Juliet Immortal by Stacey JayJuliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

Juliet Immortal

byStacey Jay

Paperback | September 11, 2012

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Fans of Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver and Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush will relish this intense paranormal love story featuring Romeo and Juliet, literary history's most tragic couple, who meet again, not as true lovers, but truly as enemies.

The most tragic love story in history . . .

Juliet Capulet didn't take her own life. She was murdered by the person she trusted most, her new husband, Romeo Montague, a sacrifice made to ensure his own immortality. But what Romeo didn't anticipate was that Juliet would be granted eternity, as well, and would become an agent for the Ambassadors of Light. For 700 years, she's fought Romeo for the souls of true lovers, struggling to preserve romantic love and the lives of the innocent. Until the day she meets someone she's forbidden to love, and Romeo, oh Romeo, will do everything in his power to destroy that love.

"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss consume."
—Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

From the Hardcover edition.
STACEY JAY lives in the California wine country with her husband and their two boys. She is the author of the Megan Berry, Zombi Settler series and several other books for young adults.From the Hardcover edition.
Title:Juliet ImmortalFormat:PaperbackDimensions:324 pages, 8.25 × 5.56 × 0.64 inPublished:September 11, 2012Publisher:Random House Children's BooksLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from A Unique Twist to a classic Wow...just wow. I loved this book and how the simple change in perception makes the play completely different. I loved every minute of it, and the writing was beautifuly crafted.
Date published: 2018-04-06
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good Read JULIET IMMORTAL....the idea of this story was great, uses an epic love story and adding paranormal activity made for a interesting read. Stacey Jay's writing style flowed beautifully, making it very easy to read and very hard to put down. The main characters where likable and very realistic. The book had my attention the whole time, I could not turn the pages fast enough. The ending was a big surprise not at all what I expected. This was a good book I would recommend JULIET IMMORTAL to paranormal and fantasy book fans.
Date published: 2017-11-15
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Juliet Immortal Review *spoiler* Juliet Immortal plays on heart strings and keeps the reader hooked till the last page, the Ending for Juliet was good, and the cliff hanger for Romeo was also good. Personally though, i didn't like that Romeo and Juliet separated again! As if shakespeare wasn't enough, is there never a time where there love would prosper?
Date published: 2013-11-26
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Underwhelming and mediocre After ages of seeing this one being reviewed on a number of blogs I finally broke down and decided to read this after reading Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer's review of the second book in the series Romeo Redeemed (Click Here to read her review) I figured what the hell lets give the series a try. I had really high hopes for this book. I'm not a big Shakespeare fan but I do tend to like novels that are a play on his well..plays. His among the only works that I don't overly mind being reused and modernized and I've been really lucky to read some very good ones. Juliet Immortal, was unfortunately not one of the good ones. The book was more of a filler book for me. I needed a quick read and I was hoping that this one would be really good and it really wasn't. I mean yeah the book started off with a really intense scene where Juliet enters Ariel Dragland's body after they've been in a car crash but then things got a wee bit bizarre. All of a sudden the dead guy next to her is Romeo who is in another boy's body and she's running away into the arms of a perfect stranger that happens to be driving by and what do you know there's an instant attraction between Juliet and the boy named Ben. You see Juliet is an Ambassador of Light, she pops in every once in awhile down the centuries to help soulmates stay together while Romeo (who murdered Juliet) tries to rip them apart and get one of the soulmates to join the Mercenaries. The concept of there being the Ambassadors of Light and the Mercenaries was really interesting when I first started the novel and I was really eager to find out more about both societies but that information was rather elusive throughout the length of the novel and very little was said about them. I found that really strange. Then there were my issues with the characters themselves. Besides the bad dialogue between them they were so awkward, annoying and frustrating I found very little to like about any of them including Juliet because of what a miserable person she was deep down. I just couldn't handle all the low points her character had that weren't properly balanced out with good spots. The other characters might not have even bothered to be there they were so forgettable. I also had issues with the fact that the story was told over only a matter of 3 days. I found it so completely weird and I hated the fact that the whole book seemed extremely rushed. I couldn't catch my breath and the story line from the middle until the end became very jumbled and disjointed leading me to get rather annoyed with the book and it got to the point where I just wanted to finish it so I wouldn't have to read any more about it. Despite all that though I won't give it the dreaded one star rating because there was potential for the book to be really good if the book didn't have the issues I had with it. I'm not sure if I would recommend this book at all because it wasn't all that memorable to be honest but if I had to I'd probably recommend this to YA fans who like a different take on the classic R&J story though I suggest borrowing this book instead of committing to a purchase. I doubt if I'll ever read the second book Romeo Redeemed but if I do it won't be for a long time.
