Ketchup & Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America

December 29, 2014|
Ketchup & Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America by Vivek Sreedhar
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Thinking About America? India sends more of its students, employees, spouses, and brains abroad than most other countries in the world. Many of them go to America; and when they arrive, they are in for the culture shock of their lives. From having to immediately modify their name (Annapoorna becomes Anna) to knowing how to field curious Americans’ questions ("Do you speak Indian?"), it can be an overwhelming transition. In Ketchup & Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America, Vivek Sreedhar helps bridge the gap between Indian and American culture in a humorous and informative manner through the eye popping adventures of Subramaniam Venkataraman Parthasarathy (Subbu) in America. Starting his American life being called a FOB (fresh off the boat), and having his name butchered, Subbu is thrown into the dollar-to-rupee conversion and Bollywood to Hollywood drama. From then on begins the long and emotional journey of Subbu's transformation as he goes from Slumdog to Swag and learns the ABCDs of being an IBCD (Indian Born Confused Desi). He even starts dating for real (not When Subbu returns to India, the culture shock comes back to haunt him, keeping his heart torn between his American girlfriend, Angela, and his childhood friend Sulokshana. He struggles to find where his heart really lies: within the bustling streets of Detroit or the humid, homely galis of southern India. What does he do...choose Angela or Sulokshana...America or India? "A hilarious guide to life and success in America. Must read for anyone aspiring to go abroad!" - Vikram Krishnan, Partner at Oliver Wyman "Finally! A book that screams the story of every Indian who came to America to live the American Dream!"- Vijayata Sanghvi, Statistical Analyst at PRA International "Very informative and funny, this book is a great read for Indians moving to the States." - Dr. Anupama Shekar, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison "This book should appeal to both first time travelers looking for perspectives on life in America as well as fully integrated immigrants who will look back at their life and smile at how far they have come."- Shavin Shahnawaz, Manager at Deloitte Consulting.

Title:Ketchup & Curry: Your Guide to Life and Success in America
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:December 29, 2014
Publisher:Notion Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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