Kenny: The Monster in Mister Stone by D. Farang

Kenny: The Monster in Mister Stone

byD. Farang

Kobo ebook | May 4, 2015

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When a hapless, loser high school teacher named Darryl Stone chooses to leave his dysfunctional behaviors unresolved, unchecked until they simply fester, they ultimately morph the once gifted special-needs teacher into a depraved killer name "Kenny" - with moody Mister Stone along for the depraved ride. With the inherent empathy of a plastic flower, Mr. Stone's deviant, psychopathic sidekick Kenny exacts revenge on the innocent and not-so innocent - all on general principal of course. 

 Yet the bigger problem remains that millions of "Kennys" roam the world unchecked, gnashing well-sharpened, bovine canines in gleeful anticipation of yet another innocent victim to throw under the proverbial bus - to pillage, rape and murder without a shred of empathy or remorse. Just turn on the television. The Kenny's of the world look at their next victim like a beady-eyed bird of prey observes an insect - simply a meal to facilitate a means to an ends. 

Despite the world's high technology in 2016, we're firmly entrenched in the New Dark Ages. Human beings seem utterly incapable of climbing out of the mire, judging from the last million years give or take, as man kills for fun, sport, greed, power and hubris. It's not a pretty picture Ladies and Gentleman, when Darwinism and  Machiavellian Dogma rule supreme on this gigantic ball of iron, this veil of unending tears and self-inflicted misery.

The manuscript is simply a metaphor for a society run largely by inveterate bullies and their boot-licking, brown-nosing sycophants. These degenerates sit grinning on the sidelines drooling, smugly satisfied in their little me-first world of supreme, myopic entitlement - doing Sweet Fanny Anny to change the brutal status quo in the world at large. Yet oddly enough - under all the inherent chaos lies a very faint glimmer of hope for humanity going forward. Indeed!

Title:Kenny: The Monster in Mister StoneFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 4, 2015Publisher:D. FarangLanguage:English

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