Date published: 2012-11-09
Rated 4 out of 5 by from An original take on a well-known classic! I actually love all things Shakespeare, so I was really excited to read this book. And it was completely original in every way! Juliet Immortal was nothing like I thought it would be, but that wasn't a bad thing! Although a little confusing at first, Stacey Jay quickly sucked you into Juliet's world where Romeo was to be hated, her very existence was for saving other soul mates, and falling in love with the super-awesome new boy (Ben) was impossible. I just adored everything about Juliet. She was sweet, caring, incredibly intelligent, yet she had a fire in her that was hard not to admire. And I expected to hate Romeo way more than I did, but I just couldn't dislike a boy who was obviously suffering from his past decisions every single day. Overall, I really enjoyed Juliet Immortal! I felt that some things were simply breathtaking while others were a little unbelievable, but that didn't lessen the enjoyment factor one bit. Even if you haven't read Romeo and Juliet before, you should still pick up this book! :) BUY or BORROW?: Definitely a book for any Shakespeare-lover's bookshelf!
Date published: 2012-01-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from "Never a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo." Where to begin... The first thing I absolutely love of the book is the idea. Yes, Romeo & Juliet is one of the most tragic love stories in the world. So, a twist to this classic is intriguing. How else can you twist a tragic love, then with betrayal? As soon as the story begins, it's action filled. There's a crash, and then boom! Juliet is introduced into the story. We learn about what we really happened between her and Romeo all those years ago. To learn that their love story is more than it appears to be. The story stays true to the play's version of Romeo & Juliet. We know that love is worth fighting for, but what about right and wrong? That's where Romeo and Juliet enter the picture. They fight for right and wrong as well as making sure true love stays pure and intact. We learn that Romeo isn't as suave and romantic as we thought he was, and that he has more reasons to betraying Juliet than he leads on. Apparently, this time they've met is different and Romeo is trying to make amends. But what is his real motiviation? There is much confusion in the story as the readers will try to believe Romeo or not. I, for one, still can't decide whether Romeo is as honorable as he claims to be. Protecting soul mates, while fighting off the one person you loved is difficult. Juliet doesn't have it easy. Romeo tries to make her love him again, but perhaps Juliet has found her real true love. The question Juliet must face is whether or not she'll give everything up for love, again? Those who will enjoy the novel must be familiar with the story of Romeo & Juliet. There are many references to the play. Even knowing the basics will help, as the ending sure surprised me with the twist. You don't have to be a romantic though, if you love a mystery then "Juliet Immortal" will quench your thirst. If you're not really comfortable with Shakespeare, then I suggest you might get angered and confused at the novel. The only problem I had with the novel was the confusion at the end. I truly did not understand Romeo or Juliet's ending. I'm pretty sure there will be another novel, because the ending wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Juliet get's her ending, but what happened to Romeo...?
Date published: 2011-08-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Suspense and Romance! I love reading Stacey Jay’s novels… so when I first heard about her latest novel and the cool concept of bringing a twist to Romeo & Juliet, it became an instant must-read! And if you're not a fan of Shakespeare’s works, then don't worry because it isn’t required to make you fall in love with the novel! We already know that when Juliet falls for someone, she falls very hard and quickly… and no stretch of time will truly change that. For over 700 years, Juliet has been working tirelessly for the Ambassadors of Light, fighting a battle in the name of love and saving souls against the Mercenaries and Romeo, the husband who betrayed her for an immortal life. When Juliet is sent into the body of Ariel Dragland to help her, little does she ever suspect that she could fall in love again… Stacey Jay has breathed new life into characters we all thought we knew and given them new dimension. Juliet has lost her naivety and grown steadily wiser over time, learning from her past mistakes to help fuel her revenge against Romeo. And while Juliet finds herself growing closer and closer to Ben, she also knows that she can’t be distracted from her task… not when Romeo is always close behind, bringing danger along with him. Romeo, oh Romeo… He could be sweet and charming one moment, and then pure evil and violent the next time! He’s a twisted, tortured soul after years of wandering Earth without being able to truly feel anything… and yet, you still hope he can find redemption for his actions. Until the very last page, I was left wondering what would happen next and after reading the book, I kept thinking how I should have figured out how the puzzles would fall in place. I guess my skills at predicting events failed me this time because I didn’t see it until it actually happened. There was plenty of excitement and surprises to be discovered… and I love how Stacey Jay kept me on my toes the entire time! The first in a two-part series, Juliet Immortal didn’t disappoint and I’m already eagerly looking forward to reading Romeo Redeemed! Juliet’s story may have reached a fitting conclusion… but there is definitely more to Romeo than meets the eye. I can’t wait to see what will happen! You can also read this review at: http://midnightbloomreads.blogspot.com/2011/08/juliet-immortal-by-stacey-jay.html
Date published: 2011-08-22

