book to compliment what they already have learned. - M. K. Ward, Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt), Shinsei Hapkido; Yonkyu (4th Level - Blue Belt), Akayama Ryu Jujutsu"In his new book, Omar brings to life his own stories of training battles with clear language, wit, and good humor, conveying and inspiring not only the skillful art of Jujitsu, but the lifelong practice of wisdom, balance, and authenticity. Omar provides food for thought, asking us to ponder what it means to be strong, to be a warrior, and to be noble. He somehow manages to retain the traditional language of Jujutsu while remaining conversational and welcoming in tone. Even for someone who has no experience with martial arts, the book was filled with moments of truth and clarity, moments when the words fell straight into my heart, inviting me to pause and simply appreciate their inspiration and nourishment. - Arjuna Jayawardena, writer, meditation practitioner, and life balance coach