Journey to Jesus: A Walk Through the Bible

January 13, 2018|
Journey to Jesus: A Walk Through the Bible
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Journey to Jesus, A Walk Through the Bible, written in every day street language, takes a fresh look at some key areas of the Bible and how they relate to the most supreme event in mankinds historythe Incarnation. The purpose of "Journey to Jesus, A Walk Through the Bible" is to motivate people to become TRUE Christiansa Christian being any person who strives to live by the guidelines set by Jesus, guidelines that are not primarily religiously centered, but humanitarian. A Christian, then, is a person whose guiding spirit is one of deep caring kindness.

Through His word and examples, Jesus came to earth to teach all people how to enter into a glorious new area of life that He called The Kingdom of God! This book focuses on the guiding principle of conduct that is the one primary requirement for admission into His kingdomthe active spirit of unbounded, unlimited KINDNESS. The key message is this, "To conclude, all people of goodwill (i.e. kind hearted) should consider all other like-minded people as brothers and sisters in Christ...regardless of their religious beliefs and affiliations, if any, or their cultural backgrounds."

Jewish and master religions honor Jesus for the sublime wisdom of His teachings. It is my hope that the words set forth in this book will encourage Christians around the world to closely examine the words of Jesus Himself and what He was trying to teach us. And in doing so, it is my prayer that we will all incorporate His words into our hearts and lives, making clear once more His pathways to Life Everlasting.
-Leroy Dickerson, Jr.-

Selections from the book

Some day soon, the curtain will fall on our lives and this functioning unity of body and soul will cease to be. Will our souls continue on into another life? Or will they also flicker out because they are only the creation of energyforms called BODY, which promptly begins to disintegrate upon death? Once again, though it desperately tries, humanity cannot and never will discover the TRUE reality. We can make assumptions that are derived from either our fears or powerful desires of hope, but that is all we haveand nothing more!

So I submit that the propositions I just presented support the reality of Jesus. While not absolute proof, they are valid assumptions. Therefore, the Gospel message that confronts us today is NOT a message about some fictional character from Once upon a time... Instead, the Gospel story is about the very real Jesus Christ...the ONE and ONLY. Jesus, who continues to challenge us today in the same manner that He challenged the Hebrews who had direct contact with Him when He walked in Palestine during the reign of Pontius Pilate and Tetrarch Herod...YES, that Jesus was real! And, the resurrected Christ is real! We have every logical reason to bet our lives on the fact that Jesus is REAL and ALIVE today.

As I look back over my own life, somewhat judging myself...I realize that on the whole, I have failed the test. I have always known that Christ wants and expects me to be a kind person. But in this rough world of ours, it is certainly not easy to do. At this late hour of my life, all I can do now is keep His standards in mind and follow them to the very best of my ability for the remainder of my days on earth. Be kind! At all times! To everyone! In every situation! This is the message Christ came to teach and to illustratekindness, the one trait of a truly glorious and successful life.

So its not just the pious devotees in church who are safe in the arms of Christ. Instead, I surmise its all people whose hearts are akin to Christs heartthose who are motivated and activated by a powerful loving concern for all of humanity, thereby embracing a spirit that is most accurately termed as kindness. So, its when we think kindly

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