Read from the Book

ONEVERONA, ITALY, 1304Tonight, he could have come through the door--the castello is quiet, even the servants asleep in their beds, and Nurse would have let him in--but he chooses the window, climbing through the tangle of night flowers, carrying petals in on his clothes.He stumbles on a loose stone and falls to the floor, grinning as I rush to meet him.He is a romantic, a dreamer, and never afraid to play the fool. He is fearless and reckless and brave and I love him for it. Desperately. Love for him steals my breath away, makes me feel I am dying and being reborn every time I look into his eyes or run trembling fingers through his brown curls.I love him for the way he sprawls on the freshly scrubbed stones, strong legs flexing beneath his hose, as if there is no cause for worry, as if we have not broken every rule and do not face banishment from the only homes we have ever known. I love him for the way he finds my hand, presses it to his smooth cheek, inhaling as if my skin smells sweeter than the petals clinging to his coat. I love him for the way he whispers my name, "Juliet"--a prayer for deliverance, a promise of pleasure, a vow that all this sweet everything he is to me will be forever.Forever and always.Despite our parents, and our prince, and the blood spilled in the plaza. Despite the fact that we have little money and fewer friends and our once-shining futures are clouded and dim."Tell me that tomorrow will never come." He pulls me to the floor beside him, cradling me on his lap, hand curling over my hip in a way it has not before. Heat flares from the tips of his fingers, spreading through me, reminding me I will soon be his wife in every way. Every touch is sanctified. Everything we will do tonight is meant to be, a celebration of the vows we have made and the love that consumes us.I drop my lips to his. Joy bleeds from his mouth to mine and I sigh the lie into the fire of him. "It will never come.""Tell me that I will always be here in this room. Alone with you. And that you will always be the most beautiful girl in the world." His hands are at the ties on the back of my dress, slow and patient, slipping each ribbon through its loop with a deliberate flick of his fingers.No urgent, shame-filled fumbling in the dark for us. He is steady and sure, and every candle shines bright, the better to see the tenderness in his eyes, to be more certain with every passing moment that this is no youthful mistake. This is love. Real. Magnificent. Eternal."Always," I whisper, so full of adoration the emotion borders on worship. A part of me feels that to love so is sacrilege, but I do not care. There is nothing in the world but Romeo. For the rest of my life, he is the god at whose feet I will kneel.His cheek presses to mine, his warm breath in my ear making mine come faster. "Juliet . . . you are . . ."I am his goddess. I can feel it in the way he shudders as my fingers come to the buttons of his cotehardie and pluck them from their holes, one by one, revealing the thin linen of the shirt beneath."You are everything," he says, eyes shining. "Everything."And I know that I am. I am his moon, and his brightly shining star. I am his life, his heart. I am all that and the answer to every unspoken question, the comfort for every hurt, the companion who will walk beside him from now until the end of our lives, reveling in the bliss of each simple chore done in his name, overflowing with beauty because I am blessed to spend my life with my love.My love, my love, my love. I could hear the words a thousand times and never grow tired of them. Not ever."Forever," I whisper into the hot skin at his neck, sighing as the last tie holding my dress to my body falls away.TWOSOLVANG, CALIFORNIA, PRESENT DAYDying is easy. It's coming back that hurts like hell."Oh . . ." I press my hands to my forehead, where hot, tacky liquid pours from a cut above my eyebrow.There is a lot of blood this time. Blood on my hands, smeared onto the dashboard, dripping through my fingers onto my jeans, leaving black spots I can see in the dim moonlight shining through the car's glass sunroof. It's messy, frightening, but, amazingly, the accident hasn't killed her. Killed me.Me, now. Her, sometime again soon, depending on how long it takes to ensure the safety of the soul mates I've been sent to protect. Or how long it takes Romeo to convince one lover to sacrifice the other for the boon of eternal life.It might not be long. He excels at his work.Either way, Ariel Dragland will wear this shell again. Until then she'll wait in the realm where I've spent most of my eternity, in the mists of forgetting, that place outside of time where the gray stretches on forever.I've been assured by my contact in the Ambassadors of Light that there are worse places, realms of torment where the boy who bartered our love for immortality will suffer someday. Nurse never uses the word hell, but I like to imagine that Romeo will number among