Judy Moody Predicts The Future

Paperback | January 26, 2010

byMegan McdonaldIllustratorPeter H. Reynolds

BOOK 4 of 20Judy Moody series
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Reissued in a way-cool paperback design

Judy Moody ate one, two, three bowls of cereal. No prize. She poured four, five, six bowls of cereal. Nothing. Seven. Out fell the Mystery Prize. . . .

Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. And now she has a mood ring to prove it! The mood ring’s Extra Special Powers have put Judy in a predicting mood, and her outrageous predictions have everyone wondering if Judy really is psychic. According to "Madame M" (for Moody), the Toad Pee Club’s long-lost mascot will reappear, Judy will earn the coveted Thomas Jefferson tricorn-hat sticker for Great Job, Good Thinking—and love may be the real reason behind her teacher’s new eyeglasses. Will Judy’s latest adventures put kids in a very Judy Moody mood? (Signs point to yes!)

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Reissued in a way-cool paperback designJudy Moody ate one, two, three bowls of cereal. No prize. She poured four, five, six bowls of cereal. Nothing. Seven. Out fell the Mystery Prize. . . .Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. And now she has a mood ring to prove it! The mood ring’s Extra Special Powers have put Judy in a pre...

Megan McDonald is the creator of the popular and award-winning Judy Moody and Stink series. She is also the author of two Sisters Club stories and many other books for children. She lives in Sebastopol, California.Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of the Judy Moody and Stink books and the author-illustrator of THE DOT, ISH, SO FEW O...

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Format:PaperbackDimensions:160 pages, 7.38 × 5.5 × 0.44 inPublished:January 26, 2010Publisher:Candlewick PressLanguage:English

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ISBN - 13:9780763648572

Appropriate for ages: 6 - 8

Customer Reviews of Judy Moody Predicts The Future


Rated 5 out of 5 by from Cant ge t enough Moody I can only state that with every Judy or Stink Moody book that I read I love the characters more and appreciate the authors more. These are amazing books and in less than 2 months I have read over 20 books combined across the two authors. Megan McDonald has an amazing gift as a story teller for capturing family life and putting a humorous twist on daily life. Peter H. Reynolds is an incredible illustrator and story teller himself and his illustrations add a wonderful dimension especially to the Judy and Stink Moody books. I have been recommending these books to everyone I know with kids between 5 and 15 and so far everyone who has tried them has loved them. These are books I cannot wait for my children to be a little older so I can share with them, and that is the highest praise I can give. This is the fourth book chronologically in the Judy Moody Series. The chapters are as follows: The Mood Ring Eeny Meany Green Zucchini Toady Calling Madame M for Moody The Sleeping Speller Preposterous Hippopotamus Antarctica The V.I.Q. Operation True Love Non-Fiction Prediction Purple Mountain Majesty In this book Judy tries to trick Stink by predicting the future. But soon much of what she predicts comes true. Then at school, she makes a boast prediction and it does not come true. As we can expect, this puts Judy Moody in a mood. But as she tries to figure out what is going on with her teacher and the artist that is visiting the school, she realizes sometimes you can figure things out before they become public. In this book, Judy gets her first mood ring, Toady comes back and is more fun than you can imagine. It was a great read in an amazing series.
Date published: 2012-05-03

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Judy went to find the librarian."What did you get?" Frank asked when she came back."Predict Your Head Off!" said Judy. "It’s all about people who predicted stuff about the future. Lynn helped me find it. She’s the cool librarian with the fork-and-pie earrings. Not the mad-face librarian.""Hey! It’s a Big Head book. I love those. How come they draw the people with such big heads, anyway?" Frank asked."Maybe it’s to hold all those big ideas about the future. Look, see?" said Judy, pointing to her book. "These people predicted earthquakes and fires and babies being born.""Nobody can predict the future," said Frank. "Can they?""Ya-huh!" said Judy. "It says right here. Books don’t lie.""Let me see," said Frank."See? Jeane Dixon, Famous American Fortuneteller. She was some lady in Washington, D.C., who stared into her eggs one morning and predicted that President Kennedy would be shot. And she predicted an earthquake in Alaska.""It also says she predicted that Martians would come to Earth and take away teenagers. I wish that would happen to my big sister.""If only Stink were a teenager," said Judy."Look! It says here that that Jeane Dixon lady saw stuff in whipped cream!" said Frank."I’ve seen stuff in whipped cream, too," said Judy. "Lots of times.""Like what?""Like chocolate sprinkles," Judy said, and they both cracked up."Hey, look at this," said Judy. "This book can help us with our spelling test. For real.""No way.""Way! See this guy?""The bald guy with the bow tie?""Yep. It says that he lived right here in Virginia. They called him the Sleeping Prophet. When he was our age, like a hundred years ago, he got into trouble in school for being a bad speller. One night he fell asleep with his spelling book under his head. When he woke up, he knew every word in the book. RARE!""I’m still going to study," said Frank."Not me!" said Judy, wiggling into her coat."What are you going to do?" asked Frank."I’m going to go home and sleep," said Judy. When Judy got home, Stink was at the door. "I don’t have to study for my spelling test," she said, and gave him a big fat hug."What’s that for?" asked Stink."That’s for just because.""Just because why?""Just because tomorrow I am going to know tons and tons of words, like woodbine.""Wood what?""It’s a creepy vine. It wraps around trees.""So go find a tree to hug," said Stink.Instead, Judy went to find the dictionary. The fattest dictionary in the Moody house. She took it from her mom’s office and lugged it up to her room. She did not open it up. She did not look inside. She put the big red dictionary under her pillow. Then she got into her cozy bowling-ball pajamas. She pretended the bowling balls were crystal balls. When she brushed her teeth, she thought she saw a letter in her toothpaste spit. D for Dictionary.Judy climbed under the covers and leaned back on her pillow. Youch! Too hard. She got two more pillows. At last, she was ready to dream.Even before she fell asleep, she dreamed of being Queen of the Spelling Bee, just like Jessica Finch was one time for the whole state of Virginia. She dreamed of Mr. Todd’s smiling face when he passed back the tests. Most of all, she dreamed of getting 110% — zero-wrong-plus-extra-credit — on her spelling test. She could hardly wait for school tomorrow. For once, she, Judy Moody, not Jessica (Flunk) Finch, would get a Thomas Jefferson tricorn-hat sticker for Great Job, Good Thinking.JUDY MOODY PREDICTS THE FUTURE by Megan McDonald. Copyright (c) 2003 by Megan McDonald. Published by Candlewick Press, Inc., Cambridge, MA.