hell's inhabitants. Of course, she never mentions heaven, either, or whether I might go there when my work is finished . . . if it is ever finished.There are a lot of things Nurse sees fit not to mention. Including the exact workings of the magic that pulls me from the mist again and again, now more than thirty times in seven centuries. All I know is life comes suddenly. One moment I'm numb and bodiless, the next I'm slipping into another's skin, another's life--the ultimate, dreadful disguise.I shiver as the memory of Ariel's last moments sweeps through me. I watch her snatch the wheel from the driver's hands before a deadly turn in the road and pull hard to the right, hoping the dive into the ravine will kill them both--her and the boy who hurt her. My eyes flick to the driver's seat. The boy--Dylan--slumps forward, the downward tilt of the car making his limp body curl around the wheel. He is still, not a puff of breath escaping his parted lips.It seems one half of Ariel's wish has been granted.I shiver again, but I can't say I'm sorry. I know what he did, can feel Ariel's shame and rage rush inside me as the rest of her life pours in to fill the empty corners in my mind.Behind my eyes flash images from her eighteen years. I focus, sucking in every detail, taking her memories as my own.Tiptoe, tiptoe, always on tiptoe. Up the stairs, across the kitchen, down the hall to the room where the crayons live and I can breathe. Where she isn't watching. My mother, with her sad, sad eyes.Seven, ten, fifteen, eighteen years old and still there is nothing finer than a blank sheet of paper, the white promise that the world can be what I make it. A magical place, an adventurous place, a possible place. Erasers take away the mistakes. Another coat of paint to cover them up. Black and red and purple and blue. Always blue.Mom sees in blue. She sees the scars she made. I was six. She sees Gemma, my one friend, as a mistake, not a lifeline. She sees my hours alone and feels more powerfully every hour she's wasted. I am the waste, the thing that's eaten her youth alive. Refused to cough up the bones.Sometimes it seems all I have are bones, scraps, a frame with nothing to fill in the empty space. Sometimes I hate her for it, sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I hate everyone and everything and imagine the world melting the way the grease melted my skin.Skin and bones. Mom and I are both so thin. Hugs hurt, but there aren't many. Not for years. There are surgeries and pain and bright lights and then days trapped in the house with the shades drawn on our shame. There is the darkness inside, that baleful intruder that comes just when I dare to believe I might one day be whole.There is school and the misery of being a person unseen, the jealousy that I can't be wild and beautiful like Gemma, that I am always an audience, never a player. There is the frustration of words that won't come out of my mouth no matter how hard I try. A D in public speaking. The one step up to the podium is an impossible climb. Everest. Higher. I hate Mr. Stark for his frustrated sighs, hate the class for their muffled laughter. I want to hurt them, to show them how it feels to have your insides twisted into knots you can't unravel.Gemma doesn't care, tells me to get over it, stops sharing her adventures, closes the window into her vibrant world, forgets to pick me up for school at least twice a week. I'm losing everything. My only friend, my perfect GPA, my mind. How much longer can I live like this? Can I make it four more years, sleeping in that room, commuting to the nursing college in Santa Barbara, learning to live with more sickness and pain, when all I want to do is escape?But then . . . there is him. His smile, his voice singing so strong, cutting through the curtains where I hide with my paints, curling into my ear, spinning dreams I want to come true.They don't.It's a joke.We're kissing--slow, perfect kisses that make my heart race--when the text comes, asking if he's taken the Freak's virginity yet. He tries to hide the phone, but I see it. I start to cry, even though I'm not sad. I'm angry, so angry. He offers me fifty dollars--a piece of the bet--if I let him have what he's come for. I explode. I try to run from the car, but he grabs my hand, squeezing as he pulls back onto the road, telling me to "chill the hell out," promising to take me to a better place.But there is no better place. I know that by now. There are only mirrors reflecting disappointment, shattering it in a million different directions, filling the world until there is no way out. It will always be this way. Always, even when I finally leave the house on El Camino Road.The road, the road is . . . impossible. I won't let him drive it a second longer. I won't let him steer through the hole in the mountain down to the beach, where the cold, dark ocean waits like a nightmare creeping. I won't let him.Not now. Not ever again.From the Hardcover edition.